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Liberro Review

Published On June 25, 2014 | By Nicole | Brands

Introduction – Liberro Review

Liberro is an E-cig brand that was founded by a man named Simon Christou. He was a self-proclaimed ‘devoted tobacco smoker’ who discovered E-cigs in 2008 and never went back. He eventually ended up starting his own E-cig company, and that was how Liberro was born.

Upon first inspection, this E-cig company earns high marks for having an attractive website. We were also pretty impressed with how simple it was to navigate. The menu options are very specific, making it simple to find what you are looking for.

Your initial category options are E-cigs, E-cigars, E-pipes, E-liquids, carts/tips, accessories, about E-cigs, about Liberro, and contact us. This company definitely offers a wide variety of different products, as is easy to tell from the different menu options on their home page.

One thing that we were very interested in were the E-pipes. This is a product that we have been seeing more and more of lately, but it is still a unique product that you definitely don’t find with every E-cig retailer. Liberro also offers a full range of different types of E-cigs and covers everything from realistic minis to variable voltage personal vaporizers.

Needless to say, we were pretty excited to get into their products and find out as much as we could. Here is what we discovered while writing our Liberro review..


Positives and Negatives

Here are some of the initial pros and cons of Liberro products.


  • Products are made from high-quality components
  • Their Realis Mini is one of the most realistic E-cig minis on the market; fantastic E-cig for beginners
  • They offer a good selection of flavours, including many specialty flavours
  • Customer support is friendly and very helpful


  • Though they carry some different products, they actually don’t have a ton of starter kit options
  • Battery life on their minis isn’t great unless you are using a PCC with them to keep them charged
  • Some of their flavours do not give you nicotine-free options


What products/accessories can be purchased?

As far as E-cigs are concerned, there are three basic products offered by Liberro. They carry a mini called the Realis, a disposable called the Go, and an ego style called the Zenith.

The Go disposables are one-piece disposables that can be used without committing to buying full starter kits, and are available for only £5.99. The Realis Starter Pack comes with 2 90mAh rechargeable batteries, 6 disposable cartomizers, 1 personal charging case, 1 USB charging cable, and 1 free 30ml bottle of e-liquid for only £39.00. The Zenith Amo Solo Starter Pack contains 1 manual rechargeable battery, 1 clearomiser, 1 USB rapid charger, 1 travel case, and 1 free 10ml bottle of E-liquid for £22.00.

Of course, they also offer E-pipes and E-cigars as well. You can buy disposable E-cigars for only £13.00 each. They make great gifts and serve as a healthier, safer substitute for real tobacco cigars.

The E-pipe can be obtained in the TouchSense ePipe Starter Pack, which contains 2 rechargeable 900 mAh batteries, 1 manual wooden pipe body, 8 disposable tips, 1 USB rapid battery charger, 1 E-liquid blend set, which includes 3 10 ml bottles of E-liquid, and a 3 month warranty, all for £59.00.

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We were pretty happy with what Liberro was offering in terms of products. They don’t carry very many starter kits (really only one or two per product), but they do offer a decent variety and have something for every experience level.

Package and design

The product packaging was definitely neat and attractive. The Realis, for example, comes in a neat and tidy cardboard box with a well-designed removable lid. The products are placed within the packaging attractively, just as you would expect any high-end electronic device to be.

Liberro Realis packaging

As far as design is concerned, Liberro does a good job of ranging from realistic to modern. Their Realis is definitely realistic, while their e-go style Zenith definitely occupies the opposite end of the spectrum. They probably don’t have any products that are considered ‘incredibly fancy’, but they do look good. We wouldn’t have a problem taking any of these products out to the club with us after hours.

Battery performance

Battery performance on these products is pretty typical. The Realis actually has a very short battery life (usually only about 40 minutes of use), but that is not unexpected when you take into account how small it is.

Also, the kit that it comes in also includes a PCC that can charge the Realis battery four times from empty to full before the PCC itself must be charged again, so unless you are constantly vaping throughout the day you will probably not have much of a battery life issue with this model.

Liberro batteries

Their larger models have a better battery life and last longer, mostly because the batteries themselves are simply larger than those that come with the Realis. All in all, we couldn’t complain here.

Vapour production

Vapour production on the Liberro products was very good. Even the Realis, which is incredibly small, offers a very plentiful vapour plume when activated. The throat hit is also very satisfying. There are definitely no issues with vapour production in Liberro products.


Liberro offers quite a few different flavours. Of course, they offer the standard tobacco and menthol type flavours, though they also offer some specialty options like Coconapple, Koala Kola, Blueberry Twist, Maple Cured, Rich Corona, Fruit Crush, and more.

We are always glad to see specialty options offered by E-cig companies, and while there may be E-liquid manufacturers out there who offer more flavours, it would definitely seem that Liberro offers a good selection and a high quality E-liquid product.

Liberro e-liquid

As far as taste goes, we have heard good things about their flavours. Some users and reviewers seem to agree that the tobacco flavor is ‘different’, but that you could get used to it after vaping it for a while.

Nicotine levels

Liberro offers different nicotine levels for different products. Most of their specialty flavours, for example, only come in 1.8%, though flavours like Knightsbridge actually come in 0%, 1.1%, 1.4%, 1.8%, 2.4%, and 3.6%.

About the company

Liberro was founded by a man named Simon Christou. According to the website’s ‘about Liberro’ section, Simon founded the company after discovering E-cigs for himself in 2008. He said that discovering the safer, healthier alternative was life-changing, and decided to take the plunge and start a company to help bring high quality smoking alternatives to other smokers like him.

According to users and reviewers, Liberro customer support is outstanding. They offer several methods of communication on their website, including a telephone number. If you want to find an E-cig company with a reputation for customer service quality, then Liberro may be a definite option for you!
ipping prices range from £2.99 for UK 2-3 day shipping to £14.99 for orders outside of the European Union. Shipping is free on orders over £100, however, even if the order is not a UK order.
Liberro offers a standard 7 day ‘cooling off’ period, as is pretty standard in the industry. They also offer a 30 day limited warranty that you can use to return products that are damaged or that stop working soon after you have received them.


Value for the money

This company definitely offers value for the money. There might be comparable products out there on the market for less, though finding them may not be so easy. Liberro seems to keep customer service a priority and offers a little bit of something for everyone. Their prices are also pretty competitive when you take into account what you are getting with most of the starter kits.

Running costs

A 10ml bottle of E-liquid is generally considered to be the equivalent of about 120 cigarettes. When you take into account that cigarettes usually come in packs of 20, you can easily calculate that, with Liberro, you are getting about the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes for £0.92.


In the end, we were pretty pleased with what we found with Liberro. They don’t have a ton of starter kit options and, to be honest, they don’t carry a ton of products, but they do carry a wide selection of basic products and make it easy to find something that would work for just about any user. On a good note, the products are high in quality and perform well. If you are a beginner vaper looking for something to get you started or even an experienced vaper looking for a new E-cig, then odds are good that you will be interested in seeing what Liberro has to offer.

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