Joyetech EGO AIO

Joyetech EGO AIO Review

Published On February 8, 2017 | By Nicole | Product Reviews
Overall Score
80 %

This kit was designed to be leak free and has a child-proof technology.

Vapour 75%
Innovation 80%
Price 80%
Battery Life 70%
Design 90%

Quick Intro

The AIO in the name of this vape pen stands for All In One…which pretty much means that this is an all-in-one vape pen, which is in reference to how it’s built all-inclusively for childproof purposes.

This vape pen was developed by Joyetech, and we actually picked ours up on The company claims that this pen is both child-proof and leak-proof, and we were excited to see how well it worked!

On paper, it looked really good. The package was a dinky little affair – but would the pen add up to packing more of a punch?

Here’s what you need to know.

Pros and Cons


  • When the company says that it’s ‘leak proof’, they definitely mean it. We haven’t experienced one single, tiny leak… at all.
  • The child-proof lid worked nicely as well
  • It produces lots of flavour and vapour
  • Awesome sub-ohm device that’s easy to use
  • Super simple


  • No variable wattage
  • Vapers who want truly massive clouds might be a tiny bit disappointed
  • It’s a small and portable device – so if you’re looking for ‘unparalleled power’, this might not be the pen for you

What’s in the starter kit?

You get an accessory box, the pen itself, and an instruction manual. There was also a warranty card in the bottom of the box, as well as a little ‘warning’ card that gives you some tips on how to use the device correctly.

The instructions were simple… but so was the device. They did a pretty good job of giving you a basic overview. They even included a schematic, which was pretty cool.

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In the accessory box, you get a micro USB lead (but no wall charger). You also get 2 coils. There are no coils included in the tank when it comes, so you’ll need to install one of the coils into it before you’ll be able to get it up and going.

The coils that come with this kit are rated at 0.6 ohms, and they are rated at 15 to 28 watts… which would make this a sub-ohm setup.

We felt that the coils seemed pretty well-built, especially for how small the pen was.


The packaging could literally almost fit in the palm of our hand… but it was nice, and had a good spec rundown on the back. We got the black and white version, though it does come in five different colors.

There really wasn’t much to this pen, to be honest. It comes with dual circuit protection and overcharge protection, which are pretty standard features and good things to see.

The firing button was plastic, but firm. It didn’t rattle about – which was nice. It also gave us a nice little ‘click’ when it was pressed – which we liked.

The drip tip is double sealed with two o-rings. It just pops out when you pull on it. It is different, though, in the sense that the inside of it has a sort of spiral shape. This seems to keep E-liquid from spitting up into your mouth when you activate it, and it seems to do an excellent job of this!

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The tank is fully integrated into the entire system. Since the tank is built right into the rest of the pen, this helps to make it leak-proof and child-proof. The top of the tank is the most pivotal point of the child-safety design. It just spins around freely if you try to unscrew it… unless you push on it at the same time, much like you would need to push on a pill bottle top.

As far as we were concerned, this ‘childproofing’ feature worked really well. We imagine that it would do a good job of deterring children who might otherwise try to get into it… which is a good thing!

The Ego Aio coil is pretty easy to install. It only screws on one way, and looks pretty good once it’s been attached!

Filling the tank was really easy. You just unscrew the top and fill it up to the max-fill line – which is the point where the two colors on the outside meet. Filling this tank really couldn’t be easier. It’s a classic and well-done example of a top-fill design.

Information! One thing that we found out, though, was that you shouldn’t fill it up over the top-fill line. This can cause it to overflow when you try to install the coil – which makes a bit of a mess!

The capacity of the tank is 2ml – which is good. Also, the device works up to a max power of 25 watts – though the wattage isn’t adjustable. The battery is a 1500mAh battery… and it lasts quite a long time, to be fair.

  • Variable airflow
  • Simple to use
  • 1500mAh battery
  • 25 watts of power
  • 6 Ohm coil
  • 2ml tank capacity
  • Leak-free and child-proof design
This device is a standalone unit that has pretty much everything sealed in together – so you probably won’t be able to mix and match pieces from this kit with any other kits. But, that’s also part of the leak-free design – so this isn’t a bad thing at all.

What did we think of this kit?

Switching on the device takes a simple five clicks.

One really cool feature of this tank was that it lights up with an LED light – but you have 7 different light color options to choose from, and you can change them by turning off the device, and then holding down the firing button until the light flashes. Then, you just click the power button to cycle through the lights.

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This was a pretty cool feature!

As for the vape test, we turned the variable airflow all the way to ‘fully open.’ The vapour was lovely and smooth. There was no gargling or anything like that. We got really good flavour out of it as well. We loved the spiral mouthpiece design on the inside of the drip tip, and we loved how small and portable the pen itself is.

Price-wise, we felt that it offered a lot of value. The coils are pretty easy to find online, which is a huge plus. We really feel that beginners and more advanced users alike could benefit from picking up one of these pens.

This one got top marks from us… good for Joyetech for designing such an awesome E-cig!

Appearance and Feel

The look of this vape pen was really nice. The company states that it’s black and white in color, but you actually get a pearlescent-white type color with the black, which we though was even better than a ‘flat’ white. The finish was really lovely. It had a beautiful sheen.

To be fair, as far as appearances went, this pen exceeded our expectations by quite a degree.

It also felt really nice in-hand.

  • Airflow

This device does have a variable airflow controller, and it works really well. You just have to swivel the top of the tank to line up two little dots – one on the top of the tank, and one on the base of the drip-tip. When the dots are lined up, the airflow controller is fully open.

  • Material

The things that we liked best about this kit were probably the leak free and child-proof technology.


The only real drawback that we found to this device was maybe that you couldn’t change the wattage. But… this was never advertised as a variable wattage pen, so it’s not really that big of a deal.

Company Address and Contact Details

Here is Joyetech’s address, as listed on the official company website…

9th Blvd.Changxing High New Tech. Industry Zone, Shajing Town, Baoan District, ShenZhen China.

You can also contact them via email at

Additional recommended products from this company

Joyetech (and many other retailers) sell the coils that you need to go with this vape pen – and it might be a good idea to order a few so that you’ll have them on hand, just so you don’t end up burning yours out and getting left stranded with no way to vape.

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