Ideal Nicotine Strength

How to Find My Ideal Nicotine Strength?

Published On December 14, 2017 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

One of the main reasons that people begin vaping is because they are attempting to quit smoking. Smoking is an incredibly addictive habit and the main reason for this is the nicotine contained in cigarettes. When people first make the move over to vaping the e-liquid they choose usually contains nicotine so that the transition is a lot easier. What is more difficult though is choosing which strength e-liquid to go for when you first begin vaping. How do you make sure that you don’t go crawling back to cigarettes after a week because you’re not fulfilling the nicotine hit that your addiction craves.

You see, nicotine is not the dangerous part of a cigarette, it is just the addictive part. So while combined with all of the carcinogens in a cigarette it does create a dangerous combination, on its own it is perfectly safe. Not all new vapers are aware of this, so when they make the move it is not an effective alternative because they completely cut out nicotine and still feel the same old cravings.

The way to avoid this is to home in on what your ideal nicotine strength is and then if you want to you can start to reduce how much nicotine you use. There are two very specific areas that will dictate what your ideal nicotine level is, the first one is quite an obvious one.

How Much Did You Smoke?

That makes complete sense doesn’t it. Did you smoke a lot? Then you will need a big nicotine hit. Did you smoke every now and again, or even just socially? Then you won’t need a big nicotine hit. It is literally as complex as that when it comes to choosing your nicotine strength. So, what constitutes a big and small hit then?

A heavy smoker is someone who smokes twenty or more cigarettes a day. If you fall into this category then the right level of nicotine for you to start with would be 18mg and above. This gives you a good strong hit of nicotine and if you are using a mouth to lung vape then it will give you a good strong throat hit as well to help simulate that cigarette feeling. The negatives of using such a strong e-liquids is that the nicotine can alter the flavour. So if you want a fruity tasting e-liquid, a high nicotine content will diminish the enjoyment levels slightly.

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Selecting e-liquid nicotine strength

A medium smoker is someone who smokes between ten and twenty cigarettes a day. In this category the right level of nicotine for you should be between 6mg and 12mg. There are strengths and weakness for both nicotine levels. The 12mg still gives you a good throat hit if you are using mouth to lung vaping, but the nicotine level can still mess with the flavour of your e-liquid. The 6mg doesn’t alter the flavour, but it doesn’t give such a good throat hit with mouth to lung vaping.

A light smoker is someone who smokes less than ten cigarettes a day. You should be using either 3mg or 0mg nicotine levels for your e-liquid if you fall into this category. With this strength e-liquid you get the full flavour with no alterations from the nicotine, but you don’t get the throat hit from mouth to lung vaping. If you use the 0mg e-liquid you also won’t get any relief from your nicotine cravings. If you are trying to transition from smoking then it is best to start with the 3mg e-liquid first to ensure that you stick with vaping in the long term.

Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub Ohm Vaping

The second thing to take into account when you are choosing your nicotine strength is if you want to do sub ohm vaping. If you intend to use a more advanced vape and delve into the huge clouds that sub ohm vaping has to offer then nicotine strength is an important factor.

If you intend to sub ohm vape then a nicotine strength of 12mg or above is not for you. Because the sub ohm tanks produce a lot more vapour that means they are using a lot more juice. If you are using a high strength e-liquid then this can put too much nicotine into your system at a time. So if you intend to use a sub ohm vape, ensure that you lower the nicotine levels of the e-liquid you choose.

If you usually use 18mg, then try a 6mg first. If it is not enough then you can move up, but it is better to move up and to start too high and make yourself sick by giving your body more nicotine than it is used to.

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The most important thing to take away from this is that if in doubt start with a lower dosage, you can always move up if things aren’t strong enough. Experiment until you find the right strength for you, these are guidelines to help you get in the right ballpark, you may need to tweak things a little before you get it just right.

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