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Published On August 24, 2014 | By Nicole | E-Cig Cartridges

JacVapour Cartridges

At first glance, you will notice right away that JacVapour offers both pre-filled and blank cartomizers. Of course, cartomizers are basically filters that contain both an atomizer and a cartridge.

These particular cartomizers are made for mini-style batteries. They are all disposable, though you need to fill the blank cartomizers up with E-liquid before you use them. Keep reading our overview to learn more about JacVapour cartridges!


Flavour Choices

Flavour selection is decent on JacVapour products. You get standard options like Tobacco, Tobacco Reds USA, Tobacco Virgin, and Menthol, though there are also specialty flavours available as well. Some of the specialty options that you have to choose from include flavours like Vanilla, Mint, and Cherry.

There are definitely companies out there with better selections, though JacVapour definitely does a good job of offering something more than the standard flavours.

JacVapour refill cartridges come in 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg options. Not all companies offer so many different choices, which is one of the reasons for why JacVapour is on the list. People who are used to smoking cigarettes might like to start out with something like 24mg, though having multiple choices in strength like this makes it possible to work your way down to a lighter vape if you are trying to get off of nicotine for good.



You can buy a 5 pack of prefilled cartridges from JacVapour for £6.79, or 10 packs for the reduced price of £5.99 each. JacVapour definitely offers affordable cartridges, which is another reason for why we so highly recommend them.



JacVapour definitely offers high quality for the money. They maintain very stringent quality control guidelines on their products and have always had a good reputation among both users and reviewers.

If you are looking for a quality flavour and a well-made product, you will not be disappointed by their cartridges.

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