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Is it true that more students try vaping than smoking?

Published On August 25, 2015 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

Is it true that more students try vaping than smoking?

According to a recent article published by, it seems that this just might be the case.

We all know that many people are concerned about vaping – not necessarily because it’s dangerous (because at this point, cigarettes seem much worse), but because of the unknowns associated with them. But perhaps even more than this, people are concerned about young people and how much they might vape – especially students and children.

This is definitely a valid concern. After all, nobody wants young people to be addicted to nicotine. Nicotine is often used by people to relieve stress – but it’s very easy to become hooked on. And there is a lot of concern about young people and addiction to it.

Since vaping is really another form of nicotine consumption, addiction for students is a reasonable concern – but what do the statistics really say?

As it turns out, the outlook may be better than most people think.

Statistics show that fewer students today choose to try cigarettes

It might not seem believable sometimes, but students are definitely doing a better job of staying away from cigarettes than they used to.

According to the article published on (you can view the article in its entirety here:, a whopping 42% of students in England tried cigarettes at least once in 2003. But today, this figure stands at a much lower 18% – the lowest it’s been since such things have been tracked (1982 was when record-keeping began on this statistic).

But what about E-cigs?

According to a survey conducted by the NatCen Social Research and the National Foundation for Educational Research, 22% of students tried vaping at least once in 2014.

But when you begin to divide this figure between smokers and non-smokers, things get pretty interesting.

According to the figures, 89% of smokers tried E-cigs for the first time in 2014. Among non-smokers, the figure was a much-lower 11%. Plus, when you take into account that only 3% of students (overall) reported occasional E-cig use, the number of students using E-cigs seems to shrink. And when you take into account that only 1% of students in England report vaping at least once per week, we find that E-cig use among school-aged kids and teens isn’t quite as high as many people believe that it is. Of course, the vast majority of this 1% are either smokers or ex-smokers, so this also seems to further lay to rest the idea that vaping is introducing young people to nicotine.

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What does this mean for the vaping world?

This evidence definitely paints a positive picture – on all fronts. On one hand, it’s very encouraging to see that students are choosing not to smoke as often as they used to. And on the other, it’s nice to see that E-cigs aren’t really getting a large number of non-smokers addicted to nicotine.

Do we still need to pay attention to how younger people are using E-cigs? Of course. Turning a blind eye to any potential danger is never the right answer.

But we should also keep in mind that electronic cigarettes could do a lot for smokers. Some say that they would rather see teens vaping than smoking – but this is perhaps the wrong way to verbalize what we’re all thinking. We would probably all rather see teens breathing clean, fresh air than anything else – but what about teens that are already addicted to cigarettes?

Yes, there is nicotine gum, and there are also nicotine patches – but is it possible that vaping could one-day replace these as the primary cessation method for not only adults, but also teens?

Please understand that I’m not at all advocating that we give E-cigs to teens. I’m not even advocating that teens should use E-cigs at all. I’m just trying to drive home the point that electronic cigarettes aren’t as bad as many people believe them to be – and that there is a very real possibility that they have more to offer than most of us realize.

Hopefully, we will see E-cig and tobacco usage fall to 0% among students at some point in our human existence. But until that time, we need to have an open mind and try to figure out what steps we can take to give our children the best chance at health and success.



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