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Jacks E-Liquid Review

Published On November 29, 2016 | By Nicole | E-liquids

Jacks E-liquid is said to be a premium E-liquid line that produces all of their products in the UK – and with only the very finest ingredients.

They have about 40 different flavours available, and we decided that it was time to give them a try.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking about trying Jacks E-liquid!

About The E-Liquid

We were pretty excited to try these flavours, mostly because these are the types of flavours that we tend to like when we vape for our own enjoyment. We were sent through four of them, and we really liked how all four of them smelled – but the two that we actually chose to review were chosen because these are the types of liquids that we tend to enjoy the most.

  • The Base/Mix

Unfortunately, the bottles didn’t have the percentage mix of PG/VG printed on them… which would have been very nice. To be honest, we couldn’t even find this information on the company website – which was a shame.

  • Ingredients

Nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerine, and flavourings.

  • Nicotine Strength

Jacks E-liquids seem to come in 3 different nicotine strengths… 18mg, 11mg, and 0mg. As such, they fall well within the range allowed by the TPD – which is very good.

We received the following products from Jacks E-liquids… Banana Split, Heisenberg, Virginia Rolling Tobacco, and Menthol Sensation.

We opened up the bottles and gave them all a quick sniff. They all smelled incredible – even the tobacco flavour (we don’t tend to be as keen about tobacco-flavoured E-liquids, but that’s ok… we still like them!).

But even so, 4 liquids was quite a bit for one vape test – so we decided to narrow down the choices to Banana Split, and Heisenberg.

The banana split is said to contain a mouth-watering blend of fresh bananas, along with the flavours of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream. It’s also supposed to contain a hint of caramel!

Heisenburg is said to be one of the brand’s most sought-after flavours, and is made up of a secret recipe of delicious fruit – accented by a cool hint of menthol.

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(Note: These E-liquids are said to exceed the EU TPD directive rules, making them very safe E-liquids. They’re also diacetyl free.)

You can buy a 10ml bottle of Jacks E-liquid for about £3.99, depending on where you do your shopping.

Our Thoughts

For our vape test, we used the 11mg versions of these E-liquids.

We filled our Vaporfi Pro 3 Tank with Banana Split, and our SMOK TFV4 Tank with the Heisenberg.

We vaped the Banana Split liquid first. We got good clouds out of this one. The taste was very smooth, and it was very smooth on the throat. This was actually one of the best banana flavours we’ve ever tried. A lot of them aren’t very pungent – but this one was different. It had a really good, strong banana taste. It tasted like sweet banana, which was very nice. It was very well-balanced. No chemical taste either – which was great.

We vaped the Heisenberg liquid next. This flavour is produced by many brands, and usually tastes like a fruity-grape-like flavour with a very subtle hint of menthol, for a little kick. We got really good clouds out of this one as well. The flavour maybe wasn’t as strong as we’ve tasted in some different brands of Heisenberg that we’ve tried – but it was still good. It was very familiar – very fruity, very grapey, with a great balance of menthol. The mintyness certainly wasn’t overpowering as it can be in some menthol liquids – which we were glad about. It had a really good balance.

All in all, we really liked what Jacks had to offer. You can buy them from a number of different shops and websites, so make sure to check them out next time you’re looking for a high-quality, UK made E-liquid! We got our samples from Eliquidukstore.com.

Other E-liquids we recommend from this brand

We loved the smell and look of the Virginia Rolling tobacco and the Menthol Sensation – so if you’re into tobacco or menthol flavours, then we would certainly recommend that you give these a try.

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