KIK Vape 03 review

Kik Vape 03 E-cig Review

Published On November 17, 2015 | By Nicole | Product Reviews
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80 %

Vapour 80%
Throat Hit 80%
Price 95%
Battery Life 75%
Our Rating 80%

Quick Intro – Kik Vape 03 E-cig Review

The Kik Vape 03 is a new and improved vaporizer that’s been added to Kik’s lineup as an intermediate-level vaping device – though it’s also fair to say that, right from the start, it has a bit more to offer than most products in its price range. It was designed to be sleek, stylish, and impressive. Key features of this kit include a spinner battery with a variable voltage setting, an airflow controller, and a high-capacity 900mAh battery.

But does it live up to the hype?

I’ll admit that we were pretty impressed with it right out of the box. It seems like a solid kit, and Kik seems to have done a lot of things right with it.

Here’s what we found out over the course of our research.

Pros and Cons


  • The kit offers a lot of value for the money
  • It’s well made and well put together
  • The airflow control is awesome
  • The fact that this pen comes with a variable voltage setting is definitely an upside
  • The battery is powerful enough to last for several days without needing a charge


  • It might have been nice to get some kind of carrying case included in the starter kit

What’s in the starter kit?

The Kik 03 Starter Kit comes with one 900mAh EVOD Spinner Battery, the Protank 2, and a USB charger. It also comes with a rather stylish flip case and a user manual.

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Charging takes anywhere from 3.5 to 5 hours, depending on the state of the battery and how depleted it is – which isn’t too bad.

The battery that comes with this kit is a 900 mAh EVOD battery – which actually offers a better capacity than most that are offered in kits within this price range. One awesome thing about this battery is that it offers some variable voltage options, via a ‘spinning control’ at the base of the battery itself. The voltage settings range from 3.2 to 4.8 volts – which is actually pretty sweet for a simple vape-pen battery.

You can definitely expect a battery with this capacity to last you for a few days before it’ll require a charge.

Turning the device on is pretty straightforward. Just click the battery button five times and you’re good to go. An LED ring light will let you know that it’s on. To turn it off, simply repeat this process. To vape, you simply hold it down for as long as is desired.

Product Specs:

  • Does it come with a charger?: Yes
  • Charging time: 3.5-5 hours
  • Battery Included: Rechargeable
  • Battery Capacity: 900mAh
  • Variable Voltage: 3.2-4.8 volts
The Kik Vape 02 was definitely a nice device, but it lacked some of the more advanced features that ship standard with the 03. The older version sported no variable voltage settings, no glass drip-tip, and came with the first Protank – not the Protank 2.
This vape pen comes equipped with 510 threading – making it a pretty standard choice for eGo users.

What we think of this kit

Overall, this is a decent vaporizer for the money. It offers a lot of value for the cost, and is in a super-affordable price range – making it an easy purchase for first-time vapers who are looking for a beginner to intermediate-level kit that performs at a much higher level than most.

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The 900mAh battery and the Protank 2 really add some value to this kit. And when you also take into account that it comes with a real glass drip-tip, an airflow controller, and a variable voltage setting option, it’s actually surprising that it doesn’t cost more than it does.

For the price, this vape pen is a definite bargain. The starter kit offers tremendous quality, and we highly recommend it if you’re looking for something that you can pick up and learn to use quickly and easily.

And here’s our video review

Attention! Just a quick update! As it turns out the glass tip on the ProTank 2 is actually removable, only it takes a bit of twisting around and pulling it stronger for the first time it’s being removed. After that it’s a fairly easy process.

Appearance and Feel

The box is minimal, but still nice. The user manual is a simple, three-page, full color affair that tells you pretty much everything you need to know. It includes a full diagram schematic of the Kik 03, as well as instructions for use and charging.

The charger that comes with this kit is pretty basic. It feels sturdy enough, and screws directly onto the battery with 510 threading. It has a USB plug-in on the end and a LED indicator light to let you know when the battery has been completely charged.

The battery looks pretty awesome, right out of the box. It’s actually bigger than my and Andy’s fist – which gives it a better grip and makes the product easier to use in-general. It has a rubber-like feel to it, and stainless steel hardware – making it sturdy and easy to hold onto.

The tank is also pretty nice. The drip tip is glass, which is a nice feature – though the tank itself seems to be made of plastic.

When it’s all assembled, the Kik 03 is a pretty long vape pen – but it’s comfortable to hold and easy to use, so no complaints.


The tank has a variable airflow controller on the bottom – which makes it easy to control how difficult it is to draw air through the device. This is definitely an upside, as being able to control this function is vitally important to getting the perfect vape. What makes this feature even better is that most vape pens in this category don’t come with such advanced controls. Having an airflow control on the Kik 03 definitely increases its value.

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It’s pretty easy to replace the coils on the Protank 2, which is always nice. This reduces the long-term operating cost of the device and gives it better longevity, which is never a bad thing. Replacement coils for this device are also super-cheap – which is another upside!

Attaching the tank to the battery is pretty straightforward. They simply screw together. After that, all you need to do is fill the tank with E-liquid, and you’re ready to start vaping.

If you crank this vape pen up to the maximum voltage, then you’re going to get quite a bit of vapor. To be honest, you’ll probably be surprised by how much it puts out. Of course, the flavor tends to have a bit of a kick to it in this range, so dialing it back to somewhere around 4 volts might end up giving you the best of both worlds.


One small drawback is that the glass tip can’t be pulled out for cleaning. You can still clean it, but it’s more complicated than it would be if you could simply pull it out and run it under some water.

Another possible drawback is the fact that it didn’t come with a soft carrying case or some other way to protect it in your pocket – but really, this is a small complaint and barely worth mentioning.

Company Address and Contact Details

The official company address is as follows…

Vape Nation Ltd

4 Beacon Road,Trafford Park,Manchester,M17 1AF

Kik can also be reached by phone at 0330 024 0121, or by email via an email contact form that’s supplied on the official website.

Additional recommended products from this company

Kik sells a pretty wide range of E-liquids that you’ll probably want to check out if you’re thinking about ordering one of their vape pens. They carry tobacco, menthol, fruit, and other specialty flavors, all of which seem to get an OK but mixed feedback – so make sure to check them out if you stop by the official Kik website.

Screenshot of the Website

Kik e-cig website

Attention! During the last 2 years we have received quite a few comments about other KIK products, which were not necessarily the best, but if you have tried this particular vape pen, we would love to hear from you so do leave your feedback.


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  1. KIK says:

    Thank you so much for your review,

    However just to note, the glass mouthpiece is removable on the Protank 2.

    Many thanks again


  2. Nicole says:

    Thanks Annie! We didn’t realize that at first but have now updated this page, as well as added a note on our YouTube channel.

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