Future Shisha Cartidges

Future Shisha Cartridges

Published On August 25, 2014 | By Nicole | E-Cig Cartridges

Future Shisha Cartridges

Future Shisha is the trading name of a business called ‘The Wise Store Ltd.’ This company has been trading since 2011, and had plans from the very beginning to create an E-cig product that would fit with the rest of our advanced 21st century technology.

We recently wrote a full review about Future Shisha, though this smaller review is going to be focusing specifically on their refill cartridges. We believe that Future Shisha is one of the best choices for refill cartridges, and here is why.


Flavour Choices

Future Shisha sells E-cig cartomizers in 5 different flavours. They come in packs of five, with each pack being the equivalent of about 200 regular cigarettes!

The flavour choices that they offer include Golden Tobacco, Mint Menthol, Royal Virginia, Energy Boost, and Vivid Vanilla. Of course, we would never complain about having a few more flavour choice options, though we are definitely happy that Future Shisha offers some specialty options in their cartomizers.



A 5 pack of cartomizers from this company costs only £6.00, which is actually a very good price. These E-cig cartridges are about 77% cheaper than analog cigarettes.

As for how long they will last, that really depends upon your vaping style. If you tend to be a heavy vaper or to take longer drags on your E-cig, then you might find your cartomizers running low on fluid sooner rather than later.



We would definitely describe Future Shisha cartomizers as a quality purchase. They are cost-effective, produce a high quality vapour, and even offer some specialty flavour options.

Users and reviewers have also rated the quality of the vape itself as very high. If you are really into E-cigs and want to try something new, then you definitely need to add Future Shisha to your list of E-cig websites to check out.

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