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Jac Vapour VIM All In One Vape Kit – Review

Published On August 10, 2018 | By Albert Just | Product Reviews
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There are very little negatives to be said about the VIM All In One. Aside from the fact it gets through a significant amount of juice, everything else about this device is on point. Once you’re comfortable with the atomiser, it becomes a simple piece of kit which requires very little in the way of setup. It’s a plug and play kind of device which packs a hell of a punch.

Vapour 85%
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Price 90%
Design 80%
Our Rating 85%

Jac Vapour are a pretty big name in the vape world, and they’re one of the few brands which regularly push for innovation. While a lot of vape manufacturers make the claim that every new model will change the vaping world for the better, few actually do.

Quite often, vape companies will add unnecessary things to models such as extreme functionality or making their wattage output too powerful for even the most hardened vaper to handle. Jac Vapour, however, go the opposite way. With every model comes a more simplified, efficient design which makes the vape experience way more enjoyable and effortless.

The VIM All In One is no different. This piece of kit is super simple, amazingly straightforward and even packs a pretty hefty punch. I’m personally a big fan of it, as I love no frills vape kits which do exactly what they claim to.

So, let’s take a look at what makes this so great.

What’s In The Kit?

As always, Jac Vapour keeps the packaging simple and crisp, and it’s easy to tell what the kit entails. It comes in a blue slip box with an elegant looking design, and there are no unnecessary claims on the box of the device being game-changing. Right away, you know what you’re getting.

The description on the back of box lays out the basics (2600 mAh battery, refillable topfill tank, large fire button) and then claims that the VIM All In One might be ‘the perfect e-cigarette’. If this were any other vape brand, I’d be dubious, but the fact that is a Jac Vapour product means you can trust what’s being said.

The box includes:

  • 1 x VIM Battery 2600 mAh
  • 1 x VIM Tank
  • 1 x 1.0ohm single vertical Mouth To Lung S-Coil
  • 1 x Micro USB charging cable
  • 1 x User manual

Just the basics here. There’s no additional components or spare parts – something which is a little out of the usual for Jac Vapour, but to be honest, there’s no real need for anything else. The model doesn’t incorporate any plastic o-rings (at least on the surface). The only thing that would have been a nice touch is an additional thicker drip-tip (more on that later), but it’s by no means a major issue.

Jac Vapour VIM All In One Vape Kit Contents

Jac Vapour VIM All In One Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: H: 76mm x W: 20mm x L: 42mm
  • Capacity: 2600mAh
  • Voltage: Un-regulated from 4.2v to 3.1v
  • Quick fill tank
  • Charge time: 2.5 – 3 hours
  • Resistance range: > 0.4ohm
  • Tank dimensions: 15.5mm x 45mm
  • Tank capacity: 2ml

If this isn’t your first device, you’ll probably just jump right in and begin setting the mod up without reading the instructions – but don’t. It took me longer than I’d like to admit to realise what was going on here. The chamber which holds the e-liquid is fully retractable, and you first need to pull it out in order to attach the necessary coil. Because The VIM’s design is a little different to other Jac Vapour products, it needs a little getting used to. It’s also confusing because the drip-tip is attached to the tank and simply twisting it only removes the drip-tip and not the entire tank.

Instead, you need to push down and twist to remove the whole tank, sort of like a childproof lock.

Jac Vapour VIM All In One Vape Kit

Once the coil is in place, you’re ready to go. Simply insert the tank back in place, remove the drip-tip and use the topfill feature to fill the tank with e-liquid.

The Pros And Cons Of The Jac Vapour VIM All In One

I’m a big fan of simplicity, and the VIM All In One is as simple as it gets. When it’s fully prepped to go, the device is the perfect balance of size and weight. It’s small and thick, making it perfect to hold in the hand, and it’s weighty enough so that it won’t slip and slide around when you’re out and about. In the past I’ve used mods (the Aspire Gusto Mini comes to mind) that are so light it’s easy to forget they’re in your pocket. That can be a bit on the hazardous side as it’s easy for the vape to turn over and spill e-liquid or get thrown around when it’s resting in your car’s cup holder. With the VIM, you won’t have that problem.

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Like the Jac Vapour S17 and S22 models, the VIM’s finish is made entirely of smooth rubber. As someone who’s used the S22 for 6-7 months now, I can confidently say that this kind of surface is the best on the market. Scratches and significant marks are completely non-existent, and any stains which crop up can be wiped off with ease.

There’s very little functionality to the VIM. There’s a huge black fire button located on the front of the device and anything which can be considered functional is located on the underside. Alongside the USB port, there’s a pretty unique airflow system which I haven’t seen before. Unlike the rotating metal cylinder which the previous models boast, there’s a small flap of material which can be changed to either fully open or fully closed. I imagine most people will keep the airflow completely open, unless you prefer a cigarette-like resistance.

Jac Vapour VIM Vape

Like any good vape model, the VIM boasts topfill capabilities. Unscrewing the drip-tip reveals three holes: two topfill holes and the airflow column hole, which all look like they’re part of the same thing (more on this in a second). The topfill holes are wide enough to squeeze a standard 10ml e-liquid inside without any overspill whatsoever. The large glass cylinder tank makes it easy to see your juice levels, so there’ll be no danger of dry hits at any point. The drip-tip is small but comfortable. As I’m used to the S22 model, I would be appreciative of a thicker drip-tip as an optional extra, but it’s a minor point.

Performance was second to none straight from the off. Resistance output was a lot more powerful than I anticipated, and the intake was smooth and clean. It retained all of the flavour of my e-liquid, there was no gurgling, and the vapour output was more than average. Performance-wise, the VIM is a ten out of ten, especially for such a barebones product.

I initially used this with a 0.5 sub ohm coil and then later changed to a 1.0 MTL. As an experienced vaper I much preferred vaping DL, but the MTL definitely had its plus points. Resistance was almost identical to drawing on a cigarette and the nicotine was sharp and heavy. So, if you’re just coming off the cigs, the VIM is an ideal product to get started with.

Now, the negatives. There are only two that really come to mind, and they’re not too problematic, but let’s cover them just in case.

Firstly, and this may just be my own human fallibility coming in to play, but the airflow hole which is situated next to the topfill holes caused me a little issue when I first began. Somehow, I mistook the airflow hole for the topfill hole, and almost ended up drowning the column in e-liquid. Luckily, I quickly noticed the error of my ways, but for someone who isn’t too clued up on the specifics of vape products, this could easily lead to a destroyed device in seconds.

Filling Jac Vapour VIM Tank

Secondly, the VIM drinks like a fish, even with an MTL coil in place. I can easily go through one and a half full tanks in a day. It’s a definite increase from my usual, and I’d say that I’m a regular vaper but not an overly heavy one. However, it’s a small price to pay for how good this model is.

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  • Excellent performance
  • Simplistic design with convenience in mind
  • Extra long battery life
  • Decent price (£24.99)
  • Unique tank design


  • Rapidly uses up e-liquid
  • Very little functionality
  • Limited airflow control

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What Are The VIM All In One’s Best Features?

It goes without saying that this is something of a beginner vape, but its small-but-fierce demeanour will definitely appeal to some of the more intermediate vapers out there. The VIM’s simplicity is by far its most appealing feature, and usually, simplicity often comes at the sacrifice of other things. However, nothing about the VIM appears to have been overlooked.

The unique tank is another of the VIM’s best features. It took me a few days to get used to it, but it’s quickly become a favourite of mine. It allows for perfect visibility and the removable aspect of it means it’s very difficult to overspill liquid down the body of the device.

How Does It Compare To Its Peers?

As there’s a couple of unique things about the VIM All In One, new users may prefer something that’s 100% designed for people who are new to vaping. If this is the case, the aforementioned Aspire Gusto Mini might be a little more preferable.

Aspire are another brand which constantly put out reliable products, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands here too. The Gusto Mini removes the effort of refilling with its pre-loaded pods which are simply inserted in place of the atomiser. It’s an ideal setup, and one perfect for beginners.

Here’s a side by side breakdown of the two:

  • VIM: Tiny with a little weight to it
  • Gusto: Tiny and weightless
  • VIM: Topfill capabilities
  • Gusto: Employs pre-filled pods
  • VIM: Minimal functionality
  • Gusto: No functionality necessary
  • VIM: Requires coil changes for preferred setup
  • Gusto: All changes are made automatically
  • VIM: Excellent performance
  • Gusto: Unrivalled performance
  • VIM: Retails at £24.99
  • Gusto: Retails at £19.99


There are very little negatives to be said about the VIM All In One. Aside from the fact it gets through a significant amount of juice, everything else about this device is on point. Once you’re comfortable with the atomiser, it becomes a simple piece of kit which requires very little in the way of setup. It’s a plug and play kind of device which packs a hell of a punch.

Jac Vapour VIM Review

Overall, I’d recommend this to beginners and those who are just transitioning from cigarettes. Likewise, if you’re just looking for a straightforward device which won’t give you any hassle, the VIM might be perfect. I’ve been using this for a week now with a 0.5 DL coil and haven’t run into any issues whatsoever. If not for the fact I’m still using Jac Vapour’s previous model (the S22), I’d definitely employ this one as my primary vape. I also tend to use the VIM if I’m out on the road and don’t want to be bogged down with anything too weighty.

Out of 10, I’d give the VIM a solid 8.

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