Epuffer ECO Caramel Mocha Disposable

Epuffer ECO Caramel Mocha Disposable Review

Published On September 13, 2016 | By Nicole | Product Reviews
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85 %

We loved the packaging. It gave off a cool vibe and did a good job of presenting the product.

Vapour 80%
Throat Hit 85%
Price 80%
Battery Life 85%
Design 85%

As you likely know, we tend to be pretty big fans of Epuffer around here. We try out a lot of their products, have vaped a lot of their E-liquids, and have generally discovered that we tend to like what we find.

Well today, we’re going to be talking about something a little bit different – an Epuffer, ECO disposable. Yes, Epuffer is now making what they call ECO Disposables – which are basically environmentally friendly, yet affordable disposable E-cigs.

There are a lot of reasons for why someone might want to buy a disposable E-cig. Obviously, they’re easier to use – but they’re also inexpensive and great to take with you when you’re out and about. If you vape a lot and have spent a lot of money on a really nice, high-quality vape pen, then you’re probably not super interested in taking it out and about with you – because it can get damaged if you drop it.

But are these ECO disposables any good? We tried the Caramel Mocha-flavoured option, and here’s what we thought of it.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered over the course of our research…


  • We liked the look and feel of the pen
  • It lasts for approximately 500 puffs, which is pretty good
  • We love the ECO-friendly design because it’s good for the planet
  • The flavour was amazing


  • You can only use it once (but it is, after all, a disposable – so that’s not really a downside)
  • Buying disposables on a regular basis can get expensive – so if you’re going to vape a lot, you would probably be better off buying a refillable, rechargeable vape pen

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What’s in the starter kit?

The disposable ECO E-cig is the only thing that comes in the packaging – but it’s also the only thing you need.

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The battery is a 3.7V battery. We couldn’t find the mAh rating, but the packaging stated that it would last for up to 500 puffs, which is a pretty good amount actually. With disposable E-cigs, it’s always a bit difficult to tell how long they’ll actually last – but these numbers thankfully gave us something to judge the usage length by, which was nice.

The end is soft and rubberized, and the entire filter area was soft. We’ve seen this a lot on other disposable ecigs and e-cigars, and it makes them more realistic – so kudos to Epuffer for including that feature here.

The charcoal-design LED on the tip of the E-cig glows with a nice orange glow. It actually looks pretty realistic, which was cool. It even fades in and out, not unlike the end of a real cigarette.

The packaging also serves as a storage box – so if you buy this E-cig and want to carry it around, you can actually use the packaging that it came with as a sort of case. We’ve always felt that carrying an e-cig like this in the pocket without a case was weird, as it can get dirt and other debris in the mouthpiece – so we were happy to see that the packaging could be re-purposed as a protective carrying case.

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As far as the design of the product went, we loved it. We were especially happy with the fact that they didn’t try to mimic the traditional ‘look’ of a cigarette with a brown filter and a white battery. It’s understandable that some companies want to do this, but we were rather impressed that Epuffer designed it to stand out. We believe that vaping deserves to be recognized as a different thing altogether from smoking – so in an ideological sense, we give Epuffer two thumbs up for that!

  • 7V lithium ion battery provides up to 500 puffs
  • Product dimensions: 118mm in length
  • Ships with a protective tube for storage
  • Glowing LED tip
  • Comes pre-charged and ready for use
  • Built with environment-friendly food grade materials
Since this is a single use, disposable E-cig, it wouldn’t be compatible with any other products or devices.

What did we think of the EPuffer ECO Caramel Mocha Disposable?

The pen we received had 0mg of nicotine, so it was a nicotine-free product. The vape test was pretty simple – just take it out of the package and go. Activating the pen was automatic. All you need to do is inhale to activate the battery and atomize the liquid within.

As far as taste goes, we found the flavour to be quite lovely. It doesn’t produce massive amounts of vapour, but enough to make it satisfying – so no complaints there. Flavour-wise, we detected little-to-no tobacco, and there was a faint coffee taste – but what stood out the most was the caramel-flavouring in the liquid.

It tastes a lot like a caramel-dessert, which we liked. It was actually quite delicious – and the more we vaped on it, the better it seemed to taste!

We could certainly see ourselves getting used to this, especially as an inexpensive ECO-friendly E-cig for new vapers. For someone new to vaping who isn’t sure if they’ll like it or not, this product could give them a chance to taste something that doesn’t fit the usual ‘tobacco’ mold, which can be a good thing. Since the flavour is so good, it wouldn’t turn people away for tasting bad – which can sometimes be a problem with disposables.

We would highly recommend this product for both experienced vapers and new vapers alike, who are thinking about getting started with an E-cig but don’t want to dump an enormous amount of money into it right-off-the-bat.

We would also recommend it as a disposable that you could take with you out-on-the-town, so you don’t risk losing or breaking your more expensive pen or vapourizer. It also comes in some other flavours, which is pretty awesome.

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The flavour is great, the vapour produced is certainly sufficient, and the company that it comes from is highly-recommended – making this an excellent disposable choice for a vaper of any experience level.

Appearance and Feel

We loved the packaging. It gave off a cool vibe and did a good job of presenting the product. It basically consisted of a clear plastic box with rubber ends on it. It also had all of the vital product information printed right on the label.

It was actually a bit longer than we expected – but it looked great in-hand. There were a few little instructions on the inside of the packaging – but nothing too significant. It pretty much works exactly how you would expect it to.

Epuffer ECO Caramel Mocha Disposable

The filter-part has a nice little design on it, and there’s some nice Epuffer branding located at the bottom of the battery – both of which contributed aesthetically to the look of the product in a good way.

  • Airflow

We didn’t see any reason to complain about this category. The airflow was sufficient and there seemed to be plenty of it.

  • Material

This device was mostly made of plastic – though there’s no-doubt some metal on the inside around the battery and cartomizer.

  • Ease of Use

It couldn’t get much easier than this. You simply open up the packaging, pull it out, and start vaping.


The best thing about this vape pen was the fact that it tasted good. The flavour seemed vague to us in name – but once we got a taste of it, we were hooked. The caramel was sweet, but not overdone. It was really quite lovely.


The main drawback to this device is that you can’t recharge it, refill it, and use it again. But then again, it’s a disposable – so it was only made for one battery’s-worth of vapour.

Company Address and Contact Details

Here’s the official company address in the UK, as provided by the Epuffer company website…

ePuffer UK | EU 60 Charles St. 4th. Floor, Leicester LE1 1FB United Kingdom

You can also contact the company by opening a new service ticket in the Contact Us section of epuffer.co.uk, or by calling them at 0207 490 5064.

Additional recommended products from this company

Epuffer carries several different flavour options in the ECO disposable line, including flavours like Raspberry Mojito, Watermelon Sangria, Double Apple Apletini, Strawberry Margarita, and Melon Daiquiry. If you’re interested in trying out some other flavours, then we would certainly recommend buying a few more ECO disposables.

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