Epuffer E-Pipe 609

Epuffer Electronic Pipe 609 Kit Review

Published On September 6, 2016 | By Nicole | Product Reviews
Overall Score
90 %

Our highlight about this e-pipe were the fact that it’s a hybrid and it can use a cartomizer or a liquamizer.

Vapour 85%
Innovation 95%
Price 90%
Battery Life 80%
Our Rating 90%

Epuffer 609 

The Epuffer Electronic Pipe 609 kit isn’t the first E-pipe that we’ve reviewed – but Epuffer does make a pretty big claim about it, citing it as the ‘World’s first hybrid electronic pipe.’

They say this because it’s capable of using both the Magnum cartridges and the special 609 liquamizer – which means that both will work in the pipe, which is actually something we don’t get to see that often.

But does it work as well as they say it does?

Here’s what we found out when doing Epuffer Electronic Pipe 609 kit review!

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered over the course of our research…


  • We really like how it was designed
  • It’s manually operated
  • It can utilize both cartomizers and the custom-made liquamizer that’s available to purchase as an extra
  • It produces awesome flavour and plenty of vapour to get the job don
  • It’s pretty realistic for an E-pipe


  • It didn’t come with a pipe stand
  • It would be nice if the optional liquamizer wasn’t a disposable product

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What’s in the starter kit?

The starter kit comes with the Electronic Pipe 609 Solid Wood Bowl, 2 batteries (18350s), 3 tobacco cartomizers, a universal battery charger, an extra mouthpiece stem, a user manual, and a gift box.

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We took a look at the universal charger first-off. It’s big enough to hold one battery at a time, and in the manual it says that you should let each battery charge for 6 hours before using them for the first time. It seems compact and functional – though we might recommend that you upgrade if you plan on getting into vaping with these types of batteries. Still, we were impressed that Epuffer included a charger with this kit. Epuffer is usually pretty good about giving you everything you need, and they’ve done a good job of it here.

We also got a mains UK adapter for the charger as well – which was a very welcomed touch!

The batteries included with this kit are rated at 900mAh, and 3.7V. They are quite small, which works better for E-pipes actually, because this allows the pipe to look a bit more realistic. It also, unfortunately, means that they tend not to last quite as long. But still, at 900mAh, the power level isn’t too bad.

The cartomizers are pretty simple and straightforward. They look just like an E-cig cartomizer, and work just like them. One cool thing is that these cartridges are the same ones that come with the E-cigar 650…which makes buying replacements pretty easy.

You also get a spare mouthpiece – as well as the one that comes attached to the pipe. The pipe bowl itself is made from one piece of wood. We loved how it looked. It was attractive and well-made. The fire button is on top, and the mouthpiece easily pops off to allow you to put in a new cartomizer or liquamizer. The cartomizer fits easily inside the mouthpiece. Replacing it is super-simple, and putting the new battery into the bowl is also easy.

Epuffer 609 Electronic Pipe

Electronic Pipe

It automatically turns on when you put the battery in, though you can turn it off with a simple five-click mechanism.

We also got a pipe stand with our kit – but we were a bit disappointed that it doesn’t come with the kit as an included part. You have to buy it separately. Granted, it’s not much more to purchase it on the side – but it’s so nice to have a pipe stand that we still wish it was included as part of the kit.

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Now, we talked earlier about how this is actually a ‘hybrid’ e-pipe – because it can utilize both cartomizers and E-liquid – but the liquamizer for the pipe doesn’t come with the starter kit.

We did get one, however, to try with it – and will also talk about that a little bit.

The liquamizer is technically an optional extra – and since you don’t really need it to use the pipe, we were fine with the fact that it didn’t come with the kit. But being able to utilize any E-liquid you choose is seriously worth it – and we consider this a pretty awesome extra that most people are going to like.

Information! Aesthetically, the liquamizer built for the 609 is beautiful. It really goes perfectly with the bowl and mouthpiece, and even comes with gold and brass-colored fittings. One thing that surprised us about the tank was that it was classified as a ‘disposable’ tank. The coil is supposed to last up to 900 puffs, after which you just buy a new one. So you won’t have to replace the coil or anything like that once it wears out.

This increases the cost, but makes it easier to deal with.

The unit itself doesn’t come apart – but you can unscrew the mouthpiece-end and refill it that way.

When it’s screwed into the bowl, it looks really nice. It pretty much operates surprisingly like a cartomizer in terms of how it’s connected to the bowl – and it actually looks awesome sitting between the mouthpiece and the rest of the pipe.

All in all, we really liked the pipe and the kit in terms of construction. Epuffer did a good job with it.

  • Comes with 2 18350 rechargeable batteries
  • Can utilize cartridges or a tank
  • Comes in a modern gift box
  • Comes with a one year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee
  • Also comes with free shipping if you live in the UK or the US
  • Is cross-compatible with the cartomizers used for the E-cigar 650
  • Comes with a universal battery charger for the 18350s
This pipe uses Epuffer cartomizers and a special liquamizer specifically made for the pipe – so with the exception of the batteries, you really wouldn’t be able to use the parts in any other device – or with the exception of the cartomizers, which also work with the E-cigar 650.

What did we think of this kit?

In our opinion, this is the type of kit someone would want to buy if they were looking to stop smoking a real pipe, because it actually is pretty life-like and does a great job of mimicking the feel of the real thing. Plus, the cartomizers and liquid that you can buy from Epuffer for use with it are exceptionally high-quality and realistic.

Another thing that we really liked about this kit was the firing button. Unlike some of the other E-pipes that we’ve seen, this pipe is a manual – which means that you activate it by pressing and holding the firing button.

Electronic Pipe

For a vape test, we started with the cartomizer that was premium tobacco-flavoured. There was quite a tobacco kick with this setup. Not a ton of vapour – but it was very realistic and tasted good. It’s also got a nice throat hit. As far as we were concerned, this setup seemed to mimic real smoke pretty accurately.

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For a vape test with the liquamizer, we used Epuffer’s New London Royal Blend tobacco flavoured E-liquid. We preferred the more subtle taste of this tobacco flavour, and we really liked how the tank performed.

We were a bit disappointed that you can’t just replace the atomizer in the liquamizer. It seems a bit of a waste to make it disposable – but maybe in the future Epuffer will come out with an updated version that you can buy coil packs for.

Still, all in all, we really liked the 609. It lives up to the hype, and we thoroughly enjoyed it! If you’re looking for a quality E-pipe that’ll get the job done without a problem, then you really can’t go wrong with the E-pipe 609 kit from Epuffer.

Appearance and Feel

Epipe 609

Our first impression of the kit was outstanding. We loved the box and packaging. It comes in a cardboard slip case, but it looks really nice and seems nicely made.

609 E-pipe with stand

Inside, the first thing you’ll see is a rather extensive user guide – which is nicely done, as is characteristic of Epuffer. Underneath this, the kit is laid out attractively and in an organized fashion. We really liked how the pieces of the kit were laid out, and found all of them (especially the bowl itself) quite attractive.

  • Airflow

The airflow on the device was pretty good. No reason for complaints in that department.

  • Material

The pipe bowl is made of solid wood, and the liquamizer (if you buy it) seems to be made of metal and glass. The mouthpiece/stem is made of plastic, and is pretty realistic.

  • Ease of Use

This device is pretty easy to use. You shouldn’t have any problem figuring it out. It literally starts up and is ready to go as soon as you put the battery in.


Our favourite things about this pipe were the fact that it’s a hybrid (it can use a cartomizer or a liquamizer) and that it is manually operated.


The main drawback, in our opinion, was that it didn’t come with a pipe stand included in the kit, BUT not a big deal, right? We were also a bit disappointed that the optional liquamizer is disposable. It would have been nice if you could replace the atomizer in it – because it seems like a shame to have to throw the whole thing away. On the other hand, perhaps this means that we can expect an improved version of this Electronic pipe down the line.

ePuffer websiteCompany Address and Contact Details

You can contact EPuffer via phone at 0207 490 5064, or through email by opening up a service ticket on their website. For anyone who might wish to contact them via mail, their business address is as follows…

ePuffer UK | EU 60 Charles St. 4th. Floor, Leicester LE1 1FB United Kingdom

Additional recommended products from this company

The Electronic Pipe 609 kit doesn’t actually ship with the liquamizer – so if you really want to make full use of it, we would definitely recommend picking this up. You can buy it on the official website for £12.95. It’s called the ‘E-pipe 609 Liquamizer Tank’.

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4.4/5 (5)

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