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How will you know if your teen is vaping?

Published On November 24, 2015 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

How will you know if your teen is vaping?

Vaping has definitely become a popular trend – and while statistics show that teens who aren’t smokers aren’t as likely to try it, many parents are still worried. They worry that their teen will get addicted to nicotine, and that it will serve as a gateway to worse things. They also worry about the possible health risks associated with vaping and smoking, and hope that their child won’t end up getting involved in either habit.

But there are a lot of moving parts to this discussion – so let’s first discuss E-cig in-general.

E-cigs are not as dangerous as cigarettes

Many people are virtually unaware of the fact that E-cigs are much, much safer than cigarettes – but they are. This doesn’t mean that you should be alright with your teen taking up the habit – but it does mean that it’s not as bad as it could be. The fact that your teen is choosing to vape rather than smoke is, in itself, something that should bring you at least a small bit of peace-of-mind.

But on the other hand, vaping is no joke either. Nicotine addiction is real, and while E-cigs are less harmful than cigarettes, they can still cause it – so it’s important to be aware of what your teen is doing and to equip yourself with the means necessary to identify the habit when you see it.

How will you know that your teen is vaping?

First off, detecting an E-cig is definitely more difficult than detecting a traditional tobacco-filled cigarette. Cigarettes tend to smell like smoke – while E-cigs don’t necessarily give off any kind of pungent odor. Still, with that being said, you might find yourself catching a ‘whiff’ of a sweet or fruity scent from time to time – especially in a room where vaping has been taking place very recently.

Information! When you go into your teen’s room, smell the air for signs of E-liquid vapor. The smell will be subtle – but it will definitely be detectable if you stumble upon it fast enough.

Next, keep an eye out for vaping supplies. Your teen would need a vape pen to vape – which will resemble a small cigarette-to-remote control sized device with a mouthpiece and a battery. It might look like a real cigarette, or it might look more like a metal tube with some holes and buttons.

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Stop Drinking CoffeeYou should also be on the lookout for small bottles of E-liquid, or even an extra charger with a different end on it that your teen might need to charge the batteries for the device.

If in doubt as to what these things might look like, try doing an internet search to acquaint yourself with how they look.

Your teen may also drink more liquids while vaping, and might even begin to avoid caffeinated beverages. If your teen suddenly stops consuming energy drinks, then you might have cause to possibly suspect that something might be up.

Attention! In conclusion, remember that it’s incredibly important to communicate with your teen about E-cigs.

If you suspect that he/she might be using one, then maybe asking without giving them a reason to fear that they might get in trouble would be a good idea. Let them know that you care about them, and that you would just like to know what they’re doing.

If they end up opening up to you about vaping, then you can discuss it with them and tell them how you feel about it as a parent. You can discuss your concerns, and try to meet them on their own ground concerning the issue.

Whatever you do, try not to alienate them or make them feel like they need to hide it from you. You need your teen to be open with you about these types of things – so try to foster open communication, and don’t forget to love your child for who he/she is first. You’ll be much more likely to be successful with this kind of an attitude than you will if you try to rule over them with an iron fist. Based on my own experience. ;-))

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