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Epuffer Titan X Review

Published On April 3, 2018 | By Albert Just | Product Reviews
Overall Score
90 %

The New Epuffer Titan X Hybrid mod has something for everyone. If you’re looking for the smoothest experience possible, you won’t go wrong with this.

Vapour 95%
Innovation 90%
Price 80%
Design 85%
Battery Life 95%

The Titan X Vape

The new Titan X device from Epuffer is an updated version of their previous Titan model. While the previous Titan model was very well received overall, the Epuffer Titan X offers increased battery life, a more polished finish and updated functionality.

The Titan X is marketed as a ‘hybrid’ model, which means it’s a crossover between a vape pen and a box mod. It retains all the mobility of a simple e-cigarette, but is able to pump out the kind of power usually reserved for a more high-end device. It allows a simple change between sub-ohm and MTL vaping depending on your preferences and claims to offer an unrivalled vaping experience in both cases.

Let’s jump into the finer details.

Starter Kit

What’s in the kit? The Epuffer Titan X branding and packaging definitely carries a sense of technological advancement. It’s black and silver colour scheme implies that this is a company striving for revolution, and judging by their previous products, Epuffer are definitely one of the most cutting edge vape brands on the market.

Epuffer Titan X Kit

Information! The box includes: 1 x Rechargeable battery (capacity of 1500 mAh), 1 x Titan X Liquamizer glass tank, 1 x MTL coil (1.0 ohm), 1 x DTL coil (0.4 ohm), 1 x Micro USB cable, 1 x User manual.

It seems that Epuffer are one of the few vape manufacturers who realise that the user should be given an immediate choice whether they want to use a sub-ohm or a MTL coil, and so endeavour to provide both from the off. In the past I’ve been put off purchasing certain vapes because they only came with a 1.0 coil or lower, so for anyone with the same mindset as me – this isn’t an issue with the Titan X.

While there are certain components already assembled on the device which may need replacing in the future, the kit offers no additional spare parts or accessories. I would have preferred it there was an additional (smaller) mouth tip available, as well as a handful of spare plastic o-rings. Both of these can be difficult to source elsewhere, so it would have been a nice addition. However, it’s by no means a major issue.

Epuffer Titan x Product Specifications:

Tank capacity: UK/EU 2ml / USA 3ml Size: Ø=19mm x 129 / 136ml (with tank)
Resistance: 1.0 – 0.4 ohm Power: 14-50 watts
Battery capacity: 1500mAh Working temperature: 450-500 F
Material: High grade triple-polished stainless steel Weight: 95g

The Pros And Cons Of The Epuffer Titan X

The Titan X comes pre-setup with the 1.0 atomiser coil already installed. There is no real setup required, it was simply a matter of filling with e-liquid and start vaping straight away. The first thing I noticed was how lightweight the device is – even by vape pen standards. Having used the previous Epuffer model in the past, the Titan X felt much more comfortable in the hand and the difference in visual design was immediately clear. This was a great positive.

Epuffer Titan X in the hand

However, after around an hour’s use, I found the design had become a little fiddly. Due to the incredibly polished steel surface, maintaining a grip on the device was a lot harder than it needed to be. I always find stainless steel finishes to be nothing but a nightmare because no matter how sleek they look, they always become fingerprint magnets within a few days.

By the same token, it’s perfectly cylindrical finish meant there were no areas to dig my fingers into to get a hold of it. Furthermore, the base of the Titan X is also made from triple-polished steel, meaning that it was VERY slippery no matter what surface I placed it on. This was definitely a negative for me.

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Epuffer Titan X mod offers the most perfect topfill feature on the market

These initial downsides aside, everything else about the Titan X was fantastic. In order to load the e-liquid inside, the mod offers the most perfect topfill feature on the market – probably on par with the efficiency of the Nautilus 2.

Filling up Epuffer Titan X

On top of the atomiser, the two holes are either size are sizable enough to get anything down there without any spillage occurring. It’s even ideal for old school vapers like me who still have e-liquid lying around in 30ml jars with pipettes attached.

There’s no option to increase or decrease the wattage output, but luckily, the Titan X is fierce enough to give even the most hardened vapers a good hit. I tested the device with both MTL and DTL coils, and found that both were just as satisfying as each other. I’m not usually a big fan of MTL vaping at all, but I found that the device mimicked the sensation of smoking a cigarette down to a tee.

Epuffer Titan X Review - no option to increase or decrease the wattage output.

When it came to vaping with the 0.4 sub-ohm coil, the Titan X provided one of the smoothest experiences I’ve ever had. There was no gurgling or leaking at any point (and haven’t had any in the days I’ve been using it), and not a single dry hit in sight. Even with a 3mg juice, the nicotine got straight into my system within a few hits. The airflow column situated slightly below the atomiser allows the option for a tighter hit if necessary, but I found the perfect levels for me to be three-quarters open. This allowed enough airflow to get the juice straight to the lungs without overloading them.

Despite the downsides I found design wise, the Titan X E Cig continually keeps simplicity in mind. The glass tank allows you to see your e-juice levels clearly, and the fire button and USB port are situated on opposite sides of the device. Most vape pens usually have their USB cable on the underside meaning it can be a pain to charge it unless you can perch it on the edge of a shelf or desk, but the Titan X has kept it simple. The fire button lights up a very attractive turquoise colour when firing, then gradually turns red as battery life decreases.

Battery life and charging times were both exceptional. The battery life in particular is perhaps one of the best I’ve come across in years. Despite all-day use, the battery life lasted more than 48 hours. Charging time was just over an hour, and when you consider both of these aspects, it’s clear that Epuffer have achieved something quite incredible.



  • Exceptional performance for both MTL and DTL vaping
  • Efficient topfill system
  • Long battery life / short charge time
  • Visually impressive


  • Stainless steel finish will collect stains
  • Very light, very slippery
  • Expensive (RRP £49.99).

Vape Pens

What Are The Epuffer Titan X’s Best Features? The Titan X has automatic power controls which mean it will detect whatever coil has been loaded inside and apply the necessary output wattage and voltage. This allows for a perfect experience regardless of your chosen vaping style.

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Unlike a lot of other vape pens, the output from the Titan X is particularly powerful no matter what coil you’re using. I’ve often found that I need to counterbalance the weakness of other vape pens by using more powerful liquid, but this isn’t an issue in this case.

Mods with the ability to topfill is a particular love of mine. I personally believe that topfill should be employed by every single vape manufacturer in the world because it trivialises the most frustrating part of the experience. Topfill allows you to avoid spillage and monitor exactly how much liquid you’re inserting with ease. In the case of manufacturers without Topfill (such as Smok), it’s very easy to overload e-liquid because there’s no indication of how much you’re putting in. In the case of the Titan X, you won’t have to worry about this. Similarly, the glass tank allows great visibility of how much liquid is left.

Although there’s no functionality to speak of, the lack of LED screen is substituted by the airflow system. Instead of having to mess around with internal settings, all it takes is a simple twist in order to change the harshness of the pull. Because of this, this vape can be used by beginners or intermediate vapers without issue.

How Does It Compare To Its Peers?

Although it might sound like a minor issue, the stainless steel design lightweight is a real downside for me. After only a few days, the mod is already starting to collect fingerprints and I’ve knocked it over on more than a handful of occasions. Because of this, I’m going to suggest a very similar alternative but one which doesn’t have this major negative: the Jac Vapour Series-S22 Kit.

The Jac Vapour S22 is my personal favourite device. It offers everything the Titan X Vape Pen does but with a little extra.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the two:

Titan X: Stainless steel design, slippery
S22: Rubber design, very sturdy, doesn’t collect fingerprints
Titan X: Difficult to grip
S22: Rubber / non-cylindrical design makes it very simple to hold
Titan X: Exceptional performance
S22: Exceptional performance
Titan X: Retails at £49.99
S22: Retails at £34.99
Titan X: Topfill / airflow features
S22: Topfill / airflow features


There is no denying that Epuffer have put every effort into making the Titan X a device which will hold up for years to come. Despite my personal negatives, it is likely that a lot of people won’t find these a hindrance in the slightest. I am comfortable recommending this hybrid device to vapers with any level of experience. Beginners will find the simplicity of the device very appealing, while intermediate / advanced vapers will enjoy the powerful output the Titan X provides.

Epuffer Titan X

Hybrid Vapourizer

While I personally consider £49.99 to be in the expensive region, it isn’t too unreasonable given all the positives the device has in its favour. Overall, this vape mod has something for everyone. If you’re looking for the smoothest experience possible, you won’t go wrong with this.

5/5 (2)

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