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Green Smoke Discount Code UK – 10% OFF

Published On August 10, 2014 | By Nicole | Discounts Codes

Green Smoke Discount Code UK

If you are looking for an inexpensive E-cig that is also high in quality, then Green Smoke might be a fantastic choice to consider. They call electronic cigarettes their specialty, and say that ‘providing pleasure to adult vapor cigarette consumers’ is what motives them.

They also say that their greatest passion is ‘creating an unparalleled vaping experience without unpleasant odor, ash, or cigarette butts’.

disc5-30983 – gives 5% off all orders!

disc10-30983 – gives 10% off when you are spending more than £62. Discount will be applied automatically!


What’s unique about Green Smoke?

There are definitely some positive points to Green Smoke that any vaper would be sure to notice right away. They offer free shipping, a 30 day money back guarantee, a hassle-free warranty, and their products are said to offer what they label as ‘an unmatched vaping experience.’ They carry eight different E-liquid flavours in five different nicotine levels, and even make it possible to get into vaping rather inexpensively with several different E-cig starter kits.

Of course, electronic cigarettes themselves offer several benefits that make them superior to analog cigarettes.

First of all, they are cheaper in the long run. Buying an E-cig starter kit is, in fact, usually more expensive than a pack of analog cigarettes… but the e-liquid needed to keep you vaping is much, much cheaper. Most vapers save anywhere from 70-80% when they switch away from tobacco cigarettes, meaning that you could be looking at some pretty major savings if you choose to use e-cigs.

Green Smoke Starter Kit

Secondly, E-cigs are healthier. They contain no tar, tobacco, carbon monoxide, ash, or flame. Instead, they emit only an odorless flavoured water vapor that dissipates into the air after being exhaled. They are much safer/cleaner than cigarettes, and can even be used indoors!

Thirdly, E-cigs offer you the experience of vaping any number of different types of flavour. Green Smoke actually offers eight different flavour options ranging from Red Label Tobacco, to Vanilla Dreams, to Mocha Mist. Why would you want to smoke a cigarette that limits you to only tobacco flavour when you could just as easily vape an E-cig that gives you multiple flavour options?

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How can you get a cheaper Green Smoke starter kit?

As you have probably noticed if you have done much shopping for E-cigs, they tend to be a bit more expensive to start out with than traditional analog cigarettes. In fact, this might cause some people to question whether or not they should even consider purchasing starter kit.

For this reason, many E-cig companies actually release discount codes that allow consumers to buy cheaper E-cig starter kits, and Green Smoke is one of them. The code below can be used on the Green Smoke website to save you money on your next purchase.

If you are tired of smoking regular cigarettes and would like to discover how easy and beneficial it can be to switch to E-cigs, then simply grab this code and head over to the Green Smoke website to save on your next E-cig purchase.

disc10-30983 – gives 10% off when you are spending more than £62. Discount will be applied automatically!

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