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Intellicig Electronic Cigarette Review

Published On March 30, 2014 | By Nicole | Brands

Introduction – Intellicig Electronic Cigarette Review

Intellicig is an E-cig brand based in Manchester. Their products are carried in over 2,000 retail stores and pharmacy outlets, and they are known internationally for their high-quality products and as a leading manufacturer of E-cigs and E-liquids in the UK.

Our initial impression of the Intellicig website was good. It was clean, well-organized, and easy to browse. One thing that stuck out was that they didn’t seem to carry quite as many different products as a lot of other E-cig brands, though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

They carry some different starter kits and even offer an E-go style E-cig called the ‘XL’. One interesting thing about this brand is that their minis are all 3-piece E-cigs, which means that they consist of three parts… a battery, an atomizer, and an e-liquid cartridge.  Make sure you read the rest of our  Intellicig electronic cigarette review to learn more.


Pros and Cons

Here are some initial pros and cons of Intellicig products.


  • They are made of high quality components
  • Batteries hold a pretty good charge
  • Vapour production is good
  • They offer a great 30 day money back guarantee


  • They don’t carry many different flavours
  • They don’t carry very many different types of starter kits
  • Their minis consist of 3-parts. This is a bit of an older design, and while it definitely works and doesn’t really present any problems, it may put some users off

You can purchase Intellicig products only from


What products/accessories can be purchased?

Intellicig sells one mini starter kit, simply called the ‘Starter Kit’, which comes with 5 refill capsules (right now they are offering 10 additional refill cartridges free with the purchase of the kit), 1 battery, 1 vapour device (atomizer), and 1 USB charger.

They also offer an ‘XL Express Pack’, which is basically an E-go style kit that comes with 1 XL Express battery, 1 clearomiser, and 1 USB charger. They also offer a clearomiser kit, an XL Pro Pack, refill capsules for their minis, e-liquid, and a range of accessories. Intellicig definitely doesn’t carry quite as many products as some other E-cig brands, though that shouldn’t necessarily be held against them. Quality is, after all, often preferable to variety.

Package and Design

Our initial impression of the packaging on these products was good. They come in colorful card cases that are cleanly labeled and professional in appearance. The design of the products themselves is also good. The minis are semi-realistic, especially in how they are colored… while the XL line tends to be more sleek and modern.

Intellicig E-Cig packaging

One could summarize the packaging and design by saying that everything carried by this company is designed and packaged relatively normally for an E-cig brand.

Battery Performance

Users and reviewers alike have rated the performance on these batteries pretty highly. Users claim that the minis last for about 2 to 3 hours before needing a charge. Of course, heavier use will cause the batteries to run lower sooner, just as light-vaping will likely result in better battery life. If you are an average or heavy vaper, however, then you are probably going to need to go ahead and buy and extra battery or two anyway, just so that you are not left without power when you really need it.

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As for the XL line, they contain larger batteries and have a lot more power than the minis. You will likely not need to charge them nearly as often, especially if you are only a light to moderate vaper.

Vapour production

Vapour production is pretty good on these products. Some brands are better, but there are many that are not as good. They also provide an average throat hit. Many users and reviewers agree that there really wasn’t anything spectacular about Intellicig’s performance in this category, though there also wasn’t really anything to complain about either.


We were pretty disappointed with the fact that Intellicig only offers three different flavours… regular tobacco, rich tobacco, and menthol. Many other brands (even some that are newer) offer far more flavour options. One of the biggest advantages to E-cigs is their ability to utilize e-liquid of virtually any flavour, so at this point we have to wonder why a company would choose not to carry some specialty brands? Of course, Intellicig is not the only brand that only offers these basic types of flavours… though they are definitely in a minority by doing so. It would have been nice to see them offer at least a few specialty flavours.

Then again, they do offer an XL with clearomisers and 3-piece minis with empty cartridges, so there is a possibility that one could buy specialty flavours somewhere else for use in their E-cig products… though that still seems a bit counter-productive. It would just be easier if they offered specialty flavours themselves.

Nicotine Levels

Intellicig flavours come in several different nicotine strengths. For the rich tobacco, there are two choices… 10mg and 15mg. For the regular tobacco, the choices are the same. For the Menthol, only a 10mg option is provided.

About The Company

Intellicig is actually part of a company called CN Creative Group, which is a Bioscience company. This company is committed to the research and development of the ‘next era’ of nicotine products… especially those that may be able to bring the harmful effects of smoking to an end.

The company was initially launched in 2008, and was met with tremendous success. Since then, CNC has actually expanded to become the diversified, bioscience-focused company that it has become today. The company really has two different headquarters’… one located in Blackburn where they employ over 40 full-time staff members, and the other in Manchester where they manage an ISO Class 8 Clean Room.
Intellicig offers telephone and email support through a technical support team, though they also provide an address where customers can get in touch with them via regular mail and an online chat option during normal business hours… which is always a fairly impressive feature for any electronic cigarette company!
Intellicig actually offers a true 30 day no-hassle guarantee… and they even make it a point to let the customer know that they don’t care if the packages have been opened or not. If for any reason you are not totally happy with your purchase, you can simply return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Beyond this 30 day guarantee, however, they offer no warranty.


Value for the money

Intellicig definitely offers value for the money, despite the fact that they are not perfect. It would have been nice to see more specialty e-liquid flavours and even some different sized starter kits, though credit must also be given to Intellicig for delivering outstanding products at a very fair price. Of course, the price-point may seem a bit high to first-time E-cig users, though it also must be taken into account that, in the long run, vaping will save users up to 80% when compared to what it would cost to continue an analog smoking habit.

It is interesting that Intellicig offers a 3-piece design instead of the more common 2-piece, though this isn’t a bad thing. They also offer a great no-hassle money back guarantee, making them more customer-friendly than many other E-cig companies out there.

Running costs

As far as running costs are concerned, Intellicig will definitely save you money when compared to a traditional tobacco-filled cigarette. Buying 10 refill capsules for the minis costs only £7.99, though this gives you the equivalent of about 60 analog cigarettes.


In the end, Intellicig does a lot of things right. They have been around for a long time, and show no signs of going anywhere soon. They don’t offer a ton of flavours or a ton of different types of starter kits, but they do offer basic flavours and some very high-quality starter kits in an affordable price range. They also maintain a quality website and supply their customers with a very fair money back guarantee.

If you are thinking of quitting your tobacco habit or are on the lookout for a new E-cig to try, then Intellicig is definitely an option to consider. They carry both minis and the larger E-go style vaporizers, meaning that they offer products for both beginner and experienced vapers alike.

You can purchase Intellicig products only from

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