JACVapour Series-B Tilt

Jac Vapour Series-B Tilt Review

Published On October 9, 2015 | By Nicole | Product Reviews
Overall Score
90 %

Jac Vapour deserves serious kudos for designing this product. It’s incredible!

Vapour 85%
Throat hit 95%
Price 90%
Battery life 95%
Design 95%

Jac Vapour Series-B Tilt Review

Quick Intro

The Series B Tilt is a new box mod available from Jac Vapour. It’s so popular that, as of today (10-5-2015) it was temporarily out of stock – which definitely seems to say something about it!

Jac Vapour offers a few different starter kit options for this E-cig. There’s a device-only kit, a Premium Tank kit, and a Sub Ohm Tank kit – all of which have different prices and come with different accessories.

For the sake of this review, keep in mind that we received the device-only kit – but that we also got a battery on the side so that we could go ahead and put it right to use.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that I discovered about this product over the course of my research.


  • The device is well made
  • It makes changing settings extremely easy
  • It gives you total control over your voltage and wattage
  • It’s sturdy and will last you a long time
  • The design is great-looking and seems very well-thought-out


  • It might be nice to see some kind of preset memory options for different tanks – though to be honest, for the price, you’re already getting a lot for your money with this box mod.
  • I’m not always a huge fan of having the charging port on the bottom of the device – though I’ll also say that I understand why this product was designed that way – and in the end, I don’t really have a problem with it.

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What’s in the starter kit?

The starter kit contains the Series B Tilt Box Mod itself, a USB charging lead, and a user manual. You’ll need to order a battery and make sure that you supply your own tank, as neither of these come with the basic kit. If you don’t own a good tank that you can use with the Series B Tilt, then you’ll also need to order one of those as well.

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If you’re basically starting from scratch with this kit, or are looking to get a new battery and tank with it, then the Premium Tank Kit or the Sub Ohm Kit might be better options for you than the Device-Only option.


You’ll need an 18650 battery for use with the Series B Tilt. We would recommend that you buy one with 3000 mAh power, as this battery (from Jac Vapour) fits right into the device.

This device will accept tanks with resistances ranging from .2 ohms to 3 ohms – which is definitely a nice, wide range that also gives you the ability to sub-ohm vape, if that’s something that you might be interested in. (Just remember that using a sub-ohm tank on this box mod will cause you to use up the battery much-faster than you would otherwise.)

Even sub-ohm vaping, you’ll be hard pressed to use up an entire 3000 mAh battery in less than a day. And if you’re not sub-ohm vaping, you’ll likely get much more than a day’s worth of use out of it.

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This device uses standard 510 threading – so you won’t have to worry about any incompatibility issues with your standard eGo or box-mod tanks or cartomizers.

What we think of this kit

We have to say that Jac Vapour has hit the jackpot on the head with this box mod. The Series B tilt is intuitive, user-friendly, sturdy, well-made, and attractive. The tilt is definitely a useful feature that makes vaping easier, and the device is shaped so naturally that it feels great in the palm of the hand.

To be blunt and plain, I love this mod! If you’re looking for something top-of-the-line that’ll give you a lot of control over your settings, but that’s still user-friendly enough for even novice vapers to utilize, then the Series B Tilt is definitely an E-cig that you’ll want to get your hands on.

Appearance and Feel

At first glance, you’ll see that the box is neat, tidy, and compact – just like the device itself. The outside of the box is white, and it has a little bit of text on it describing the contents and labeling the product. Overall, I really liked the look and feel of the packaging – so the initial appearance and feel, based on the packaging, was very positive!

The design of the box mod itself is very nice. It combines some stainless steel elements with a rubber-like grip to give you something solid to hold onto while you vape – though it also feels heavy enough to last with long-term use. The size and shape are literally perfect (at least, that’s my personal opinion).

The device display is bright and easy to read. I found that changing the settings was easy, as the display allowed me to see everything that I was doing – which made the process straightforward and hassle-free. Even during the day, it was easy to see and read – which was impressive to me.


As far as the design of the Series B Tilt was concerned, we were incredibly impressed. Right from the very beginning, it’s easy to see that it’s an awesome box mod. Some people have called it ‘gimmicky’, but I definitely disagree. Jac Vapour deserves serious kudos for designing this product. It’s incredible!

The USB charging lead that comes with it is very nice as well. It’s designed from a hard plastic-type material – so it feels and looks much sturdier than traditional ‘rubber-like’ cables.

The instruction manual is pretty descriptive, and makes operating the mod extremely easy. Sometimes, manuals that come with box-mods leave the user to a lot of guesswork – but not this one! So two thumbs up to Jac Vapour for making the manual simple and easy to follow.

The battery cover is magnetic, and comes off very easily – though it also remains secure when placed on the device. Putting the battery in is easy and hassle-free – and was, quite frankly, a feature that I was impressed with.

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Using the settings to change the voltage and wattage was easy with this box mod. I probably haven’t used a box mod that was this easy to work with – so kudos to Jac Vapour for that as well.

Once you put a tank on the Series B Tilt, you’ll see that the angle and the tilt that creates it definitely aren’t gimmicks. Jac Vapour doubtlessly created this mod with the tilt for a reason. To put it simply, this feature gives you a much more comfortable angle for vaping than would be possible if the device were just straight.

Of course, the Series B Tilt comes equipped with a range of safety features befitting that of a true, modern day box mod – so you can rest assured that it’ll be safe and that it’ll also last a long time without suffering from ridiculous factory-design issues.

It also does a great job of giving you settings options and powering the tank, though to be fair and honest, the flavour and the quality of your vape will be more dependent upon a good tank and quality E-liquid than it will be on the box mod itself.


This isn’t necessarily a criticism – but it would be nice if box mods like this had some kind of internal memory presets that allowed you to save your settings for different tanks. Of course, on this device, if you change tanks you’ll need to change your settings as well (most of the time, anyway), but that’s a pretty normal part of the process, and that’s not really any fault of Jac Vapour’s.

We’re not huge fans of having the charge port on the bottom of the device – but then again, it really couldn’t be avoided with this mod. There honestly wasn’t another good place to put it. Generally, we like to be able to stand the mod up when charging it so that the tank doesn’t have to lay to the side – but removing the tank while charging the battery is definitely a possibility as well, so there really isn’t much of an issue that’s worth complaining about.

Additional recommended products from this company

The Jac Vapour Aero Tank V2 is an awesome tank for this box mod, and I would highly recommend it if you don’t already have a tank that you can use. Jac Vapour also carries some incredible E-liquids that will taste great with this combo – so if you haven’t taken a look at those, I would definitely recommend that you do!

Get This Series-B Tilt from JAC Vapour Here


4.64/5 (11)

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4 Responses to Jac Vapour Series-B Tilt Review

  1. Rich says:

    Great mod! Been using it for over a month and so far one of the best purchases I have made to date

  2. JW says:

    Nice review! My first impressions are that the screen layout is very similar to iNNokin, including the features and wattage which is not a bad thing. 😉

  3. Alex29 says:

    Love it, love it, love it! Jac doesn’t keep surprising me. The amount of vapour I get is phenomenal. Very similar to istick board but from what I can tell it’s a lot more stable, although I didn’t expect it to be otherwise. Thumbs up to Jacvapour! Alex T.

  4. Nicole says:

    Nice to hear that and yes indeed Alex, Andy and I both were quite impressed with this mod and good to see that others think alike. Enjoy!

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