Jac Vapour Series-B DNA Mod review

Jac Vapour Series-B DNA 75W Mod Review

Published On April 28, 2017 | By Nicole | Product Reviews
Overall Score
90 %

This mod is designed for 22 mm tanks and works great with JAC’s S-22 sub ohm tank.

Vapour 95%
Innovation 90%
Price 85%
Battery Life 90%
Design 95%

The older-model Jac Vapour Series-B Tilt was said to be one of the best box mods to ever hit the market. It was voted ‘Best Box Mod’ by Gizmodo UK, contained a wide range of features that were ahead of its time, and logged countless hours of vaping enjoyment for people from all parts of the world.

So, it is pretty needless to say why we were excited to review the newest installment to Jac Vapour’s Series-B collection.

Just to let you know, we coupled this box mod with the Jac Vapour S-22 tank for the purposes of this review – so when we reference the tank, that’s the model that we’re looking at.

With that being said, let’s just dive on in and take a look.

Pros and Cons

Here were the basic pros and cons that we discovered over the course of our research…


  • The mod works amazing
  • Produces amazing flavour and vapour
  • The S-22 tank is an incredible piece of equipment
  • Jac Vapour has really outdone themselves with this combo
  • 75W of power gives this mod one heck of a kick


  • The tank is a bottom-loader, which isn’t as handy as a top-fill design
  • The menu navigation on the mod could be a bit easier

What’s in the starter kit?

In the box with the mod, the only things that that really came with it were the USB charge cable and an instruction manual.

The tank comes with two coils – a 1.0 Ohm coil, and a 0.5 Ohm coil. You can also buy the TC coil separately.

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The packaging on the mod and the tank were awesome. The mod came in a plastic slip box, which we really liked.

The device, which looks fantastic, is a 75W device… which is pretty powerful. It’s in the Series B category, so it comes directly after the Series B Tilt – which we loved.

The coating on this device was similar to that on the Tilt – but it did seem improved… which was nice. The DNA Evolv Chipset that comes on-board this kit is pretty amazing. Also, packing 75W of power into one box mod is pretty awesome.

As far as the physics go, the base of the mod is metal. The tank fitting threads are 510, and the mod is designed more specifically for 22 mm tanks… which is pretty standard. On the back of the mod was the battery cover, which pops off and sticks on magnetically – which is cool.

The firing button is relatively massive. It also has a really good click to it. You can push it any way you want, and it won’t rattle, which we liked. And, to add more good to an already good thing, Jac Vapour put the micro-USB port on the front of the mod this time, instead of on the bottom, like they did with the Series B Tilt. We were quite happy about this!

The OLED screen is really nice and bright… but a built-in stealth mode will keep you under-cover if that’s what you wish. It’s also quite reflective, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. The coating on the mod is also quite nice. After using our mod for about a week, we still didn’t have any dings or scratches in it – which his pretty incredible.

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Overall, the design and look of the mod is really slick. It doesn’t have a tilt, like the older Series B did – but there is a little cutoff on the side of the mod that gives it a similar feel. It’s quite aesthetically pleasing, to be honest.

The battery cover is also cool. It pops off and on without a problem, but it stays on really well, and does a great job of covering up the battery. We just really like the entire design.

The basic operation of the mod is quite simple… but there are some settings that take some practice and knowledge to fully utilize. Once you screw the tank in, it will auto-detect the resistance of the coil and make everything right… or, you can use software or the on-board menu to create a range of user profiles. The DNA chipset is amazing – so if you end up getting the mod, you’ll have the choice of going the simple route, or plugging it into the computer and using software to create more customized settings.

As for the S-22 tank, it is primarily focused on mouth-to-lung vaping. This tank pretty much goes with this mod. They were released at the same time, and seem to have been made for each other. The tank is capable of direct to lung, mouth to lung, or temperature control vaping.

It breaks down quite nicely and simply. It’s a 2ml capacity tank, has a standard sized drip tip, and nice windows along the side so that you can see how much E-liquid you have left.

The one downside that we found to the tank was that it was a bottom-loader tank, not a top-loader, which we were a bit disappointed with.

The two coils that we decided to try were the 0.5 Ohm coil and the 1.0 Ohm coil. We had a TC coil, but opted not to try it in this vape test.

The S-22 tank was pretty easy to fill. But again – it was a bottom-loader, which we weren’t super-impressed with. But – it worked, and that’s really the most important thing. Also, make sure that you let the tank sit when you first fill it, to allow the E-liquid to soak properly into the coil before you use it.

  • Up to 75 Watts of power
  • Variable voltage and Temperature control modes
  • Electroplated magnetic battery cover
  • Pass-through charging capable
  • USB on-board charging
  • Up to 600*F TC mode
  • Comes with advanced safety features
  • Uses the Evolv DNA75 Chipset
This mod uses a pretty standard 510 threading, so most 510 tanks will work with it, as long as the ratings all match up.

What did we think of this mod and tank?

With the 0.5 Ohm coil in, we set the wattage to 50 to start with. Our vape test produced pretty massive clouds. In fact, 50 watts was a bit too intense! We turned it back down to 40, and still got amazing vapour and flavour out of it. The vape was a bit hot at 50 watts… but it wasn’t an issue. 40 watts worked well for us though!

Next, we tried the 1.0 Ohm coil. We cranked the wattage on this one down to 15 watts, because we didn’t get as much airflow through the smaller coil. But this still ended up being a bit intense. So we cranked it down to 13.5, tried, it, and liked it a lot better. It wasn’t really our thing, being a mouth-to-lung coil… but it worked very well.

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All in all, our opinion on both the tank and the mod were that they are amazing! Well done Jac Vapour. This device is a true success, and if you want an amazing vaping device that will get you vaping really, really well for a fair price, then we would definitely recommend this setup from Jac Vapour!

Improvements from the previous version

The last Series B Tilt had less of a price tag. The new one costs about £79.99, while the older one would run you about £49.99. But… the old mod only had 50W of power, while the new one has 75W of power. The new one also features a temperature control mode, while the older model doesn’t.

Appearance and Feel

This mod and tank, when put together, look perfect. They were obviously made for each other. The mod also feels amazing in-hand, which is always important!

  • Airflow

The S-22 tank has a really nice variable airflow controller, which we kept wide-open for our test. And it turned out awesome.

  • Material

The mod and the tank are made mostly from metal and glass. They seem incredibly sturdy, and the finish on both of these products is very tough.

  • Ease of Use

The Jac Vapour Series B DNA 75W mod and the S-22 tank are both pretty easy to use. They aren’t just plug-and-play type gear, but a quick read through of the instructions will get you started on the right foot without a problem. You might need a bit of practice to figure it out, and building the profiles takes a bit of work – but, that is all stuff that you can set up with just a bit of research and reading in the instruction book.


To be honest, everything on this setup was amazing… minus the very small drawbacks we recorded below. This is a stellar setup by Jac Vapour. Simply incredible.


The biggest drawbacks that we can see are that the tank is a bottom-load tank, and that the mod controls are a bit convoluted. There are quite a few button combinations to remember, and while they work well, it would just take some practice and consistent use to get used to them without referring back to the user manual.

Company Address and Contact Details

Screenshot of JacVapour websiteYou can contact Jac Vapour via their new phone number at 0131 555 0065, or via email through an e-contact form located on the official company website. With that being said, you can also find their Catterick store location and phone number here…

JAC Vapour Catterick

25 Hildyard Row

Catterick Garrison


Phone: 01748 835747

Additional recommended products from this company

If you are going to buy the Series-B DNA 75W mod, as well as a tank to go with it, then you’re going to need E-liquid. Jac Vapour sells some premium-quality E-liquids on their website and in their physical stores, so don’t hesitate to give some of them a try.

5/5 (1)

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