Children and E-liquids

Keeping little ones away from E-liquids

Published On April 5, 2017 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

We all know that most E-liquids contain nicotine – and that nicotine, in any more than trace amounts, can be dangerous. Nicotine poisoning is certainly no joke, and there is a lot of concern right now, in regards to vaping, about how difficult it might be to keep children safe from exposure to nicotine.

What if a child got ahold of an E-liquid container and ingested some of it? What if they got their hands on a vape pen, chewed on it, and got some of the liquid into their mouths? What if your child spilled a container of nicotine-rich liquid all over their hands and arms, putting them at risk for skin-absorption of the dangerous chemical?

Children are certainly at a greater risk for dangerous nicotine exposure and poisoning than adults, and the reasons for this are pretty simple. First of all, children often don’t understand that what they are doing could be dangerous (to them, an E-liquid bottle might just look like a toy – not a vial of base that contains enough of a dangerous chemical to potentially kill them in a large enough dose).

And secondly, children are smaller than adults – making them more susceptible to dangerous chemicals altogether. With a lower body weight, less muscle mass, and generally smaller biological systems, dangerous chemicals, even in smaller amounts, pose a much greater risk for them than they do for grownups.

So with that being said… how can we keep our little ones away from E-liquids?

This is a really good question. But in this blog post, we are going to share some of the best and most common-sense answers to it that we’ve been able to find. Hopefully, this information will help you to keep your child/children as safe as possible while you vape, and will enable you to adopt better habits for storing, using, and handling your nicotine E-liquid and other vaping supplies.

These are obviously not all of the possible rules… but they are some of our favourites, and we also consider them some of the most-important.

Rule Number One… Keep Everything Out Of Reach

Never store your E-liquids, vape pens, or anything that could even potentially have nicotine on or in them, anywhere out in the open where your kids could reach them. Keep them out of reach, out of sight, and behind lock-and-key. The top shelf of a cabinet that you could lock, or on the top shelf of a closet, inside a lock-box or safe, are both examples of places that could help to keep your children from accessing your vaping gear.

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A locking medicine cabinet could also work.

Rule Number Two… Communicate With Your Children About The Dangers Of E-liquid

Make sure that your child knows that E-liquid is not to be messed with. Your children will see you handling E-liquid fairly often if you tend to use your vape pen on a regular basis, so use these opportunities to talk to your children about why you vape, the dangers of smoking, and why they should never touch a vape pen or a bottle of E-liquid.

You might feel a bit shy when it comes to talking to your kids about this – but you shouldn’t feel like you have to be. Your children want to listen to you and learn from you, and being open and honest with them (if they are old enough) about the dangers of nicotine can be a very helpful way to avoid problems in the future.

Never Make Exceptions To Safety Rules

It can be easy to overlook the rules sometimes. Maybe you leave your E-liquid out, from time to time, in your bedroom – knowing that your kids rarely (if ever) even open the door during the day. Maybe your office is off-limits to your children, so you keep your vape pen out in the open and sitting on your desk in this room when you’re not around.

Or maybe you’re running late, and just throw the E-liquid on top of the refrigerator one afternoon instead of putting it back into the locking cabinet, just to save a few minutes.

Little exceptions to safety, like those mentioned here, can lead to disaster – so never allow yourself the opportunity to avoid safety habits for something as simple as convenience or saving time. Think about it this way… if something can happen, then there is a chance that it might… and leaving your E-liquid out in the open, even if you only do it once in a great while, can put your children at risk.

So please try not to do it. Always keep your vaping supplies locked up tightly when you’re not using them, as this will make a world of difference for our kids where safety is concerned.

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