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Liquid Zwo E-liquid Review

Published On March 1, 2017 | By Nicole | E-liquids


In this review, we will actually be talking about two different types of Liquid Zwo E-liquid… flavours 1 and 2 in the product line – which are named Snake Kiss and Kitten’s Breath respectively. They are from a new line of flavours from Jac Vapour, and look super awesome!

The names were quite ominous – but nonetheless, we were excited to get into them and see what they were like!

We took a look at the packaging and the bottles, and even conducted a vape test. For the vape test, we used a Jac Vapour Series S Vape Pen. We used a 0.5 coil for the vape test, and used a fresh coil for each different liquid – just to make sure that none of the flavours got muddled together!

Alright… with that being said, here’s what you need to know.

About The E-Liquid

So, the first thing that we noticed about these E-liquids was the packaging. They came in brightly-colored, light cardboard tubes… the #1 flavour in green, and the #2 flavour in like a hot-pink color. The bottles rattled around a bit on the inside – but all in all, we loved this packaging.

In truth, these tubes were a bit larger than normal because Liquid Zwo is apparently using up the larger packages that it won’t need after the TPD regulations come out – which explains the rattling and the fact that the tubes are a bit larger than they need to be (they were actually designed for 30ml bottles).

The bottles that the liquids came in were pretty much classic bottles – complete with excellent child-safety lids. They were 10ml in size, well-labeled, and contained a batch number, as well as a use-by date. These liquids are also produced in the UK, which is pretty awesome.

At the moment, there are only two different flavours in this series – but we are pretty sure that Jac Vapour will be adding more from Liquid Zwo range quite soon!

The bottles were easy to fill the tank with. They were squeezy and did a great job of helping us to get the liquid down into the tank.

  • The Base/Mix

These E-liquids were both made with a mix of 50/50 PG and VG, so they are equal blends – which we liked.

  • Ingredients
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We weren’t quite able to find a specific ingredient list for these products – but we do know that they contains at least the following… Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine, and Flavourings.

  • Nicotine Strength

The bottles that we got were both 6mg in strength.

Here is how Jac Vapour describes the Snake Kiss flavour on the official website…

A fruity bite with a fizzy end. Not deadly.

A lovely strawberry base with a fizzy refreshing zing of a finish.

And here is how they describe the Kitten Breath Flavour…

This liquid has lovely sweet notes, fruity undertones with a kick of passion fruit wrapped up in a creamy finish.

One 10ml bottle of either of these liquids will run you about £5.99. They are a bit on the expensive side – but they are premium quality and definitely top-level flavours!

Our Thoughts

Snake Kiss was the first of the two flavours that we tried. First off, we noticed great clouds from this liquid – which was awesome! Secondly, we found out very quickly what the website meant when it described this flavour as having a ‘fizzy zing!’ It is quite citrus-like, and has a strong lime flavour… but we actually didn’t taste much in the way of strawberries with this one.

What we did taste, however, was a hint of licorice… which was quite different! Honestly, the best thing that we could think of to compare the taste too was absinth!

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This liquid was a bit too intense to vape all day long – but it was a very different type of flavour, and we liked it. The throat hit was a bit strong – but not too strong.

Next, we tried Kitten’s Breath.

The clouds that we got with this liquid might have even been bigger than they were with the first flavour… which was surprising.

We were happy that this liquid was smoother and had less of a throat hit than the other. It also had an almost orange-like flavour to it, and there was definitely a creamy finish – almost like a custard cream.

We found that we preferred this flavour slightly over the Snake Kiss flavour – though we really did like them both, and would definitely purchase them again!

Other E-liquids we recommend from this brand

These are the only two liquids thus-far that Jac Vapour are selling on their website. But, with that being said, they also carry a wide range of different flavours in their UK E-liquid line… all of which are made right here in the UK, so you can be sure that the quality will be at a premium level.

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If you’re looking for some excellent E-Liquid options, Jac Vapour would be a fine first-choice as a shopping place.

5/5 (3)

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