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Kik E-cig Review

Published On July 1, 2014 | By Nicole | Brands

Introduction – Kik E-cig Review

Kik is an electronic cigarette company that claims to pride itself on ‘quality, service, and customer satisfaction.’ They offer a pretty decent, yet limited range of E-cig products, as well as a fairly incredible variety of E-cig flavours.

One of the very first things that we noticed about Kik were the prices of their products. We have reviewed a lot of expensive and cheap E-cigs, but Kik is probably one of the more reasonably priced brands that we have come across, especially when you look at the prices on their starter kits.

To start things off, we will briefly discuss the Kik website. It is a fairly stylish site with attractive splashes of color. It is simple and to the point, and isn’t overly flashy. Simple menu options include Vape Kits, E-Liquids, Gold E-Liquid, Accessories, E-Cig Kits, Desire, About, and FAQ’S. There are also links to their social media sites at the top, which is nice if you want to follow them on Twitter or ‘Like’ them on Facebook.

It seems to be pretty obvious from the advertisements on the website that they are catering to people who want a cool, trendy vaping experience, and their products definitely seem to fit this bill. We rather liked how the E-cigs were marketed. We felt that they offered a pretty strong presence and image… but read our Kick e-cigs review to learn more.


Positives and Negatives

Here were some of the initial positives and negatives that we discovered about Kik E-cig products.


  • Their prices are pretty low
  • E-liquid offers a great throat hit
  • Products seem to be high in quality for the price
  • They offer a truly impressive array of different types of E-liquid
  • Their prices are pretty low


  • They don’t offer many starter kit options
  • It would seem that you cannot buy accessories like extra chargers or batteries without buying a new starter kit
  • There really isn’t much information provided about the products on the website
  • Very limited supply of products in general


  • A few additional starter kits have beed added to the site which is a plus
  • Accessory range has also increased since we wrote the initial review
  • Product range has increased but I feel that there’s more Kik can do, which I am sure they will within time

We’re impressed that KIK have actually looked at our feedback and improved where they could. I wish more brands would do the same. Fair play to them!


What products/accessories can be purchased?

Actually, there are not many products available on the Kik website. There is an E-go style starter kit called the Vape 01 that comes with a charger, a battery, and a clearomizer for £14.95, and a mini-style starter kit simply called the Starter Pack that sells for £9.95. This kit comes with 1 battery, 1 USB charger, and 2 fully loaded filters.

There were two things about this company that really surprised us by the time we got to this point in our research. The first was that there is really not much information provided about the products. In fact, there is a product called the Desire offered on a separate page for £9.95 that we are still pretty confused about. To the best of our knowledge it seems to be a disposable, but the website doesn’t actually say that (as far as we could tell). In fact, the web content on the site itself seemed a bit poorly written.

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Update: We did learn that the Desire was in fact a disposable. We found out by zooming in on a picture of the packaging haaa. On the physical photo of the package, the word ‘disposable’ could be made out.

The second thing that surprised us was that there was literally only ONE accessory available: extra clearomizers. That was it. As far as we could tell, there were no extra batteries or chargers offered for sale on any part of the website. Of course, having fewer products doesn’t necessarily make a company a bad one, but we were, nonetheless, thoroughly surprised by this fact.

One thing that they do carry is a wide range of different E-liquid types. We will discuss these a bit later on in the review.

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Package and design

We thought that the packaging on Kik products was fine, though not exceptional. From what we saw it was a bit plain, though packaging does not necessarily determine how high in quality a product will be. The designs of the products were also pretty standard. Kik seems to make an effort to make their products stand out as cool and innovative, and to a point their products do reflect this, though there are probably some ‘cooler’ products out there that are being marketed just a little bit better.

kik e-cigs packaging

Still, for the money, it is tough to beat what they are selling. They are, after all, offering products at incredibly low prices. We have probably reviewed less than a handful of E-cig companies that have offered starter kits at prices lower than those offered by Kik.

Battery performance

Battery performance on Kik products seems to be pretty typical. They really didn’t give us any reason to complain. One word to describe these starter kits may be ‘generic’, though we have not really heard of any serious, wide scale complaints about the products.

Vapour production

Vapour production, again, seems to be typical. No reason to complain. ‘Generic’ may once again be a good term to use in this category. They might not be the best, but they get the job done. They deliver a pretty good vapour plume with a surprisingly good throat hit without eating up the battery too quickly.


kick e-liquidsHere is where Kik really stood out and caught our attention. As of when this review was written, Kik offered 65 different E-liquid flavours, ranging from tobacco, to menthol, to a huge variety of specialty flavours.

As usual, we were thrilled to see that Kik offered so many e-liquid options, though we were also thrilled to find out that many people love the throat hit offered by Kik.

Some users have said that Kik e-liquid is perfect for people who are just getting off of cigarettes, mostly because the kick offered by the liquid is just as satisfying as that given off by a regular analog cig.

Nicotine levels

Nicotine level options vary by flavour, though most of them offer four basic nicotine strengths: 0mg, 11mg, 16mg, and 24mg.

About the company

Kik is a UK based company that sells E-cigs and E-cig products. Their products are free from tar, carbon monoxide, and other harmful chemicals generally associated with analog cigarette use.

Kik supplies a phone number on their official website that buyers/customers can use to get in touch with them. There is also an email contact form supplied that could be used to contact the company on off hours or during holidays. Kik also maintains a fairly active social media presence and seems to do a fairly good job with customer service.
According to their website, Kik currently only delivers to UK street addresses. They offer free shipping on orders over £30, which is actually a pretty good deal. It might also be worthwhile to mention that they actually offered quite a bit of information on their website about their delivery policies, which was nice. They made it very easy to understand exactly what customers could expect in terms of delivery times and costs.
Kik basically offers a standard 30 day money back warranty for faulty items. They say on their website to contact them if you want to return your purchase for any reason, but that they cannot normally give refunds unless the products were faulty or defective.


Value for the money

Our official opinion of Kik is that they do offer value for the money, especially when you consider how low their prices are. You might be able to get higher-quality E-cig products, but are you going to be able to get them or this price? There are only a few E-cig retailers that offer prices this low.

Running costs

10ml bottles of e-liquid cost you £3.95 per bottle if you buy them from Kik. Most people tend to agree that a 10ml bottle of e-liquid will give you the equivalent of about 120 cigarettes-worth of vaping. If you figure that there are 20 cigarettes to a pack, then with some simple division we find that the average vaper will be paying the equivalent of £0.66 for a packs-worth of e-liquid, which is actually a very, very affordable price.


We learned a lot of things about Kik that we liked, though we would have liked to learn more. Unfortunately, the product descriptions on their website were pretty vague, and there wasn’t a lot of information provided. Still, we did find out that they offer some very affordable products, that their e-liquid is very cost efficient, and that they offer an incredible variety of different types of e-liquid.

If you are in the market for an affordable E-cig kit and are not afraid to start with something basic, or if you are looking for some new e-liquid and want to get it at a fantastic price, then Kik might be a great company to check out.

3.43/5 (28)

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70 Responses to Kik E-cig Review

  1. Jo says:

    Having purchased a few kits from Kik I don’t find that they last as long as other makes. I was very disappointed today as I returned one battery to the shop in Leicester that I have only had for 3 months only to be told that I had no rights to return the item as I was out of my 30 day warranty. I have 3 battery to ensure that I always have a charged one so it had not been in constant use. I find it appalling that Kik only guarantee an item within the first 30 days of purchase, thank goodness it wasn’t a £60 item!! Having only purchased Kik items for the last year I will now be finding a company that offers more of a guarantee. I have a battery that I purchased almost 3 years ago from a competitor that is still going strong. POOR SERVICE FROM Kik. The assistant didn’t even offer a repair or replacement!

    • Catherine Connelly says:

      I’m a little annoyed with them too.kike you I have two e cigs so that one really doesn’t get that hammered on its own. I’ve a real cheapie and a KIK.the Kik is pretty much useless after 8 weeks. It wasn’t that expensive so I don’t suppose I’ve much to complain about but still pretty annoying

  2. Tony simmons says:

    Their Leicester shop is closed and the website is down, are they out of business.??

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