ePuffer review

ePuffer Review

Published On November 3, 2015 | By Nicole | Brands

Introduction – ePuffer Review

ePuffer is an electronic cigarette company that I’ve recently been hearing a lot about – so I decided that it was time to take a closer look. At this point, I’ve reviewed quite a few E-cig companies, and am always excited to discover and learn about another one. I always learn more about E-cigs and the companies that sell them when I write these reviews, so naturally I was pretty stoked to be sitting down to do some more research on ePuffer.

Another thing that I’ve also come to realize is that no two E-cig companies are the same – and ePuffer definitely proved this to be true yet again.

But how is it different from the competition? And with these differences, are they a company worth spending time and money on?

Here’s what I found out over the course of my research.

First of all, I was nicely impressed with their website. I was also impressed by their bio and their story. They recently celebrated their seven-year anniversary, which means that they’ve been around for a lot longer than I even realized. On their website, they say that they are..

“a Global company and world leader in electronic cigarette manufacturing industry with Headquarters in United Kingdom, United States and Canada.” They also state that they offer “a full range of electronic smoking devices to over one million smokers in 26 countries.”

There’s no doubt that they’ve made some waves in the E-cig industry… but what about their products?

Positives and Negatives

Here are the basic pros and cons that I discovered about ePuffer over the course of my research.


  • They offer free shipping on orders totaling more than £25.00
  • They offer a 30 day money back guarantee
  • Their products seem well made and affordably priced
  • They carry a wide range of different types of E-cigs
  • They carry quite a few different E-liquid flavours
  • Customer service seems to be very good


  • If I had to give ePuffer a downside, I guess it would be that they don’t carry any super-cheap starter kits. They carry quite a few affordably priced kits that offer a lot of value for the money, but not too many super, unbeatably cheap

Go to ePuffer.co.uk Website to Start Shopping 

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What products/accessories can be purchased?

ePuffer sells a number of different E-cigarettes, E-vapourisers, E-cigars, E-pipes, and E-liquid. They also carry a full range of accessories and special offers.

Phantom HD Starter KitThe first thing that I’ll say about this company’s e-cig selection is that it’s definitely impressive. They carry several starter kits and disposables. I was also impressed by the prices on some of their starter kits. This is a company that definitely offers some value for the cost.

One of my favorite starter kits that they offer is the Phantom HD Starter Kit. This kit sells for £24.95 (I think it’s on sale at the moment), and comes with two 750mAh Lithium batteries, two PHANTOM HD atomizers, five replaceable atomizer heating elements (which add incredible value to this kit!), five 1.2ml tank cartridges, a universal AC adapter, a USB battery charger, a travel pouch, and an instruction manual.

Package and design

The packaging on these products seems straightforward and attractive. As far as the designs were concerned, I was definitely impressed with how they looked. The presentation was outstanding, and I felt that the products themselves looked fantastic (we’re currently working on a video review for one of their starter kits, which we will publish as soon as we can).

ePuffer doubtlessly deserves two thumbs up for the cosmetic appearance of their product line.

Our ePuffer Magnum Snaps Video Review

User reviews

I’ve found quite a few user reviews about ePuffer – and almost all of them have been extremely positive. It sounds like this is a company that genuinely cares about customer service. It also sounds like the employees are willing to go quite out of their way to help you get what you need – which is always a plus.

Here’s a link to a pretty good review that I found on them. I’ll admit that I was pretty impressed with it.

Link: https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/threads/epuffer-com-canada-newbie-review.1743/

So far, so good. User reviews definitely seem to check out for ePuffer – which is a very good sign!

Product choice

The product choice on this website is pretty awesome. They carry a wide selection in almost every category. They carry a lot of e-liquids, and even offer some e-pipes and e-cigars!

They also stock a lot of regular e-cigs and vapourisers as well. If you’re in the market for a new E-cig, then there’s definitely a good chance that ePuffer is going to have what you’re looking for.

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ePuffer doesn’t carry quite as many flavours as some companies that I’ve reviewed – but they definitely carry enough to qualify as one of my new favorites. I like ePuffer because they offer some flavours that I haven’t seen before, and because they do so at a pretty competitive price. They carry quite a few different types of tobacco-flavoured E-liquid, but they also carry some specialty options – which is always a good thing.

ePuffer E-liquid

They carry about two dozen different flavours in all, which isn’t too shabby by any standards.

Nicotine levels

ePuffer seems to carry most of their E-liquids in three different nicotine strengths… 0mg, 0.6mg, and 1.2mg.

About the company

According to the ePuffer home page, they’re…

“an award winning global leader in the design, creation and manufacture of electronic cigarettes, focusing first and foremost on your smoking experience.”

They also say that their E-liquid “makes it even cheaper to seek that smoke free life as it offers you a way to save money on electronic cigarettes and to enjoy cheap cigarettes without compromising on the quality of the smoking experience.”

Customer supports seems to be outstanding with this company. I’ve read quite a few reviews where customers ended up super-impressed with the ePuffer staff, and must say that I’ve been impressed by them. They also maintain a phone number that customers can use to contact them for questions, concerns, or inquiries.
ePuffer offers free shipping on UK orders totaling over £25.00 – which is pretty awesome.
This company actually offers a 30 day money back guarantee on their products. They’ll let you try the product out for 30 days with no risk, which means that you can return it and get your money back if you’re not satisfied with it. They also offer a 1 year limited warranty on most products – which is awesome.

ePuffer deserves major kudos for offering such a customer-friendly money back guarantee. This was definitely an upside for me.

Value for the money

I felt that this company offers quite a bit of value for the money. With great products, free shipping, and a 30 day money back guarantee, you really cannot go wrong.

Running Costs

You can order a 30ml bottle of E-liquid on Epuffer’s website for just £11.95, which definitely offers some affordability in terms of the running costs.


In the end, I was more than impressed with ePuffer – in more ways than one. They carry a wide variety of products, offer E-cigs at affordable prices, and stock quite a few different E-liquid flavours. They also provide a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year limited warranty for their customers on most of their items – with free shipping as an added bonus.

Combine this with the number of positive reviews that they’ve gotten, and I really can’t see why more people aren’t using them. As far as I’m concerned, ePuffer is a top contender, and a must-visit if you’re in the market for new E-cig products or E-liquids.

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Visit ePuffer.co.uk To Start Your Shopping

4.64/5 (11)

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