Icebox Mini 50w TC

Icebox Mini 50W TC Review

Published On January 5, 2017 | By Nicole | Product Reviews
Overall Score
80 %

This mod might work extra-well for a left-handed person.

Vapour 90%
Innovation 75%
Price 80%
Battery Life 75%
Design 75%

Quick Intro

The Icebox Mini was sent through to us courtesy of IceBox Vape, and we were pretty excited to give it a try.

These smaller box mods have been all the rage lately, so naturally we are looking into them more and more as they become more and more popular.

We really liked the larger Icebox box mod (though it did have its downsides)… but does the Mini measure up in all the ways that count?

Here’s what we found out when reviewing this smaller TC box mod from IceBox Vape.

Pros and Cons


  • The mod was sturdy and attractive
  • Great finish and solid construction
  • Performed extremely well, even at a lower 35 watts
  • Comes with a 1300mAh battery
  • Sub-ohm capable, right out of the box


  • We might have preferred a wider drip tip
  • The airflow control ring can pop off if the battery isn’t attached – so be careful not to lose it

What’s in the starter kit?

In the starter kit, we received the following…

  • The mod
  • The Polar Tank
  • An instruction manual
  • A set of extra o-rings
  • A spare Pyrex glass tube for the tank
  • A micro-USB lead
  • A spare atomizer (there is already one fitted in the tank)
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The packaging was pretty basic. It consisted of a cardboard box with the specifications printed nicely on the back. Really, the packaging was very similar to what we found on the larger IceBox… so all in all, very good.

The Polar Tank that comes with the kit is quite small at first glance – but it seems well-put-together and well-done. Our tank was black, as we got the black mod – but it looked nice. The drip tip is removable, and seems well made. It’s also a standard size – so you could swap it out with a replacement if you wanted to.

One thing that we didn’t like about it was that the variable airflow controller at the bottom seemed strangely designed. It’s adjustable, which is a good thing – but you can actually just pop the entire airflow ring off of the bottom of the tank if you pull on it – which was a bit disconcerting to us at first!

But then we realized that, with the tank attached to the mod, the ring couldn’t pop off – which made us feel better about it. It also has an o-ring seal around it to help hold the ring in place – so it’s really not a huge deal.

But still, this seemed like a rather insecure design detail to us.

Another rather interesting (maybe even weird) detail about the tank is that the threads are reversed on the top-fill lid. This was confusing at first – but obviously, it’s no big deal once you’re aware of it.

The tank breaks down pretty easily once you get it started. It actually has a bit of weight to it… but it’s well-machined, goes together well, and seems to be a very well-constructed tank overall. We really liked it.

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We were really happy to see spare o-rings included in this kit. Not many companies do this, but it’s so helpful that we wish more of them did.

The atomizers are actually quite large for the size of the tank. They’re both .5 Ohm atomizers, so they’re sub-ohm ready right out of the box. They seem sturdy, and we believe that they would actually last quite a while.

Filling the tank was quite easy. It was easy to get the top-fill lid off, and the 2ml capacity tank falls within the TPD regulations – which is awesome.

We really liked the finish on this kit… both the mod and the tank.

Speaking of the mod, we’re going to talk about that a bit next.

In general, the mod is very sturdy and well-made. It packs up to 50 watts in power, all the way down to 5 watts. It’s also a temperature control mod – so people who are into that sort of things will love it.

The firing button felt really good. The plus and minus buttons aren’t labeled, but figuring out which is which is pretty simple if you’ve done much vaping on a box mod before… so this wasn’t an issue.

The battery is a 1300mAh, so it packs quite a punch, even for a smaller device like this.

The screen is a nice OLED screen. The blue lighting is quite bright, making it easy to see… which was very nice. The information on the screen is pretty typical – it shows you wattage, Ohms, battery power level, mode, and a few other bits of information. The variable wattage is obviously really nice – and the mod functions well as you change settings.

The tank and battery, when put together, have a quick vaping response time – which was nice.

  • 5W-50W Variable Wattage
  • Temperature Control Mode
  • Temperature control range: 300* F – 600* F
  • Output voltage range: 1-7.5V
  • Coil Resistance Range: .15 Ohms to 3.0 Ohms
  • 1300mAh built-in battery
  • 510 thread connection
  • .91” OLED Screen
  • Adjustable airflow
  • 2ml tank capacity
This kit uses standard 510 threads.

What did we think of this mod?

For the vape test, we set the wattage to 35W (we used the normal, or wattage mode), used the included 0.5 Ohm coil, and used a max VG E-liquid in the included Polar tank… with the airflow set to fully open.

First off, we got a pretty good amount of vapour. The taste was lovely. We had plenty of vape coming out at 35 watts, so these atomizers (and the battery) actually deliver quite a bit of power at the lower, 35 watt power setting.

At this point, we actually preferred this device to the larger, 80W device… so big thumbs up to IceBox for this device!

Next, we cranked it up to 40 watts… and were surprised by a LOT more vapour. It still performed beautifully set to this setting, and we were impressed with how well it still tasted, even at this higher wattage.

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The only thing we did notice was that the tank felt a bit warm – even after just three or four puffs. Naturally, it’s a smaller device… so heat distribution is different than it would be on a larger device… but it is still something to note.

Overall, we were very, very pleased with it. If you’re looking for a box mod that’s sub ohm capable right out of the box, then we would certainly recommend that you check out the IceBox Mini, from IceBox Vape.

Appearance and Feel

The mod felt quite robust in-hand. It actually felt more solid than its larger, 80W counterpart… which surprised us, but in a good way!

We loved the finish. The branding was also very well done. There are several colors available for the Icebox Mini… but we got the black one, and liked it.

It may be worth mentioning that this mod might work extra-well for a left-handed person, due to the location of the button and the direction of the screen.

  • Airflow

This device has a variable airflow controller that works quite well for pulling the maximum amount of vapour through the device… though we did notice that we had to draw a bit hard on it, which made us feel that a wider drip tip would help.

  • Material

The IceBox Mini is made mostly of steel, Pyrex glass, and plastic. It felt very sturdy though. We feel that it would last a good, long time with a bit of care and maintenance.

  • Ease of Use

This device is pretty easy to use. It’s not more difficult than any other sub-ohm box mod that’s currently on the market. The settings menu is efficient and user-friendly… and could even be mastered by a beginner with little difficulty.


The best thing about this product is how solid and sturdy it felt in-hand. It also performed beautifully. We loved it, to be quite honest!


The airflow ring can pop off when the battery isn’t installed – which we weren’t too crazy about.

Company Address and Contact Details

Screenshot of IceboxVapeIceBox is a UK based company that makes high-quality vaping products. Here is their physical address, as listed on their official company website…

10 Howard Mansions, London, E17 4NA,

United Kindgdom

You can also contact them by email at, or by phone at

Additional recommended products from this company

You can buy a 4 pack of coils for the Polar tank from IceBox Vape for just £12.99, which is a pretty affordable price.

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