Henley Vape Review

Henley Vape Review

Published On August 16, 2014 | By Nicole | Brands

Introduction – Henley Vape Review

Henley Vape is the relatively well-known vaping business that owns and operates ‘The Henley Vaporium’ in New York City. According to their bio, The Vaporium is the first vape shop and vaping lounge in New York City, though the company also operates a rather popular website and sells their products online as well.

At the head of their bio on the official website, the company gives some rather unpleasant facts about smoking, such as how many smoking related deaths occur each year, and then describe how their mission is to ‘help traditional tobacco smokers transition to a less harmful alternative’.

We are always happy to see E-cig companies make such statements, as this is one of the positive things about electronic cigarettes. They are safer, cleaner, healthier, and have the potential to save countless lives by providing an alternative to traditional tobacco products.

Vapers can get the same amount of nicotine (and even work their way down to get off of it if they wish) with E-cigs as they can with analog cigarettes. But unlike their analog counterparts, electronic cigarettes do not contain tar, carbon monoxide, ash, open flame, or even tobacco.

Overall, we were impressed with our first look at Henley Vape’s website, though we were also interested in finding out more about their products. Henley is actually a pretty popular company as well, so we were able to find some fantastic information from other users about the brand whilst writing our Henley Vape review.

Here is what we found.


Positives and Negatives

Here are the basic positives and negatives that we discovered about Henley Vape.


  • Products are high in quality
  • Vapour production seems to be very good
  • Battery life seems to be excellent
  • They carry quite a few different types of E-liquid


  • Have heard some negative things about customer service
  • Some reviewers have said that online customer support is not so great
  • They seem to have quite a few E-liquid flavours out of stock


What products/accessories can be purchased?

There are several categories of products offered on the official Henley Vape website, so we will take just a moment and go through them.

Henley Vape sells E-liquids, eGos, kits, mods, mod batteries, rebuildable attys, clearomizers, heating coils, drip tips, E-cig rechargeables, cartridges, accessories, and apparel.

Henley Vape actually offers users a pretty good deal with its ‘Express Kit’, which is one of their lower-cost mini cig-a-like kits. This kit comes with 1 battery, 3 flavor cartridges, and 1 USB charger. It sells for only $19.99, which is pretty cheap as far as mini kits are concerned.

Another very attractive mini-type kit that they carry is the AIO E-Cig 510 Classic. This kit comes with a very stylish looking personal charging case, 1 510 rechargeable battery, 3 cartomizers (that need to be filled with E-liquid of your choice), and a USB charging cable. This kit sells for $42.00.

Of course, they also sell a wide variety of other different types of kits. They sell a very nice CE4 eGo kit for $44.00, mod kits ranging from $50 to $150, extra batteries for as little as $11.50, and USB chargers for as low as $5.

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Henley vape starter kits

For a more in-depth idea of what is actually offered on their website, you should make it a point to take a look at their Products section. Just visit their website and click on the ‘Products’ tab.

All in all, we were very pleased with what they had to offer. They offer something for just about everyone, regardless of experience or budget.

Package and design

We didn’t really have any complaints about the packaging, and the product designs seemed pretty straightforward and typical.

However, on a somewhat unrelated note, while I was looking into this I came across a video that Henley Vape had made about Vape starter kits. In the video, a staff member from the Vaporium was showing users how to use an eGo style E-cig, how to refill it, how to choose and use the correct batteries, etc.While this might not be directly related to packaging, it did contribute to the overall positive impression created by the company. The video was very well done, and the girl putting the E-cig together in the video seemed very knowledgeable and good at what she was doing.

Kudos to Henley Vape for putting so much thought into their videos and for spending money to produce something so high in quality for their users!

Battery performance

Battery performance on Henley Vape products seemed to be good. Users and reviewers alike mostly agreed that they were at least average, if not a little bit better.

Of course, keep in mind that there are different sized batteries out there, and that the size of the battery is directly proportional to its performance. The larger batteries, for example, will usually produce more vapor and/or last longer, depending upon how you have your E-cig set up.

Vapour production

As with battery performance, we heard nothing but good things about the vapor production capabilities of Henley Vape products. In fact, in all of our research, I don’t think that we found even one complaint in this category. By all accounts, it would seem that Henley Vape is ‘doing it right’ where vapor is concerned.


This company carries quite a few different E-liquid options. In their Henley Vape line, they carry 11 different flavours, ranging from NY4 (tobacco), to Psychotherapy (donut and cronut), and everything in between. These come in 15ml bottles and sell for $12.00 each.

Henley Vape e-liquids

They also carry a line of E-liquids called Pink Spot Vapors. There are over 2 dozen different gourmet-styled flavors in this line, ranging from options like Bubble Gum, to Cola, to Watermelon Wave. We did see that several of these were out of stock, however… which was a bit disappointing. They come in 12ml bottles and sell for $12.00 each.

Nicotine levels

Most of the flavors offered by Henley Vape come in five different nicotine strengths. There are 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg options. Again, finding one that is actually in stock might be a problem (apparently these are very popular!).

About the company

Henley is a company that has actually appeared in the news several times over the past year. They have appeared in Mashable, in the Sunday Times, and even in the New Yorker.

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There was actually a very high quality video posted about the company on the New Yorker (http://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/video-thank-you-for-vaping) that anyone interested in Henley should take a look at. It was very nicely done and provides a lot of information about the company.

Henley is a relatively new business. In fact, the Vaporium is said to be the very first vaping lounge to be opened in New York.

Interestingly, the headquarters for the website is located in Boulder Colorado.

This is really the only area where we heard some negative feedback from other users and customers as we did our research. We heard a few bad reports about the service at the Vaporium. It seems that some customers have felt that they were treated rudely there. Having said that, however, it is also important to note that these reports were pretty rare. Far more people really raved about how good their experiences were.

There were also a few negative reviews about online customer service, though these also seemed sort of few and far between as well.

hipping and delivery costs vary with items purchased and location. We didn’t see any offers for free shipping on the website.
Henley actually offers a full 100% 30 day money back guarantee on all rechargeable kits and unopened disposables. According to their website, they will refund the original purchase price if you are unsatisfied for any reason.


Value for the money

Henley Vape does offer value for the money. We were impressed with not only the quality of their website, but also with the quality of their products and with the assortment of different types of electronic cigarettes that they carry on both their website and at their physical store location. There is also no question, in our minds, about the fact that Henley Vape is doing a fantastic thing by encouraging smokers to explore an alternative to analog cigarettes… so that definitely counts for something in our book.

Running costs

A 15ml bottle of E-liquid costs $12.00 on the Henley Vape official website. Of course, the exact amount of vaping that you will get out of one bottle will depend upon how heavily you vape, how long your drags are, etc.


We were very pleased with what we found out about Henley Vape. In fact, I was surprised that I had not heard about them before beginning this review. It does sound like there have been a few small issues with customer service reported by reviewers, though these problems seem to take a distant second place to all of the positive feedback that other customers have given.

If you are looking for a fantastic vaping experience and want to buy equipment from people who really know about vaping, then you should definitely give Henley Vape a try!

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