How Many Ways Can You Vape?

How Many Ways Can You Vape?

Published On September 15, 2018 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

In the modern world, vaping has become a phenomenon. It has moved on swiftly in the short time that it has been around. No longer is it a case of having to make do with a cheaply made and dangerous box the size of a 1980s mobile phone. There are a variety of different products when it comes to choosing your vaping method of choice.

Before we get into that though, we need to cover what all of these methods have in common. While each different vaping method does provide a different experience, they do need some things the same in order to provide that experience.


Vape Tank

All devices require a vape tank. It holds the e-liquid as well as the wicks and heating coil. Without these, there would be no vaping going on.


Without a battery, there is no way to power the vape. No power means no vapour.


The coils are housed inside the tank usually. The coil is used to heat up and vaporize the e-liquid and is surrounded by an absorbent wick which soaks up the e-liquid.

Those are the basic features that you will find in pretty much every type of vape that there is. With that information, we can move on to the different vapes that are available to vapers and what differences that they offer.

Vape PensHow Many Ways Can You Vape?

Vapes pens are the most common vapes that beginners choose. With a simplistic design and minimal features, these are inexpensive vapes that offer an experience that is safer than smoking without breaking the bank. There doesn’t tend to be much in terms of voltage and temperature adjustments with vape pens, although some devices to allow a minimal amount of customization, and this makes them much simpler to use than some of the more complex, high-end devices. It is also appealing to beginners due to being the most similar method of smoking.

Pod ModsPod Mods

Pod mods are one of the newer types of devices on the market. These are actually much easier to use than pen mods. Pod mods are named because of the pod device that is loaded in when using it. The pod is pre-filled with e-liquid so that it takes away the hassle of filling up your vape pen. The device itself is similar to a vape pen in that it is simple to use, doesn’t have a large number of features and is relatively cheap.

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It’s not completely cheap though. The pods themselves do cost more than a bottle of e-liquid does. While this can increase costs it does make it significantly easier to reload your vape when out and about, as well as removing the need to carry a bottle of e-liquid around with you. Some pods are also refillable which negates the additional cost as the pod can just be filled up at home and then taken out with you when you leave the house.

Box ModsBox Mods

Box mods are usually the next step of evolution that vapes take. Once they are used to using their beginner’s mods a box mod will start to sound more and more appealing. There are a number of advantages to box mods. They allow for more powerful batteries, as well as just more batteries in general. This allows for a multitude of additional features and customization options to be installed in box mods.

The first feature that is usually available is the ability to choose the wattage. This means that you can put out more power when vaping and as such create larger, more potent clouds. It does drain the battery faster though the higher the wattage. The temperature can usually be customized also. Which offers similar positives and negatives in term of battery life. Box mods also usually contain a variety of safety features which makes using the device a much safer experience.


E-pipes are a relatively new addition to the roster of vapes. E-pipes tend to sit somewhere in the middle of the road when it comes to features. Depending on the make and model of the pipe depends on the features that are provided. Although some e-pipes do have the ability to control temperature and wattage, they don’t have the same level of customization that box mods offer. This is due to size issues. An e-pipe just doesn’t have the space to be able to fit in the increased battery size and the circuit board that a box mod does.

However, it does have one area in particular where it beats every other vape hands down. Aesthetics. There is nothing that epitomizes the idea of retro more than a pipe. Before the introduction of e-pipes, there was no real way to capture the quintessential coolness that was smoking a pipe without indulging in tobacco. The introduction of e-pipes has managed to capture that essence without bringing the damaging aspects of tobacco with it. Most moderne-pipes have sleek and cool lines as well as being machined to a high standard. This all comes together to make a highly efficient vaping device as well as one that looks cool.

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What to Choose?

There are a number of different choices there that offer different experiences for each. If you are just starting out then the e-pipe and pod mod both offer different reasons to choose them over the pen mods. The e-pipe offers everything a pen mod does but looks a lot cooler doing it. If you want to tap into that retro vibe then the e-pipe is the device for you. The pod mod does, however, make things easy. If you just want an easy life then the pod mod could be the device for you. Vape pens do still have a place as they are undoubtedly the cheapest way to vape. Box mods are for more advanced vapers. If you want to vape to the highest settings possible and want to truly cater your vaping experience to your own desires then a box mod is the choice for you.

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