Evolution Vaping review

Evolution Vaping Review

Published On September 14, 2015 | By Nicole | Brands

Introduction – Evolution Vaping Review

My first look at Evolution Vaping was very positive. Their website is decorated with brilliant colors, a modern design, and eye-catching graphics. Nowadays, I tend to be less and less impressed with companies that don’t maintain a quality web-presence – but Evolution Vaping definitely met my expectations.

As I browsed their website, I was genuinely impressed. Their products and how they were presented all seemed professional, and I found myself excited to find out more about what they had to offer.

But the website is only one dimension of this company. An awesome page is only going to work as well as the products featured on it – so I was probably a bit more interested in what the company had to offer in terms of merchandise than I really was in how well designed the website was (though I also feel that a well-designed site is a requirement in itself nowadays).

So let’s take a look at their products, and see if Evolution Vaping might be a quality vaping choice for customers like you.

Positives and Negatives

Here are the basic pros and cons that I discovered about this company over the course of my research.


  • They offer a truly impressive array of different E-liquid brands and flavours
  • They offer a ton of different types of products
  • Their products seem well-made and high in quality
  • Their website is well-designed
  • They have fantastic customer feedback


  • They don’t have a money back guarantee, and their warranty isn’t super ‘customer friendly’
  • It was a bit difficult to find reviews written by customers who just ordered from the website. A lot of the reviews that I found tended to focus more on the physical store itself.

What products/accessories can be purchased?

Evolution Vaping does a good job of offering a wide range of different types of products. On the website homepage, you’ll find several different category options to choose from. These include options like…

  • Atomizers & Clearomizers
  • Batteries & Chargers
  • E Liquid
  • Starter Kits
  • Mods
  • Rebuildable Atomizers
  • Accessories
  • Special Offers
  • Item #3

I was especially interested in their starter kits, and wasn’t disappointed by what I found. They carry several different options in this category, and they all seemed reasonably priced. Here’s a quick breakdown of the types of starter kits offered on the Evolution Vaping website.

  • A Kangertech EVOD Starter Kit for £16.99
  • An Innokin Lily Kit for £17.00
  • An Aspire Premium Kit (a cig-a-like) for £49.99
  • A Twin EGO Starter Kit (it comes with enough for two pens) for £24.99
  • A Joyetech eGo One 2200 mah kit for £37.99
  • And an Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro 60w iSub Starter Kit for £68.99

Of course, these prices may be subject to change at any time – but this is what they were offering as of the time that this review was written, and I considered the selection useful and cost-effective. It seemed that they took a ‘one of everything’ approach to starter kits – which I liked. Some companies offer so many different starter kits that browsing through them can grow tiresome.

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But then, on the other hand, carrying a huge selection of different kits can also make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for – so I guess it’s a bit of a give-and-take.

Package and design

The packaging on these products seemed to be pretty standard. I really didn’t find anything negative to report in this category.

As far as the designs are concerned, I’ll say that this company does an outstanding job of presenting their products. I’ll also say that the products themselves are very, very attractive. As far as looks and presentation are concerned, Evolution Vaping deserves two thumbs up.

User reviews

As you probably know, Evolution Vaping has a physical store as well as a website – and there are actually a ton of customer reviews online about the store. The vast majority of these reviews rave about how fantastic it and its staff are.

Here’s what one user (review left on Facebook) had to say about the Evolution Vaping shop.

“Best vape shop I’ve been to – I like the atmosphere of visiting and rather than just selling whatever makes the most profit for them the staff will advise you on the pros and cons and what new lines are coming soon. top job lads.”

At this point, I really don’t see anything to complain about in the customer-review department.

Product choice

Product choice is very good on this company’s website. They offer a decent array of products without overwhelming the shopper – which is sometimes difficult to do. They seem to offer a starter kit for just about everyone – and that’s definitely saying something. Vaping can be a diverse and personal habit, and to find a company that offers so many options is truly encouraging.


EvolutionVaping E-liquidThis company offers so many different flavours that it would be impossible to even begin to list them all here. They also carry a huge range of E-liquid brands – making them one of the largest and most diverse E-liquid suppliers that I’ve ever encountered. They definitely deserve kudos in this category – as they truly do offer something for everyone.

Nicotine levels

Some flavour brands offer different nicotine levels in their E-liquids, so the specific levels available will vary depending on the brand that you choose to look at. The majority of the brands offered on Evolution Vaping, however, seem to offer levels ranging from 0mg to 18mg.

About the company

Evolution Vaping is definitely a new company, and you can tell that they take ‘vaping culture’ seriously. According to their website, they’re “Constantly scouring the globe for the latest and greatest products, importing from as far as China and the Phillipines…”

They claim to do this because they want their customers to have ready access to the latest vaping equipment without paying excessive prices for it.

This company definitely seems to take customer support seriously. They provide a phone number on the ‘contact us’ section of their website, as well as an email form and an instant-messaging service (though the messenger is only ‘live’ during business hours).
In the UK, you can get free shipping on your order if you spend more than £60 – which is definitely a good thing. After this, shipping costs range from £2.34 to £11.30, depending on the type of shipping preferred.
Evolution Vaping does offer a warranty, but they say right on their website that they only offer a warranty on faulty products – not if you don’t like them. They also say that you may return the products, unopened and unused, within 14 days if you wish to cancel the order – but this probably wouldn’t qualify as a ‘money back guarantee’.

As far as this goes, I’m not super impressed with their return policy or the fact that they don’t offer a money back guarantee.

Value for the money

Evolution Vaping offers value for the money – in almost every respect. They carry high-quality products, and offer them at very affordable prices.

Running Costs

You can buy a 30ml bottle of E-liquid on Evolution Vaping’s website for £14.99  – which really isn’t that bad of a price for a high-quality E-liquid.


I think that Evolution Vaping is a great company. In fact, it’s been awhile since I’ve been this impressed with a website – and that’s definitely saying something! They carry a lot of different products, and seem to care a great deal about quality. Their prices also seem competitive. I do find myself wishing that their money back guarantee was better (they don’t really have one), but that’s really one of the only downsides I see. They’ve got some great customer feedback, and seem to do a great job of maintaining a positive reputation.

All in all, I really don’t see much wrong with Evolution Vaping. If you’re looking for some new E-cig products or E-liquids, then they definitely deserve a shot at your business. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by what you find.


3.43/5 (7)

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  1. Evolution says:

    Great review – the site has actually been improved lately (and is actually due another update very soon)
    Another review would be awesome!


    I ordered 4 x 30ml bottles on 18th of December. And always try new sites/shops as I’d rather pay personal and passionate folks than big US companies. But nearly 3rd week and nothing!

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