EPuffer Cosmos Vapourizer

ePuffer Cosmos Dry Herb Vapourizer Review

Published On May 16, 2016 | By Nicole | Product Reviews
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The main highlight to this product is probably the fact that it’s so well-made, light-weight, and easy to use.

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ePuffer Cosmos Dry Herb Vapourizer Review

Quick Intro

This product is a bit different from the vapourizers we usually review – but we were excited to take a look at it anyway. This vapourizer, unlike normal E-cigs, does not take E-liquid or E-juice. Instead, you’ll need an actual dry herb to vapourize in this device.

There are a few different options, ranging from those that are ‘green’ to regular tobacco – but in this review, we’ll be taking a look at this unorthodox and unique product, and will be sharing our thoughts on it at the same time.

So, without further delay, here we go.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered as we researched this device


  • The device is well made
  • It works extremely well
  • As far as vapourizers go, it’s at the top of the pack
  • It’s easy to clean and intuitive to use
  • The gauze cartridges that you fill with herb are very well done


  • The price point is a bit on the high side when you compare this device to other E-liquid vapourizers
  • This product might not appeal to everyone, as it only works to vapourize dry herbs – it doesn’t work with E-liquid or any other medium

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What’s in the starter kit?

This kit comes with one Cosmos Vapourizer, 4 extra dry gauze cartridges for putting the herbs into, a US mains-to-USB charger with a micro usb on one end and a USB on the other, a UK adapter (if you live in the UK), an ePuffer branded herb grinder, a small toolkit that’s made up of cleaning brushes and other cleaning-type tools for the vapourizer, and an instruction manual.

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The herb grinder is what we decided to look at first. It’s made of blackened metal, is magnetic, and is very well-machined. It states in the instruction manual that you should grind up your dry herbs to an almost powder-like consistency before putting them into the cartridges – and this grinder would certainly do the truck. It looks very well-made, so you won’t need to worry about it not getting the job done or wearing out quickly. On both fronts, it looks like it would do an awesome job.

Tool kit

Next, we decided to look at the cleaning tools. These were very well-made. You get a pair of tweezers, a mini-scoop for getting your dry herbs out of the grinder, a small brush for cleaning the inside of the cartridges, and a larger brush made for cleaning the inside of the vapourizer.

The small cartridges are made of gauze, not so unlike what you would find on a pipe or a bong. They are threaded on the top, which you can use to attach the top to the cartridge. You’re not supposed to pack the herbs into the cartridges – but you do want to fill them up as much as possible. They’re actually pretty strong, and seem as though they would last a long, long time.

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The instructions are pretty nice. The manual includes a full list of contents, and does a good job of outlining everything that you need to know to operate this kit.

Now, let’s talk about the vapourizer itself. It’s actually made from carbon fiber – which is quite impressive. This means that it’s both strong and lightweight – which is awesome. The battery is contained within the device itself, but you don’t remove it. You simply charge the device to charge the battery.

There are only three buttons on the front, making it super-easy to use. The mouthpiece is also very nice. It’s small, and comes off easily – revealing the area where you place the loaded cartridge. The ‘baking’ chamber is ceramic – so it’s almost like a tiny oven inside of the pen.

Loading the device with tobacco (or any other type of dry herb) is actually pretty simple. First, you need to remove one of the tiny caps that cover the top of the gauze cartridges. Then, you load the cartridge itself with the dry herbs. You don’t need to pack them super-tightly, but you do want to fill them up all the way.

One thing that we did find out right away was that ground dry herbs work much better in this device than herbs that haven’t been ground – so keep that in mind when the time comes to load it up!

Switching the device on and setting the temperature is pretty easy. You can adjust it by increments of just one degree – which is awesome for minute adjustments. In our test, we vapourized tobacco at 200 degrees Celsius, and were pretty impressed with the results! Obviously, this device works better with some other herbs than it does with tobacco – but tobacco was what we used to try it out.

Once you activate the device, you’ll need to let it ‘bake’ for a moment to get up to the right temperature. This will take a minute or two – but not as long as you might think. It will hold the appropriate temperature for 3 minutes, after which it will automatically switch off. You can then reactivate it if you’re not done vaping.

The Micro USB port is located on the bottom of the device. Ordinarily this would be a bit of a pain – but since there is no E-liquid in this device, charging it while it’s laying down doesn’t hurt anything.

Product Specs:

  • Battery capacity: 2,000mAh
  • 21mm by 195mm
  • Weight: 125g
  • Comes with 4 convection mesh shells
  • Comes with a complimentary herb grinder
This device probably isn’t compatible with any other devices on the market. The battery is built into it, and the cartridges are built specifically for this device.

What did we think of this vapourizer?

To be quite honest, this is the perfect vapourizer for dry herbs. It’s lightweight enough to carry around with you, powerful enough to do what it needs to do, and yet still small and easy enough to use that it won’t be cumbersome or clunky.

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Appearance and Feel

The box was quite large, and looked nice. The graphics were well-designed, and we liked how the kit was put together on the outside.

Once you open the box, you’ll see the vapourizer – laid out nicely in a foam base. When you pull the base out, you’ll see the rest of the kit underneath.

Honestly, the device feels good in-hand, and it looks awesome. We didn’t have any problems with the construction or presentation.

  • Airflow

There are a few air-holes in the device that help to contribute to better airflow. Overall, we didn’t see any problem with this aspect of the vapourizer. The airflow seemed fantastic to us.

  • Material

Being a carbon-fiber device, this vapourizer was built to be lightweight and attractive – but it’s also strong and durable. The oven inside is built of ceramic, so it’s safe and capable of reaching temperatures high enough to vapourize even the toughest of dry herbs.

  • Ease of Use

Honestly, this device was pretty easy to figure out. It only has three buttons – a power/firing button, and plus and minus buttons for adjusting the temperature. As long as you read the instruction manual first, you shouldn’t have a problem with it.


The main highlight to this product is probably the fact that it’s so well-made, light-weight, and easy to use. A lot of dry herb vapourizers aren’t so easy to figure out or use.

This vapourizer is also super easy to clean and maintain. This aspect of the device was very well thought out, and we were impressed by it.


The main drawback to this device is probably the fact that it costs a bit more than a lot of E-liquid vapourizers in its class. But, at the same time, when compared to other vapourizers, this device is actually very affordable.

Screenshot of ePuffer.co.uk websiteCompany Address and Contact Details

You can reach the company’s US address here…


909 3rd Ave. Suite 1314

New York, NY, 10150

As far as other contact details go, you can contact them by phone at the following numbers…

New York: 718-374-6030

California 323-500-4010

Florida: 305-290-392

Overseas: +1 718-374-6030

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