GoSmokeFree Review

Published On July 7, 2016 | By Nicole | Brands

GoSmokeFree Review

GoSmokeFree is an online E-cig company that sells a variety of different types of E-cig kits and E-liquids. They say on their site banner that they have the ‘cheapest priced products in the UK’, and we were excited to see if this was true.

They also offer some other features that make them stand out a bit from the rest of the crowd. They offer free deliveries on orders totaling more than £25, same day dispatch on orders made before 3pm, and also a loyalty point program to offer more value for customers who shop with them on a regular basis.

Attention! Please be aware that this company recently has had an awfully bad reviews on Trust Pilot, so make sure you check their Trust Pilot page before doing your online shopping!

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons that we discovered while researching this website…


  • They carry some quality products
  • They stock a pretty good selection of E-cigs
  • They offer an awesome selection of E-liquids that are made in the UK
  • Their prices are pretty close to unbeatable
  • They offer free shipping on orders totaling more than £25


  • Their return policy isn’t the best
  • The customer service can tend to be a bit slow – but high in quality once you get to a rep
  • We had a difficult time learning anything about the company because information seemed to be scarce

What products/accessories can be purchased?

You’ll find a somewhat limited, yet quality range of E-cig kits on GoSmokeFree. You’ll also find a very decent lineup of E-liquids. We were surprised to see that they carry a pretty versatile range of vaping products – ranging from simple Kanger E Smart Starter Kits to an Aspire Elite Kit that comes with an Atlantis Mega Tank.

They also carry a quality assortment of accessories, including extra atomizers, chargers, batteries, and other similar products.

All in all, we were pretty impressed by the range of products offered on the website – and the prices did seem pretty good, to be honest.

Product that stands out

One of the products that stood out the most to us on GoSmokeFree was a deal that they were offering on a Kanger Dripbox 160W Mod Kit. The kit came with free batteries and shipping, and seemed to offer an incredible amount of value for the money at £67.99.

Kanger Dripbox 160W Mod Kit

This mod kit is a powerhouse vaping mod that sports a variety of limit-pushing features. It comes with a 7ml squonk tank (soon to be illegal in the UK/EU), and also ships with 2 18650 batteries. It comes with variable wattage and temperature control modes, and has a working power range of 7 to 160 watts!

We couldn’t believe that they were offering this kit, along with 2 batteries, for this low of a price. They say that they offer the cheapest prices in the UK – and after looking at this product, we were convinced that this claim might actually be true.

Packaging and design

The basic packaging on these products was pretty good. It wasn’t anything super-fancy – but it got the job done and we didn’t see anything to complain about.

The designs of the products themselves varied from functional to modern. They even offer a few more ‘elegant’ pieces, which is nice. All in all, we couldn’t find much to complain about. They really did a good job of keeping their product line diversified, and offer something for just about everyone in just about every price range.

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User Reviews

I found a mixture of good and bad reviews about GoSmokeFree. On TrustPilot, we actually found 4 different reviews that all seemed to be quite negative. We were also surprised to see that GoSmokeFree hadn’t commented on any of them – which goes to show that either they aren’t taking the time to do so, or that they are unaware that they exist.

Information! Here’s a link to some of the reviews if you’d like to read the TrustPilot page… https://www.trustpilot.com/review/gosmokefree.co.uk.

On the flipside, we visited the company’s Facebook page, and found that customer support seems to be going very well via the comments and threads there. We saw a few people with complaints, but these seemed to get responses fairly quickly, and issues seemed to be getting cleared up without much of an issue.

From the looks of it, this company has had a few issues with customer service – but all in all, they seem to be good at responding to complaints, even if it sometimes takes a little while. They’re probably a smaller company, so with a limited number of customer service reps, it might take them some time to respond to all complaints and issues.

Product choice

As far as product choice is concerned, we were pretty impressed with GoSmokeFree. They offer quite a range of products, and cater to basically every different experience level. New vapers will find cheap products that they can use to get started with, while more experienced E-cig enthusiasts will find a quality range of more advanced mods and variable-voltage vapourizers. They also carry a very broad range of E-liquids.

In this category, we certainly give GoSmokeFree one thumb up!


GoSmokeFree advertises that they carry over 40 flavours of UK made E-liquid that are Diacetyl Free, Acetyl propionyl free, and ethylene glycol free. You can mix and match any 5 of their Oh My God brand E-liquids for just £8.99, which is actually awesome. They also carry a wide variety of other E-liquid brands as well. We saw brands like Vampire Vape, Hangsen, and the GoSmokeFree brand – so all in all, we were pretty pleased with the selection.

GoSmokeFree E-liquid

Nicotine Levels

Most flavours offered on GoSmokeFree come in the following nicotine levels… 6mg, 11mg, 18mg, 24mg, and 36mg. Of course, different brands may offer different levels – but these are the levels offered by the official GSF brand.

About the Company

Gosmokefree review

There is, unfortunately, not much information made available about the company on the official website. The ‘Why buy from us?’ section of the site seems to deal more with the perks and features of the site than it does with the owners.

All things considered, we were a bit disappointed that more information wasn’t supplied about the history of the company. It’s always nice to learn a little bit about who you’re doing business with when you use an online storefront like this one.

We were unable to find any history about this company on the official website – which was a bit of a downside for us.

We were also unable to figure out a business address for this company. The only methods that customers have for contacting them seem to be through Facebook and via an E-contact from on the official website.

Customer support seems to be a bit slow in a lot of cases that we’ve seen and heard of – but not altogether bad. The way we see it, this is probably a small company with either one or a few people working in customer service – so there’s a possibility that they just sometimes get bogged down and need some time to get everything caught up.

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At this point, the two best methods for communicating with this company seem to be through Facebook and through the E-contact form supplied on the official website. We were a bit disappointed at the fact that there wasn’t a phone number or an email address, but at least the company does make it possible to email them through the available form.

Shipping from GoSmokeFree is free on orders worth more than £25 – which is pretty awesome. If your order is worth less than that, however, you’ll still need to pay a small shipping charge.
The return policy for GSF is as follows…

Unless they sent you the wrong E-liquid, they don’t take returns on them.

They offer a 30 day guarantee on all batteries

Accessories can only be returned if they are found to be faulty upon arrival. Reports of such a problem need to be made within 7 days to get them replaced or refunded.

To summarize all of this, we will say that we weren’t incredibly happy about the warranty/money back guarantee situation with GSF. They will replace damaged items – but they don’t really have any guarantee that will allow you to return a product if you don’t end up liking it.

Value for the money

GoFreeSmoke certainly offers value for the money, especially in the sense that their products simply tend to be cheaper than those offered by their competitors. We’re not sure how they’re able to offer products at such a low cost – but they’re definitely doing it right where the prices are concerned.

Running costs

You can buy a 10ml bottle of E-liquid on this site for as little as £2.79, though you can also get it much, much cheaper if you buy more than one bottle at a time. There are all kinds of deals on this site that will give you more E-liquid for your money when you buy more bottles – so kudos to GoSmokeFree for making their E-liquids super-cheap to purchase.


We liked GoSmokeFree as a whole – but we did see a few problems. Their products are offered very low-cost, but we also saw some customer service issues. If you have a problem and wish to speak with a representative, you might need to wait for a little bit – but at the same time, they seem to take action and make things right when they need to, which is good.

We were also a bit disappointed in their return policy – but they also maintain a good selection and some awesome prices, so it’s hard to complain about such things too much.

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If you’re looking for a great price and don’t mind jumping through a hoop or two with customer service, then GSF may be the perfect website for your next vaping purchase. Read omg e liquid review .

If you have been shopping from this company we’d love to hear your experience!

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  1. Anthony Brindley says:

    I’ve been ordering from Go Smoke free for a couple of years now. I order all my juice from them and have had 2 mods from them (both verified as genuine products online). Never waited for more than 3 days for delivery. Will continue to use them.

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