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Future Shisha Review

Published On July 27, 2014 | By Nicole | Brands

Introduction – Future Shisha Review

Future Shisha is an E-cig company that provides a bit of a different take on the electronic cigarette. They carry disposable E-Shishas, rechargeable E-shishas, E-liquid, and many accessories, though it is probably the style of their cigs that is the most different.

E-Shishas are basically just like any other type of electronic cigarette, accept that they are designed to look more like a hookah and less like regular cigarettes. This gives Future Shisha an interesting angle that you don’t see with many other E-cig companies, though to be honest it was an angle that we liked.

Sometimes, shopping for E-cigs can feel monotonous because it can seem like everyone is selling the same thing repackaged differently… though this is definitely not the case with Future Shisha. Their E-cigs have a very distinctive and stylistic flair to them, and we were actually very excited to review them for this very reason.

Positives and Negatives

Here are the initial positives and negatives that we discovered when writing our Future Shisha review.


  • Unique and stylish
  • They carry a wide variety of different E-liquid flavours
  • They carry a decent selection of different types of products
  • Their prices are competitive
  • They have a good reputation among customers


  • Their products might not be the cheapest on the market

What products/accessories can be purchased?

Future Shisha actually does a great job of offering different types of products on their website. We were especially surprised to find out exactly how much variety they offer in ways that other E-cig companies don’t.

Their Shishas, for example, really give E-cig users some different choices, and while they might not technically function much differently than a typical E-go style electronic cigarette, they at least open the door to personalizing the entire experience. This, in itself, seems like a good thing as far as we are concerned. Kudos are definitely deserved by Future Shisha for this very reason!

As far as the products go, the company offers a line of what are called Ego Stick Digital Slimlines, which are basically flat, slim Egos with digital readouts on them. They also sell what they call an Ego Shisha (which looks basically like an Ego), as well as a very colorful line of nicotine-free Shisha pens (these are basically like disposable E-cigs, though they come in a variety of stylish colors and different flavours).

Future-shisha e-cigarettes

They also carry a fairly typical mini starter kit called the Electronic Shisha E-Cigarette Starter Kit, a larger ego style pen called the Electronic Shisha Pro that actually looks just like the end of a hookah, and some other disposable hookah-styled ego pens.

In addition to these products, Future Shisha also carries quite a few E-liquid flavours and a range of accessories to both support and enhance the use of their products.

We definitely found no reason to complain in this category. Future Shisha offers something for just about everyone, and we were pretty impressed with the selection of products available on their website.

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Package and design

We found the packaging on Future Shisha products to be attractive and functional. We really didn’t find much to complain about here. The packaging seems to protect the products well during shipping and also seems adequately labeled.

We were, however, very impressed with the designs of these products.  We found the shishas to be very attractively colored and styled. We were especially impressed with the ‘hookah-type’ Electronic Shisha Pro. For people who might be interested in a hookah type experience but who want a safer and cleaner alternative, this could be a very cool product.

Future-shisha pens

Once again, we say kudos to Future Shisha for thinking outside of the box and creating a product with such a unique twist to it!

Battery performance

As far as we could tell, the batteries on Future Shisha products seemed to be very high in quality. We found nothing but positive reviews about them, and definitely didn’t see any reason to give them a negative report. We found nothing but good things as far as this category was concerned!

Vapour production

Vapour production was another area where we really heard nothing but good things about Future Shisha. As far as we can tell, there is no reason to give them a negative report in this category.


This company offers a pretty impressive lineup of unique flavours. Of course, they offer the fairly standard tobacco flavours to start off with, but they also carry a variety of specialty options as well. Here are just a few different options that customers can choose from when they order E-liquid from Future Shisha.

  • Sweet Mintfuture-shisha e-liquid
  • Smooth Cappuccino
  • Refreshing Mojito
  • Skittles
  • Pear Drops
  • And many, many more.

Nicotine levels

Future Shisha flavours come in nicotine and nicotine free options. It would seem that there is only one nicotine strength available, though it is unclear exactly what level of strength it is. After looking around the website, we really didn’t find any reference to it. It would appear to be average… perhaps an 8 or 12mg, though it would be impossible to say for sure unless we could find it written down somewhere.

About the company

Future Shisha is actually the trading name of a small business called ‘The Wise Store Ltd’. On their website, they say that they feel that ‘electronic smoking can bring great benefit and in some cases allow people who appreciate smoking to enjoy their pastime in what [they] believe is a more healthy, social, and guilt-free way.’

According to their website, this company has been trading since 2011 in a number of different online ventures.

Future Shisha’s physical address is in north Finchley, London.

It would seem, by all accounts, that Future Shisha does a good job of providing customer support and service to those who buy their products. They supply a telephone number on their website where they can be reached with questions, comments, or issues, and they also have an email address available as well. On the website, they actually say that they can return email inquiries within four hours, which isn’t too bac for email turnaround.
This company actually offers free shipping on orders of £25 or more. They also ship worldwide, enabling customers to order their products regardless of where they are located.
Future Shisha offers a pretty standard 1 year warranty on most of their products, as well as a 30 day money back guarantee on most items.


Value for the money

In our opinion, Future Shisha definitely offers value for the money. When we first took a look at their products, we were inclined to like them right away for offering something just a little bit different from what is typical… but we were not disappointed to find that their positives didn’t stop with the way the products looked.

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Their E-cigs seem to be very high in quality, they are competitively priced, and they offer a wide enough range of products to appeal to almost anyone. If you are over 18 and interested in a different kind of E-cig experience, then Future Shisha should definitely be on your list of companies to check out.

Running costs

A 10ml bottle of E-liquid from Future Shisha costs £4.00. Of course, there are different ideas out there about exactly how much vaping you can do with a single bottle of liquid, though most people seem to agree that the average is about enough to equal 120 analog cigarettes.

This should give you a pretty good idea of the long-term running costs associated with Future Shisha’s products. Actually, they offer a lot of value for the money and are very competitively priced for long term use. They are definitely cheaper than analog cigarettes, though they also hold up rather well against other E-cigs in the price category.


We were actually very pleasantly surprised with Future Shisha’s product lineup, and were even more impressed to find out that they have established a pretty solid reputation for themselves so far. To be honest, we didn’t find much to complain about … which isn’t all that common when you review as many E-cig companies as we do. They might not be the cheapest option (though their prices are competitive), and there might be a few types of products that they don’t carry. In the end, however, we had a hard time finding fault with them, and would definitely endorse them.

If you are an ex-smoker looking for an E-cig or even a vaper looking for something ‘new and different’, then we cannot recommend Future Shisha enough. They offer a very high quality product line and affordable pricing to match it. Plus, if you have ever enjoyed using a hookah, this company might be especially appealing to you!

4/5 (1)

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2 Responses to Future Shisha Review

  1. m escalante says:

    Cartomisers are excellent, long lasting with a great taste but the battery is awfull, the worst i,ve ever bought, last about 2 hours of minimum use. I do NOT recommend buying a e-cig kit.

  2. Nicole says:

    Hi and thanks for submitting your feedback, but can you please be more specific and let us know to which exact starter kit are you referring to? They sell a few. Thank you.

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