How to mix your own e-liquid

A Guide How To Mix Your Own E-liquid

How To Make Vape Juice UK

Mixing your own E-liquid can be very advantageous – for a number of reasons. It provides you with a way to stock up on large amounts of premium-quality E-juice for a much lower cost, and also gives you the ability to create a taste that’s truly unique and specifically formulated for your own vaping style and preferences.

There are a lot of reasons for people to want to mix their own E-liquid. Some people do so because they want to experience different types of liquid, some do it because they want to create new, exciting flavors that would otherwise be impossible to find, and others do it to reduce the cost of their vaping habit.

This latter reason is especially significant for sub-ohm vapers. Sub ohm vaping consumes quite a bit of E-liquid – and while buying pre-mixed liquid by the bottle still isn’t super expensive, mixing them in larger quantities can save a lot of cash.

At any rate, whatever your reason for wanting to mix your own E-liquids is, it’s important to know how to do it correctly and safely – and that’s what this article is going to be about.

This article should serve as a guide to help you get started – but please keep in mind that there is a lot of information about this on the internet, and that you should make sure to do plenty of research before attempting to mix any E-liquids of your own.

With that being said, let’s go ahead and get started.

Points to note

There are a few basic things that you should know about mixing E-liquid – so we’re going to go over them quickly before getting to the part where we actually get started.

First of all, mixing E-liquids can certainly be daunting at first. It might seem really complicated – but it’s actually pretty easy once you get the hand of it. If you take your time, do some research, and move at your own pace, you’ll probably come to love it – and you might not ever buy another off-the-shelf E-liquid again!

Keep mixing supplies locked upSecondly, remember that nicotine is harmful if it’s not diluted properly. With that in mind, it’s important to keep your mixing supplies locked up safely when they’re not in use, where pets and children cannot get into them.

It’s also important to have a nice, flat, open area to mix in – and remember to always wear protective gloves! Nitrile gloves have the best resistance to nicotine – so these are what we would recommend.

You also need to make sure to mix your contents accurately! You’re working with high-nicotine content base liquids when you mix – which means that measurement mistakes can be dangerous.

Thirdly, always take notes when you mix. Keep track of what ingredients you used, and how much of each was put into the final mixture. This will help you to keep track of what you used to create a certain flavor, and might help you to re-create it again if you end up liking it a lot.

With that being said, you might want to begin mixing in smaller quantities – just until you get used to it. 5ml, for example, is a good place to start. Then, if you happen to mix something that you really like, all you need to do is multiply the ingredients to re-create it in larger portions.

What do you need?

First of all, you should probably buy a base E-liquid mixing kit (which comes with base-liquids to get started with). A lot of the larger E-cig companies are offering these now, and they’re great because they provide you with the basics of what you’ll need to begin mixing all in one affordable kit.

This kit should probably come with at least a few of each of the following…

  • Syringes (for measuring)
  • Nozzles for the syringes
  • Spare bottles
  • Labels
  • Nozzles and caps for the bottles

You can always add more elements to your ‘mixing kit’ later on, allowing you to mix more diverse types of flavors and blends – but for getting started, we would definitely recommend buying some kind of base E-liquid mixing ‘starter’ kit that contains what you’ll need to get the ball rolling.

You’re also going to need to find an E-liquid mixing calculator – which will help you along the way as you mix different quantities of ingredients. You can find plenty of these online.

Once you’ve got these things lined up and ready to go, along with a safe place to work and a pair of safety gloves, you should be ready to get started!

Note: If you re-use plastic bottles, remember that you probably shouldn’t boil them. Boiling them might warp their shape, which could keep the lids/nozzles from fitting correctly. For best results, wash plastic bottles with hot water and soap – but avoid making the water so hot that it could warp the plastic!

The Base E-liquids

The base mixing E-liquids are the cornerstone of your mixing kit. These are going to supply the largest part of your E-liquid mixes, and will be incredibly important to the process. There are usually 3 of these types of E-liquids involved in the process: the base nicotine liquid, the base VG liquid, and the base PG liquid.

  • The Base Nicotine Liquid

The base nicotine E-liquid (also known as ‘diluted nicotine’) is probably the most important of these to talk about – mostly because it contains such a high concentration of nicotine. This is really the only liquid out of the three that’s dangerous – and it’s extremely important that you keep this bottle out of the reach of children and pets.

It’s also very important to dilute it correctly. Under no circumstances should you ever try to vape base nicotine E-liquid! It must be diluted first!

A lot of these base nicotine blends are 4.5% nicotine – which is much, much more than the strength contained in any vaping E-liquid.

But diluting this base is pretty easy – and that’s what the two other bases are for.

VG stands for vegetable glycerin, which is a base that you can use to dilute your base nicotine liquid with to create an E-juice blend. It’s often used in combination with a PG base to give you a blend of the two – as both of them have some different properties that do better in certain situations.

A lot of vapers are pretty specific about which one they like better, or about how much of each they prefer to have in their E-liquid – and this is the base that gives you a higher VG ratio.

The base PG liquid (propylene glycol) is used to dilute your new E-liquid. Of course, you would use this to create a blend of PG and VG bases in your liquids. Again, some people prefer one over the other – which is part of the customization process and an important part of creating a new E-liquid mix. Sub ohm vapers, for example, usually use 70/30 VG/PG blends, etc.

Most of the time, these bases come in 100ml bottles.

How do these all work together?

The main idea behind how these bases work is as follows. First, you take a small amount of nicotine E-liquid, and then mix it with either equal or unequal amounts of VG and PE. VG tends to give you more vapor, while PG tends to provide a stronger throat hit – so vapers might have different preferences about which one they like the most.

Some people make 100% VG or PG liquids – though this is perhaps less usual unless someone has an allergy to PG or some other reason for wanting to skip one of the bases.

At any rate, these ‘dilutents’ will help to dilute the nicotine base, and will provide the majority, or the ‘bulk’ of your finished E-liquid.

After these are mixed together, you’ll need flavors – so let’s talk about that next.

The Flavors

The next thing you’ll need are some bottles of concentrated flavoring. A lot of E-liquid mixing kits will let you pick out several different options to start out with, and you can always add to your collection as time goes by to give yourself more choices.

E-liquid flavors

One thing that you might notice right away is that concentrated flavors seem to come in smaller quantities. The bottles that we get, for example, only contain about 4ml of E-liquid flavor.

But you really don’t need that much flavoring to sweeten up an E-liquid blend – so smaller quantities really aren’t that big of a deal, especially if you’re going to be blending different flavors together.

You definitely don’t want to vape the concentrated E-liquids – so don’t try! They’re just for mixing, and really need to be diluted to work right.

Note: Keep in mind that different concentrated flavors may have different affects and strengths in terms of flavor! You might come to find that some flavors are simply stronger than others – so remember that it might take some experimentation to get things right.

Remember that blending flavors together can sometimes be tricky. You might, for example, think that more flavor will equal a better taste – but that’s not necessarily true. Too much flavor usually leads to a ‘chemical’ taste that actually washes out the taste of the liquid – which won’t end up being too appealing.

Sometimes you just need a drop or two of certain flavors to provide the ‘subtle hints’ of it within the liquid. Often, you’ll have one ‘main’ flavor that’s accented by lesser quantities of other flavors when you produce a blend with two or more different flavors.

This process is very experimental, and coming up with a recipe that works is part of the fun of mixing your own E-liquids.

A note on mixing different concentrated flavors together

When thinking about mixing different flavors of E-liquid together, a lot of people actually recommend that you first mix the two concentrates together in a separate bottle, and let them steep before adding them to your bases.

As a general rule, however, it’s usually better to start by mixing E-liquids that contain only one concentrated flavor at a time – just to get used to using the bases and measuring everything before moving on to more complicated multi-flavor recipes.

But then again, that’s why mixing in smaller quantities is good – because it allows you to experiment with different flavors without wasting a lot of material. This way, if you mix something that you don’t end up liking, you won’t be disappointed about the waste, and can just move on and try something else.

Getting Started

To start with, you’re going to need to bring up your E-liquid calculator and begin by inputting information about your nicotine base. First, you’re going to want to input the actual strength of your nicotine base (4.5%, for example, if that’s what your base is).

After you’ve done this, you’ll want to input your target nicotine level. Of course, this will depend on your personal tastes and preferences. If you’re wanting a pretty strong E-liquid, you might want to go with 18mg/ml, or you could go lighter – with something like 3mg/ml or 6mg/ml.

E-liquid calculator

If you’re sub ohm vaping, you’ll want to make this number lower – because when you sub ohm vape, you actually take in a lot more vapor than you do when you’re just vaping regularly – which means that you’ll want to dial back the nicotine levels so that you’re not just overloading on it.

Next, you’ll want to type in how much liquid in-general you want to create with this batch. As stated earlier, you might want to start with a smaller amount – like 5ml, just so that you don’t waste materials if you end up not liking it.

Next, you’ll want to input your flavor percent. This will require some experimentation to get right, but you’ll probably want to start with somewhere between 5 and 20 percent. 10% is generally a good starting point for a lot of flavors, but realistically, every flavor is different – so this might take some experimentation to get right.

Once you put these things into the calculator, you’ll end up with a recipe that you can use to make vape juice UK.

On the calculator that we shared above, you might need to do a bit of extra division when it comes to the base VG or PG liquids, as your target level will be displayed with one number. For example, if you’re wanting to mix a 50/50 PG/VG blend, you’ll need to divide the ‘PG or VG (no nicotine)’ number in half, and so on. If you want to mix a 30/70 blend, you’ll need to divide them appropriately – etc.

Calculators like this make the process extremely easy. They really take all of the guesswork out of it. Just make sure that you’re inputting the numbers correctly, and you shouldn’t have much of a problem.

Double-checking your levels and numbers is always advisable, however – just because it’s impossible to separate liquids once they’ve been put into the same bottle.

Making Your Own E-liquid UK

We’ve always liked starting with the nicotine base first – so that’s what we would recommend. Always remember to be careful while handling this, as it’s extremely strong – and don’t forget to wear gloves!

Wear gloves

Note: Always shake the bottles before measuring out E-liquid! This goes for the nicotine base, the PG/VG bases, and also for the concentrated flavoring.

  • Step 1

Start by using a syringe to measure out the nicotine base, and then place it into your mixing bottle. Then, you should rinse off the syringe, both inside and outside, with water – just to make sure that there’s not a lot of concentrated nicotine left on the outside (for safety reasons).

Make sure not to drip any of this liquid onto your skin, and always make sure that there are no children or pets in the area who could accidentally get into it!

  • Step 2

Next, use your syringes to measure out the appropriate amount of PG/VG base E-liquid, and place it into your mixing bottle as well. This step requires a bit less caution, as these liquids aren’t really dangerous. You probably don’t want to vape them, and you definitely don’t want to ingest them – but realistically, they’re not too dangerous.

However, you probably should rinse the base E-liquid off of your syringe after using it… because you probably don’t want to get VG base into your bottle of PG base, and so-forth.

  • Step 3

Next, it’s time to add the flavoring. At this point, some people actually use the nozzle on the bottle to just ‘drip’ the concentrated flavoring into the mixing bottle – but we’ve always found that you get more accurate measurements when you actually use a syringe.

You can really do it any way that you like – but in our opinion, using a syringe to measure out the concentrated flavoring is definitely preferable.

Note: Don’t forget to rinse out your syringe after each use! You don’t want to transfer different base liquids from container to container – and you definitely don’t want nicotine or flavoring to get into your other base liquids!

Once you’ve added all of the ingredients, it’s time to move onto the next part.

Shake it up!

At this point, you’ll probably want to shake up your newly-mixed E-liquid – just to make sure that it all gets mixed up really, really well. You might notice that your new E-juice will have quite a few bubbles in it – but don’t be alarmed. They’ll tend to go away over time, and shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your new mixture.

Next… Give it a try!

And now you’re ready for the best part – giving it a try! Your new E-liquid flavor may or may not taste amazing, depending on your personal preferences and the recipe that you ended up using.

Keep in mind that steeping can sometimes greatly improve the taste of any E-liquid – and that this advice definitely applies to liquids that you’ve mixed at home. Steeping allows the liquid to oxidize, and also allows the flavorings and bases to ‘settle together’ for a better mix.

You can find an excellent guide to steeping here.

If you like it, then you might want to keep your notes so that you can mix the same thing up again. If you don’t, then you can also change the recipe a little bit and try again. Thankfully, mixing with smaller amounts allows you to experiment quite a bit without wasting a lot of your materials – which is awesome.

At this point, you should also make sure to label your liquid, just so that you don’t forget what it is!

In conclusion

Mixing your own E-liquids can be a lot of fun. It’s an especially good idea for those who enjoy vaping as a hobby, because it gives you a lot of creative control over your vaping experience, and offers you the opportunity to create flavors that you might otherwise not get to vape.

It’s a little bit expensive to get started with, but you’ll find that mixing your own liquid actually saves you money in the long run – which is awesome.

We’ve really had fun with it, and I can tell you that it’s certainly not a waste of time. See our video tutorial for more details….

Attention! Just make sure that you have a nice space to mix in, and don’t rush it! Take your time, enjoy yourself, and be selective. Mix for the fun of it, and don’t be afraid to experiment. You’ll soon find some awesome flavors, and it gets even more fun when you start mixing two or even three different types of flavors together!

So thanks for reading this guide. We hope it’s helped to learn how to make your own e-liquid in the UK!

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10 Responses to A Guide How To Mix Your Own E-liquid

  1. Iwan Williams says:

    What a terrific, informed and informative article. As a middle-aged bloke who’s relatively new to the whole vaping world, this guide to creating bespoke e-liquids has made me realise that a whole world of taste balances are open to me. (My old lab-coat will be coming out of the back of the cupboard, and my inner mad-scientist will be unleashed…) On a serious note, it’s great relief to come across a site that has a UK focus, offers considered reviews, interesting articles and is not just targeting twenty-something men whose sole aim in vaping is to create the biggest possible plume of vapour. (Boys and their plumes, eh?!) Thanks for thinking of us middle-aged Brits who consider practicalities over ostentatious clouds of vape!

  2. David Coggins says:

    This is a nice article, informative enough for those contemplating mixing, well done!
    I’m even older than Iwan (a couple of years away from my buss pass!) and jumped into mixing my own just a couple of weeks into stopping smoking with the great assistance of a sub-ohm tank and box mod, (incidentally I tried a vape pen a couple of years ago but it just made me cough… ) as I wanted a very low nicotine liquid it made sense to be a DIY-er.
    Happy now with 90% VG 1ml nicotine mixes helped out by a downloadable calculator suggested by my local vape shop, a link follows:

    I like your site and the reasons it all started, so keep up the good work, and tell Andy I like his youtube presentations. 🙂


  3. Nathan says:

    Thanks for the great article.
    Two things:
    1. Need a review about the online stores that supply DIY e juices in the UK. Prices, quality, service..etc
    2. Some bases can be ready made e.g 70% VG / 30% PG, so need to be added in the calculator as one volume (hope I am right)
    I came across wonderful calculators online; the two popular ones seem to be eJuice Me Up & Steam Engine Calculator. Hope this is helpful.

  4. Nathan says:

    Dear Nicole
    What can I say? An amazing article and effort. Absolutely fantastic. Your work and research is very much appreciated.
    Since my response 3 weeks ago, I started doing my own research. I actually used two of the retailers you reviewed. I was pleased to see one of them ( Vapable) on the top spot. The other one is (Make My Vape) which is also good, though Vapable edges up a little bit in view of their delivery cost. I also found their clear labeling with big font helpful. It makes it easier to find what you want when you are looking at tens of small bottles on the shelf (fussy customers!).
    Again a big thank you for the wonderful work. It was great and good from you to respond and by action to readers suggestions.
    Well done and keep up the good work.



  5. Nicole says:

    Thank you for the kind words Nathan and I’m pleased that you liked the article. We’ll keep updating it so new vendors are likely to be added as we move forward. Thanks again and have a great week.

  6. nigel says:

    Great article, very helpful!

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