Joyetech Review

Joyetech Review

Published On November 30, 2017 | By Nicole | Brands
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75 %

Joyetech have been around for many years and from what we can see have gained a very good customer reputation.

Product Selection 70%
Reputation 85%
TPD Compliance 100%
Innovation 75%
Our Rating 75%

The Joyetech website is an instant journey into their product range. With huge fonts and pictures all showing off what they had available I was almost able to write the Joyetech review without leaving the homepage.

It instantly draws your eye to what they feel is important, they use all the tried and tested marketing tricks to draw your eye to their favoured products and it works.

I found my eyes constantly wandering back up to the rolling marquee at the top that told me about their Autumn Sale.

It’s a great looking website that won’t strain your eyes, my first impression is a good one.



Facts That You Need to Know About Joyetech

Joyetech are located at: Unit 1, Elder Court, Lions Drive, Shadsworth Business Park, Blackburn, BB1 2QS

Joyetech UK address

Joyetech are one of the biggest e-cigarette companies in the world. Coming in at over a decade old, they’re one of the few companies that were around before vaping became such a global phenomenon. You’ve probably used a Joyetech product without even realising it until now.

The support on offer from Joyetech is the standard of what you expect from large companies. Their contact page has the hours that they are open and a phone number that you can use to contact them during those hours, you can also use their live chat feature during office hours. There is an email address as well as a contact form so if you need to get in touch outside of those hours you can make sure that your message will be there for them to read as soon as they are back in the office. They also have a support page that includes guides and FAQs.

The shipping choices that Joyetech offer are the standard choices that you get from most online stores. For £1.99 you get standard UK delivery. For £6.99 you get special next day delivery. Delivery to Europe costs £9.99. Delivery to the rest of the world costs £16.99.

Joyetech have a number of special offers that come into play when certain order totals are hit. With £15 you get a free 10ml bottle of e-liquid, with a £30 order you get free delivery to anywhere in mainland UK and if you order £50 worth of products you get five 10ml bottles of e-liquid. These offers give you more of an incentive to spend more on each visit, while it is obviously beneficial for the company to sell more product, it’s also beneficial to you as well.

The Joyetech website has all of their warranty information in their support section. It states that there is a 28 day parts warranty on hardware, unless stated otherwise elsewhere in the packaging and that covers any parts that are not meant to be replaced regularly. For our favourite e-liquid companies check this page.

What Type of Products are Joyetech Selling?

When you enter the Joyetech site you know instantly that the site is aimed at people who are not interested in the technical side of vaping. It is purely for people who want to vape and not for modders and their ilk. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have a large selection of products though. The current categories that they have in stock are:

  • New ReleasesJoyetech vape pens
  • Starter Kits
  • E-Cig Kits
  • E-Liquid
  • Mods and Batteries
  • Tanks and Atomizers
  • Accessories
  • Offers
  • Autumn Sale
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The new releases section is perfect for people who like to stay at the forefront of the vaping scene. If you’re the person who always wants the newest gear, then this category is for you.

Starter kits are pretty self explanatory. If you’re just getting started with vaping then the starter kits section is for you.

The e-cig kits and e-liquids sections are for people who have been vaping for a while but want to experience something a little different.

Mods and batteries and tanks and atomizers are both for the more serious vaper. If you want to get the absolute most out of your vaping experience, then this category is where you should be browsing.

Accessories is for all of those bits and bobs you never think you need but can’t find when you do need them. If you’ve lost your charger then the accessories category is probably where you should head towards.

The offers and Autumn sale categories are for the bargain hunters amongst you. If you’ve got a nose for a deal then it might be worth a look in there.

You should always ensure that you research the product you like the look of thoroughly. While Joyetech do have a very extensive warranty and refund policy it doesn’t include you not being happy with a product. Look up what it is you like the look of and make sure that it has a good chance of living up to your expectations.

Products That Stand Out

Eleaf icare

The starter kits are an excellent range for the vaper who is new on the scene. In particular the Eleaf icare e-cigarette kit is perfect for someone who wants to find out if vaping is for them. With a great introductory price of £10 (at the time of writing) which is a reduction from the original price of £19.99 it’s an inexpensive way to make your first steps towards going smoke free. It comes with everything you would need to get started, including a 10ml bottle of e-liquid and a user manual so if you have any hiccups you can easily resolve them.

Eleaf icare

It doesn’t have the capabilities of some of the more high tech vapes on the market, but that is to be expected with it aimed at beginners and having such a low price.

Starter kit pros

  • It is simple to get started
  • The price is excellent
  • It comes supplied with e-liquid

Starter kit cons

  • It has a very small tank
  • The wattage is very low
  • Once you have got used to it, there is not much use for it anymore


Wismec RX2 20700 Box Mod

Of course if you do want to move to a vape at the higher end of the market then Joyetech have a wide enough range to help you there as well. One of their higher end box mods is the Wismec RX2 20700 box mod.

Wismec RX2 20700 box mod

This box mod gives you the opportunity to use dual batteries so you can have an output of up to 200w. It also has a 1.3 inch display with a simple interface to allow you to navigate how your mod works with ease.


How Good is Joyetech’s e-liquid range?

Joyetech have five different brands of e-liquid available for purchase. At first look this doesn’t seem like a huge amount of variety, but when you realise there are a number of flavours and strengths within each brand you realise that there is actually a wealth of choice.

Joyetech E-liquid range

Their main e-liquid range is the TECC Titan range. This is a world renowned brand with over twenty flavours on offer and Joyetech stock twenty of them. They also stock them at a price equal to that of the TECC website. With one bottle costing £4.49 and the more you order the cheaper the price per bottle becomes. Joyetech’s e-liquid range is excellent overall and they have one of the widest range of flavours available in the UK.

Social Proof for Joyetech

Joyetech have an overall excellent rating on Trustpilot. With a rating of 9.1 from over 3000 reviews it shows that Joyetech provide a service that both satisfies customers and makes them want to share their good experience with other people. The high rating means that you should have very little trouble when ordering from Joyetech be it the actual delivery of the product or invoking their return policy.

Joyetech TrustPilot review

Overall Joyetech have an excellent online presence. Trustpilot are an independent review curator so their reviews show an unbiased snapshot of Joyetech’s customer base. This shows that the social proof for Joyetech is very good overall.

Where do Joyetech Stand in Terms of TPD Compliance?

Joyetech are completely TPD compliant at the time of writing this review. On their website there is a page dedicated to vaping regulations in their support section. Every point shows that all of their products stay within the regulations. All of their tanks are 2ml and under. None of their bottles are over 10ml. They don’t sell any e-liquid with a nicotine strength over 1.8%. This shows that Joyetech are totally willing to both stay within the TPD regulations and are willing to advertise that fact.


Joyetech offer some excellent deals on their website with a particular penchant for bulk deals. In my opinion if you regularly buy and use a large amount of e-liquid then the deals that Joyetech have on offer will save you a large amount of money. They also give you a large amount of choice for your vaping needs so you can get pretty much everything you need from their website. They also have excellent customer reviews so you can see for yourself if the product area you are interested in is catered for to a good standard.

To have a look and see what you think of Joyetech then just click here to see their full selection and product range. (

3.67/5 (9)

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