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Joyetech UK Review

Published On June 27, 2014 | By Nicole | Brands

Introduction – Joyetech UK Review

Joyetech was definitely a brand that we were excited to review, for more than one reason. They are actually one of the most talked-about E-cigs in the industry, and also offer some of the most technologically advanced products on the market. But are they really all that they are talked up to be?

Our initial look at the website was very promising. We were actually very pleasantly surprised with the number of products being offered, and found it interesting that Joyetech is one of the few companies that seems to prioritize e-go style products over the more traditional ‘minis’. Of course, we didn’t see this as a bad thing. In fact, it was a bit refreshing, especially considering that they do carry a mini kit for users who want a more ‘realistic’ experience.

The next most prominent thing that we noticed were the prices. They seemed quite a bit higher than most other brands that we have reviewed. The questions remains, however, are they offering value for the money? Here is what we found out when doing Joyetech UK review.


Positives and Negatives

Here are some of the initial pros and cons that we discovered about Joyetech products.


  • Their products are high quality and sophisticated
  • Battery power on their products is outstanding
  • Fantastic vapour production
  • They carry a wide variety of more advanced E-cig products
  • They offer a large selection of different types of E-liquid


  • esigns tend to look a bit more ‘plain’ than expected
  • Air inflow settings can be tricky to get right (only on some models)
  • Some have said that their tobacco flavours are not that great
  • Mouthpieces can sometimes be difficult to remove
  • Prices may be higher than some customers are willing to pay


What products/accessories can be purchased?

Joyetech definitely offers a wide range of different types of starter kits. One of their most reasonably priced kits, for example, is the Joye510CC Kit. This kit includes 1 150mAh battery, 1 atomizer tank, 2 atomizer heads, 1 base, 2 mouthpieces, 1 extendable USB cable, and instructions. It sells for what is actually a very affordable £24.99. It also comes in five color options; black, blue, brushed steel, pink, and purple. This model is an easy-to-use e-go style E-cig with a sleek, modern look that vapers will appreciate, though it doesn’t lend much to the ‘realistic’ experience.

If you want the more ‘realistic’ experience, than the Joyetech eRoll might be the ideal product for you. This E-cig comes in a kit that contains 1 portable charging case, 2 eRoll electronic cigarettes (consisting of 2 atomizer heads, 2 atomizer bodies, and 2 90mAh rechargeable Lithium batteries), 3 eRoll empty cartridges and a bottle of E-liquid. It sells for £54.99, which actually isn’t too bad for what you are getting.

We were surprised that Joyetech doesn’t offer a lower-cost option, maybe a kit without a PCC case. Then again, this kit is really nice. Also, once you buy it, you would be pretty much set with all of the vaping supplies that you would need, minus of course the E-liquid.

Of course, they also carry many other types of starter kits, ranging from lower-cost e-go style e-cigs to more expensive personal vaporizers. They also offer a variety of different types of E-liquid.

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Package and design

The packaging on these products seems to be very neat and tidy. The products that we have seen come in nice, sturdy cardboard boxes and are basically packaged like any small electronic device would be.

joyetech packaging

As far as design is concerned, we really liked the look of these products. They are sleek and modern… even the minis. One thing that can be said about this company is that they offer some very attractive products. Even though their prices are a bit higher, you are definitely getting something nice for the money.

Battery performance

Battery performance is said to be very strong in Joyetech products by both users and reviewers, and we found no reason to disagree. Of course, you will get more out of the larger batteries than you will out of the smaller ones, but that not unexpected.

Vapour production

Joyetech products offer a quality throat hit and a truly impressive vapour plume. If you like large amounts of vapour then you might definitely want to consider trying one of their personal vaporizers, such as the eMode for £89.99 or even the smaller eCom for £54.99.

Both of these models have variable voltage settings and can be adjusted to create the perfect amount of vapour.


Joyetech offers a truly impressive array of flavours, from classic tobacco to specialty options like banana, grape, vanilla, and coffee. They offer far more flavours than we could fit in this review, so make sure to take a look at their website for a complete list.

Joyetech e-liquid

We did, however, hear some pretty negative reports about their tobacco flavoured e-liquid. Users and reviewers alike seemed to agree that it was too sweet and chemical-tasting. One reviewer even described the flavour as ‘nauseating’. With that being said, however, it is important to remember that taste is really about personal preference.

On a more optimistic note, their specialty flavours have been rated very highly. Again, when it comes to flavour, it is really all a matter of opinion.

Nicotine levels

Most of Joyetech’s e-liquids come in four different nicotine strengths: 0mg Zero, 6mg Low, 11mg Medium, and 16mg High.

About the company

Joyetech, according to the ‘about us’ page on their website, is ‘the world’s leading electronic cigarette manufacturer’. They say that they are at the forefront of the industry, and that they have made several ‘advances’ and technical developments that have become ‘deeply established in the market’.

Joyetech is based at Blackburn, Lancashire in the UK. Since starting the company just over four years ago, they have made a number of advancements in the E-cig industry that have further defined what vaping is and how it is accomplished. According to the website, they were the ones responsible for the 510 atomizer, for developing the first e-go style E-cig, and for designing the larger ‘Tank System’ fluid storage and delivery system.
On their website, Joyetech offers a phone number that customers can use to get in touch with them for customer support. They also supply an email contact form that customers can use to get in contact with them after-hours.
Warranties vary with individual products, so it is important to check individual product warranty information before ordering. One thing that Joyetech makes pretty clear is that once a product is opened, it is not returnable unless there is something wrong with it. We were disappointed by this, though it is an understandable policy.


Value for the money

Joyetech does offer value for the money. Their products might cost more than those offered by other brands, but they offer truly incredible value for the prices and definitely seem to be dedicated to customer service. If you are looking for a high quality option and are open to spending a bit more to get a great product, then this might be a company that you should look at.

Running costs

A 10ml bottle of joyetech’s e-liquid sells for £4.99. According to most calculations, a 10ml bottle of e-liquid is equivalent to about 120 analog cigarettes. Since there are about 20 cigarettes in a pack, you could divide these numbers to find that, at this price, you are getting the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes for about £0.83.


In the end, Joyetech does a lot of things right. Their products are high in quality, they offer a satisfying throat hit and vapour plume, they offer a wide range of products, and customers should have no trouble finding a great flavour with so many options. Of course, there are a few downsides as well. Their tobacco flavours are not rated very highly, and there can sometimes be small technical issues involved in getting the mouthpieces off on some of their products. Some people also seem to think that their products can be a bit ‘plain’ on the eyes as well (Though we may have to disagree! We think they look sleek, neat, and modern).

Of course, their prices do look high at first, but once you start looking at what you will actually get for your money it seems to us like they are actually pretty fair. Can you get more for less somewhere else? Definitely. Will the quality suffer if you go somewhere else? Maybe, or maybe not depending on where you shop and on what you buy.

There are definitely comparable products out there for less, but Joyetech isn’t just high priced eye-candy. Their gear works, and they offer some truly innovative products.

3.33/5 (3)

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  1. ratgt says: sells modified product packages without prior notice/warning

    They are selling one of the most popular vaping products with the same description that all other EU vendors use while failing to mention that a crucial accessory has been removed from their package.

    Worst of all is that both the their telephone support and their manager did not tell me a simple ‘sorry’ or that they will edit the description, nor did they want to help with the missing part or to issue to me a refund.

    The only thing they cared about was to repeat the same static answers over and over again, hoping at some point that I would get tired and hang up the phone.

    Bitter aftertaste, arrogant style, shady telephone/support tactics…

    You have been warned!

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