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An interview with Graeme Carpenter from Matchless E Cig

Published On April 19, 2016 | By Nicole | Interviews

This week we interviewed Graeme Carpenter, founder of Matchless E Cig (The FTA Agency Ltd). Let’s see what he had to say about his business and the industry as such. So here’s the first question..

Q: Where the idea starting your own business in the e-cig sector came?

A: I had/have a business selling/promoting alcohol and tobacco into licensed premises – after the smoking ban I initially thought about selling e cigs into this sector and then as this idea progressed I thought about setting up my own e cig company.

After various pieces of research we decided the concept was viable and set up Matchless brand and began selling the brand into the licensed, wholesale and cash and carry sectors and subsequently set up a web site for on line trading.

Q: Have you had other businesses in the past? If yes, please tell us more.

A: Yes – as above (QSMP) this business is still running and thriving and has added a telesales arm as well

Q: When did you set up your E-cig business?

A:  January 2013.

Q: What type of products do you stock?

A:  Disposable E Cigs, Rechargeable E Cigs, Replacement Cartridges, Various Tanks and a range of E liquids

Q: Do you vape yourself? If yes, how did you start? Do you plan on quitting? Share with us your top 3 flavors.

A:  No I don’t Vape but we have a number of Vapers associated with the company who help test our flavours.

  1. Strong Tobacco 2. Medium Tobacco 3. Mint

Q: How’s your business different when comparing to your competitors?

A:  We concentrate on quality products and customer service and operate both on line and in the Retail sector and have been the number one brand in the AITS shops for the last three years.

Q: Where are your products manufactured?

A:  We have liquids manufactured in the UK and electronics in China.

Q: Do you make your own e-Liquid?

A: No – we source our liquids from a fully certified and to be TPD compliant facility.

Q: Do you have offline shops too? If yes, then how many and where are the shops located.

A:  No.

Q: Tells us more about your biggest challenges.

A: Competition from and locking out of Routes to Market by big Tobacco. This is coupled with huge marketing/advertising budgets they are putting behind their brands – and people don’t actually know they are buying big Tobacco brands.

This is coupled with the extra cost and administration in complying with TPD.

Q: What are your personal thoughts about the TPB and all the changes?  Will you evolve and adopt to the new EU regulations? If you can, tell us more about some of the new products that you’re developing.

A:  I think the industry is in need of regulation. There are far too many small scale e liquid producers without basic manufacturing or chemical standards or knowledge.

The feel  key to TPD will be the safe production of liquid nicotine and a move away from a focus on the electronic delivery side of the business – basically people will avoid the electronic side by setting up and selling product and saying it is not for the delivery of e liquid Nicotine – thus it will not be bound by TPD.

Q: Are you doing anything to fight TPD? If yes, please tell us what.

A:  No – no point – we will concentrate our efforts on producing and selling legal product

Q: What’s your vision about this industry and online sales?

A:  Big tobacco will become an increasing influence – but there will be space for competitors – particularly on line – business’s and brands will consolidate over next few years and a good few mid size companies will be able to compete and survive.

We would like to thank Graeme for taking a part in this interview and wish him all the very best to continue develop Matchless E Cig brand.

If you would like to shop on their website, simply visit: website.

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