Freshcig review

FreshCig Review

Published On July 26, 2014 | By Nicole | Brands

Introduction – FreshCig Review

FreshCig is a UK based E-cig company that got its start in 2011. Since then they have gone on to offer some truly innovative products, including an E-go style electronic cigarette called the eVolve and a mini-style E-cig called the Original.

One thing that we noticed right away was that FreshCig does offer some pretty good prices for their starter kits, though they are not the least expensive option out there. We were pretty excited to review this brand because their website has a very clean and fresh look to it that we found instantly likeable.

Of course, a nice website does not necessarily indicate a good product, but it did give us high hopes for quality. We figured that if FreshCig was willing to put so much effort into their website that maybe they put equal effort into their products!

Here is what we found out over the course of our Freshcig review. Good, bad you be the judge!


Positives and Negatives

Here are the basic pros and cons that we found about this company.


  • High quality products
  • They offer a decent range of starter kits
  • Their products are priced very reasonably
  • They carry a pretty impressive line of E-liquids
  • They are rated very highly by customers and reviewers


  • We have found a few complaints online about customers receiving faulty products, though these definitely seem to be less common than positive reviews
  • Some customers have said that the throat hit leaves a bit to be desired

We have found a few complaints online about customers receiving faulty products, though these definitely seem to be less common than positive reviews.

What products/accessories can be purchased?

FreshCig offers two basic types of E-cigs, the Original, which is their mini… and the eVolve, which is their E-go style E-cig. They offer several different starter kits in the £20.00 to £30.00 range, as well as cartomizer refills and e-liquid. Their basic Original Express Starter Kit is their entry-level offering, and sells for £20.00. It comes with a tin case, two batteries, two cartomizers, and one USB charger.

They also sell an eVolve kit called the eVolve Express Starter Kit that also sells for £20.00. With this kit you get a tin case, an eVolve E-go style ecig, one bottle of e-liquid, and one USB charger.

All in all, we were pretty impressed with the range of products that they offered. Their starter kits provide a pretty good selection and we were pretty impressed with how high in quality they seem to be. They also do a good job of offering a combination of realistic and modern E-cig products. People looking for a realistic mini will no doubt like the Originals, while the eVolve will probably appeal more to E-cig users who want a more advanced vaping experience.

Package and design

We found the packaging on FreshCig products to be very neat and attractive. It wasn’t necessarily ground-breaking, but it did the job. The colors were bright and the overall look gave us the impression that these products were shipped from a professional company.

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Freshcig starter kits

As far as design was concerned, we really liked the pastel-like colors on their E-go style E-cigs. FreshCig does a great job of keeping the look of their products fresh (no pun intended), and we found them visually appealing. We would definitely have no problem using these devices out in public, even if we were going out to the club or to hang out with friends.

We really have nothing but good things to say about the products in this category.

Battery performance

The vast majority of reviews about this product seemed to place a very positive emphasis on the quality of the batteries, though there were a few reviews written by people who complained that the batteries simply didn’t last as long as they should.

Of course, one does need to keep in mind that larger batteries are going to last longer than smaller ones, so if you tend to spend a lot of time during the day away from a charger you are probably going to need something larger than a mini to keep you vaping.

Some customers also complained that they received some batteries that simply didn’t work. These reviews seemed to be rare, however, and also generally included a reference to high quality customer service and how they fixed the problem.

Vapour production

Vapour production was said to be average with FreshCig products, though we did come across a few complaints in this department. Some customers have complained that the vapour production and throat hit are not quite what they should be, though it is also only fair to state that these types of reviews were much less common than the positive ones.


Freshcig refillsFreshCig does a pretty good job of offering different E-liquid flavours.

Some of the flavours that they offer include specialty options like chocolate, vanilla, spearmint, pina colada, red energy, black cherry, and mint blast, in addition to the regular tobacco and menthol flavours.

Of course, they offered more flavours than this. For a more specific list, you should definitely check out the company website.

Nicotine levels

FreshCig offers three basic nicotine strengths on most of their e-liquids… 0mg, 8mg, 16mg, and 24mg.

About the company

FreshCig was founded by a man named Ben Wilson back in 2011. According to the company’s official website, Ben founded the company because he wanted to find a way to help a member of his family find a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco products.

After researching E-cigs online, he realized that the information out there was confusing and that E-cigs could definitely be improved. The company’s pursuit, according to their website, is to ‘achieve the highest levels of quality, service, convenience, and value.’

As far as we could tell, customer support on this website seems to be very good. We actually found over 70 independent reviews on TrustPilot and looked through them, discovering that customers generally seem to have a good experience with this company.

Of course, there were a few bad reviews in the mix, though it seemed that the majority of the bad reviews were more about products not working than about bad customer service. All in all, the reviews that we found were overwhelmingly positive. We really couldn’t find a reason to complain about this department!

Standard shipping prices vary with the amount of merchandise purchased, though we did find out that Royal Mail International delivery costs £7.50, that Royal Mail next day costs £6.95, and that UPD Next Day shipping costs £6.95 as well.
FreshCig asks customers to call their phone number before submitting returns so that the company can work out the return before it is actually mailed. Beyond this, they say on their website that faulty goods can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a free repair or replacement.


Value for the money

FreshCig does, in our opinion, offer a lot of value for the money. Their products seem to work well and are, in general, very positively reviewed. They are not the cheapest option, but you do get a lot for your money when you order one of their starter kits. As far as we were concerned, FreshCig is tough to beat when you take value into account.

Running costs

According to the company’s website, a pack of 5 cartomizer refills (which costs £10.00) is the equivalent of 150 analog cigarettes in total. Of course, the cost of the habit will depend upon how much you vape, but this is just an example of how much cheaper vaping is when compared to smoking.


We definitely liked FreshCig and were pretty pleased with what we found out about them. Again, they are not the cheapest, and they are not without a few little issues… but as a general rule, customer support seems to be very good and they seem to do a great job of keeping ahead of the times. Their products are innovative and clean, and they are well-known enough to have built up a pretty big customer base.

If you are in the market for a new E-cig or are thinking about switching to vaping to quit your smoking habit, then FreshCig should definitely be on your list of companies to check out.

They provide a quality product at a fair price and offer real value for the money. We would definitely recommend their products for anyone looking for an inexpensive, yet high quality vaping experience.

5/5 (1)

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  1. joanne says:

    very happy with the products on offer, use the shop in Wyke, Bradford, Kirsty who works there is always happy to help and discuss my needs. 5 stars !!!

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