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Guide and links to important vaping safety facts

Published On November 15, 2016 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

A quick reference guide and links to important vaping science/safety facts

Let’s be honest… a lot of people are still doubtful that vaping is a safe habit. This is becoming less and less common, thankfully – but even so, we all still encounter people sometimes who just don’t know the facts.

For these types of situations, it’s just a good idea to send them to a resource that they can look at themselves. This will keep an argument from occurring, will give them the information they need, and will hopefully enlighten them as to how safe and effective electronic cigarettes really are.

So without further delay, here are some links to some of the best resources for facts that we’ve found online to-date.

Obviously, you can always send them to, as we are constantly posting new information about electronic cigarettes on our site… but there are also a lot of other great sources of information out there.

E-cigs aren’t any less dangerous than cigarettes

If you hear this about E-cigs (a lot of smokers-in-denial use this line), then you should send them to the following website…


This is a link to the GOV.UK website, and the section that talks about the expert independent review that was conducted on vaping. The review concluded that not only do E-cigs have the potential to help smokers quit, but that they were also found to be around 95% less harmful than tobacco.

E-cigs are too expensive

If you hear this from a smoker, then you might want to send them to this website…


This is a link to an article that explains how much less expensive it is to vape than to smoke. The article is pretty balanced and fair, and even references some important facts about vaping that any smoker should know. The simple fact of the matter is that vaping (when done properly) is much less expensive than smoking, and it can make a huge dent in any budget (especially if the smoker smokes a pack-a-day or more).

E-cigs cause popcorn lung

If you hear someone say this about electronic cigarettes, then you should send them to this website…

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This is a link to an article published on that does a great job of explaining why this fear isn’t even a real danger. Besides – this article doesn’t even mention that the vast majority of well-known E-liquid companies now guarantee all of their liquids to be diacetyl free. Diacetyl is the chemical that causes popcorn lung, and this entire discussion is really irrelevant when the E-liquids don’t even contain the flavouring additive.

Whatever – cigarettes might kill me, but vaping is for nerds and I’m not doing it

If you hear this from a smoker, then understand that they are very attached to their smoking habit. For this person, smoking probably isn’t just about nicotine. It’s also likely a part of their persona. It might be something that they depend on as a source of comfort in times of stress, something that they do with their spouse/partner/co-workers during the day, and a true source of joy to them as they go through their life.

For this type of smoker, smoking is likely far more emotional for them than they might let on… but don’t be discouraged.

Remember that choosing to smoke (or to quit) is an individual choice. You might care about this person and want them to quit, but you can’t force them to. You can also show them facts and information, but you can’t expect them to change their mind all at once. The best thing you can do is to continue to gently and casually bring up the issue whenever the time proves convenient.

Hopefully, they will eventually realize that smoking is actually doing them a lot more harm than good, and they’ll begin to consider other alternatives (like vaping) before it’s too late. Even if they went in a more ‘traditional’ direction, and used the nicotine patch or the gum, that would still be better for them than smoking, and would increase their odds of being able to kick the habit for good.

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