Icebox 80w tc kit

Icebox 80W TC Kit Review

Published On November 3, 2016 | By Nicole | Product Reviews
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80 %

Felt a little bit less sturdy at first but all in all it's a decent little TPD compliant box mod.

Vapour 90%
Innovation 75%
Price 80%
Battery Life 75%
Design 70%

Icebox 80W TC Kit Review

The Icebox 80W TC Kit is basically a temperature control kit that has only recently hit the market. The company makes some fairly bold claims on their website about the device, including that it comes with the highest voltage of any other single battery mod available on the current market. They also say that it’s the ‘perfect, all-you-need vaping device’.

But how much of this is true, and how much is just the company blowing smoke (no pun intended!) about their new product?

This is exactly what we wanted to know… so when we got our Icebox in the mail, we were rather delighted to give it a try.

Here’s what we found out!

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered about this device over the course of our research…


  • Sub ohm and temperature-control capable
  • Can crank 80 watts out of a single 18650 battery
  • TPD compliant
  • Produces awesome amounts of vapour and great flavour
  • We loved the color screen
  • Child-proof, top-fill tank for safety and convenience


  • The construction could have, perhaps, been a bit sturdier
  • There was a little bit of dust/dirt on the tank threads when we opened it, so maybe quality control could have been a little bit better
  • Our first impression wasn’t the best – but the device grew on us as we tested it

What’s in the starter kit?

This starter kit comes with the 80W capacity box mod itself, a user manual, a micro USB charger, a built-in tank adapter, a box package, a 2ml atomizer/tank, a 0.5 Ohm dual coil, a 0.5 Ohm temperature control dual coil, a rubber band (for the top-fill tank closure), and a glass tube for the tank.

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First of all, we were pleasantly surprised to find that this device is, in fact, TPD compliant. It was also nice to find out that this is pretty much an everything-you-need temperature control mod, which is really cool.

(Note: If you don’t have a battery for it, you’ll need to order one separately – as you don’t get one in the starter kit. This is pretty much the only thing that isn’t included in the kit.)

We decided to look at the mod first. Our first impression was that it felt ‘ok’, but not necessarily ‘great’. There was a bit of rattling around inside as we shook it. The build quality did seem to lack a little bit in terms of ‘robustness’. We liked how the firing button felt, though. It also looked pretty good in terms of aesthetics.

We were a bit surprised that the battery compartment allowed for battery removal on this mod, as this doesn’t usually seem to be the case with mods like this. The battery compartment cover was very solid, and seemed to do a good job of protecting the battery that we placed within it. All you need to do is pop an 18650 battery down into the mod to get things going, and the screen will basically start right up.

The battery added a bit of weight to the mod, and improved the ‘feel’ of the device, in our opinion. As far as specs go, we were pretty impressed with the concept and the capabilities of the device right from the beginning – but we were still pretty excited to get to the vaping test.

We liked the color screen! We’ve never tested a mod with a full-color screen before – but it was definitely nice!

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The tank was a very nice addition to the kit. It was attractively designed, and sported a pretty wide drip tip. The drip tip is also childproof. You need to push it down and twist it to loosen it – which is actually pretty awesome.

The tank has a nice top-fill design, which makes it easy to fill. It also has an interesting setting for opening and closing the holes that let the E-liquid into the coil. This, in theory, is supposed to help keep it from leaking while it’s not in use.

The threads on the tank seemed to be machined quite well. We didn’t have a problem with it in any sort of ‘functional’ capacity.

There was, however, a tiny bit of dirt on the inside of the tank that needed to be cleaned out before we used it. It seems that quality control could be a bit better in this respect – though to be fair, there was certainly nothing seriously out of line. Nothing that a little bit of cleaning couldn’t fix anyway!

The coils were pretty large on this device, which we liked. They were also super-easy to change. We were impressed with this part of the mod, and liked how it worked.

The display was really, really nice. A colored bar shows you what your mod is set to in terms of wattage or temperature, and obviously, all of the settings are fully customizable. It was bright enough to the naked eye, but when we tried to video-tape it, it was a bit dim. That isn’t much of a downside – but it was something we noticed.

Information! This device basically has two different vaping modes… Wattage mode, and temperature control mode. It says on the website that it ships with a standard coil and a temperature control coil – but to be really honest, we didn’t see any information in the kit to let us know which was which, and they both looked really similar – so just to be safe, we decided to only conduct our vape test using the wattage mode until we could figure out if the extra coil was indeed a TC coil.

  • Variable wattage ranging from 5W to 80W
  • Utilizes an 18650 battery (must be purchased as an add-on)
  • 44 inch colour display screen
  • Compatible with coils rated at 0.1 Ohms and higher
  • Temperature Control mode features temperature options ranging from 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Integrated Micro USB Port
  • 2ml tank capacity
  • Tank contains organic Japanese cotton wicking material
  • Top-fill tank design
  • Adjustable airflow settings
  • Contains a Quartz glass tube
This box mod utilizes 510 threads.

What did we think of the Icebox 80W TC Kit?

For our first vape test, we used the 0.5 Ohm standard coil sent through with the tank. We set the wattage to 42 watts (the wattage settings were easy to alter, which was really nice). As expected, we got plenty of vapour. The flavour was really tasty. We liked how the childproof drip tip performed. It didn’t feel loose or rattley, which we were happy about.

For the second vape test, we cranked up the wattage to 50 watts. We liked those results as well. We were impressed with the tank and the mod and how well they performed, as well as with the amount of power that we got out of it for a single-battery mod.

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Attention! Our first impression of this device wasn’t so great. It doesn’t seem to be crafted to an incredibly high standard in terms of ‘robustness’… but with that being said, it grew on us during the test, and we came to like it. It will last, there’s no doubt about that – though we still maybe found ourselves wishing that it just felt a bit ‘sturdier’.

We’ve used some more expensive mods than this one that felt less durable though – so in all fairness, it seems that Icebox has delivered quality for the money here… of that there is no doubt. Plus, the full color screen is really nice – and the fact that you can get 80W of power out of a single-battery mod is definitely a surprising feat, so kudos to Icebox for that!

We would certainly recommend this mod to anyone looking for a well-thought-out sub-ohm mod, especially if they would like to TC vape without spending a lot of extra money. There was a lot to like about it, and we ended up giving it a big two thumbs up after a satisfying vape test!

Appearance and Feel

You can buy this mod in two different colors – white and black. We got the white version, and we liked how it looked. We liked the shiny finish and how it felt in hand.

The packaging was a varnished cardboard box. It was quite basic really, but it got the job done.

Inside, the contents of the tank were laid out very nicely. We liked the instruction booklet. It was definitely satisfactory, and did a good job of explaining everything.

  • Airflow

There were cooling holes in the bottom of the battery compartment. There were also grooves where the tank screws onto the mod to help vent the electronic connection. But in addition to this, there was also a fully adjustable airflow controller for vaping airflow located on the base of the tank. It worked quite well and offered quite a bit of airflow!

  • Material

This device seems to be constructed mostly of stainless steel, glass, and a bit of acrylic/plastic. The construction didn’t seem super robust to us at first, but once the battery was installed it felt much heftier, and we came around to liking the feel of it.

  • Ease of Use

For a sub ohm/TC device with fully customizable options, this was a surprisingly simple mod to use.


Our favourite things about this device were that it had a full color screen, and that it could crank out 80W of power from a single battery! Excellent!!!


The biggest drawback of this product, for us, was the fact that it just felt a little bit less sturdy than we would have liked.

Screenshot of IceboxVapeCompany Address and Contact Details

Icebox’s official company address is listed as follows…

10 Howard Mansions, London, E17 4NA,

United Kingdom

They can also be reached by phone at 02037406358, or by email at

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    Where can I buy replacement coils other than as they are far to expensive? What are the coils called and do any other coils fit the tank? Thank you.

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