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Matchless E-cig Review

Published On February 24, 2016 | By Nicole | Brands

Matchless E-cig Review

Matchless E-cig is, according to the official website, ‘an independent UK based company based in Bromsgrove.’ They offer quite a few different rechargeable E-cig starter kits, as well as a range of accessories and e-liquid flavors to go along with them.

They also offer some pretty awesome customer perks (like free shipping and a no-quibble money back guarantee).

I was pretty impressed right from the beginning with the company’s website. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I’d never heard of them before – but what I found was surprisingly positive.

The website seemed to work well, and I had no trouble finding out what I needed to know – which was refreshing. It also made the review process more ‘straightforward’ than usual.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find quite a few online customer reviews about this company, leading me to believe that they’ve definitely garnered a reputation for themselves.

Pros and Cons

Here are the initial pros and cons that we discovered while researching Matchless E-cig.


  • They offer free delivery on orders over £25
  • They maintain a very customer-friendly no quibble refund policy
  • They carry a decent variety of products and starter kits
  • They have a very good reputation online
  • Their products seem to be well-made and well-thought-out


  • Some customers have said that cartridge refills sometimes end up being faulty upon delivery – though the no quibble return policy should make this an easy fix if it ever happens
  • I’ve seen some reviews where customers have complained that the payment system can sometimes cause delays

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What products/accessories can be purchased?

You can buy starter kits, batteries, chargers, E-liquids, refill cartridges, and just about anything else you would need for one of the starter kits on this website.

The selection wasn’t amazing, but they do give you a decent array of options – and they seem to offer a lot of quality for the money on what they do carry.

Product that stands out

One of the best deals on this website (in my personal opinion, anyway) seemed to be the Matchless BA Premium Tank Kit. This kit sells for only £35.00, but comes with everything required to get started – including a case, 2 stainless steel batteries, a steel-covered clearomizer chamber, a lanyard, 2 coils, 2 10ml bottles of E-liquid, and instructions.

Matchless BA Premium Tank Kit

As a tank starter kit offered at such a reasonable price, it seemed like an exceptionally good deal.

Packaging and design

The packaging on these products seemed relatively plain – but it was presentable, and it did the trick – so really, there was nothing to complain about in this department.

The designs of the products themselves seemed to strike me similarly. The cig-a-likes (this company offers several e-cig mini options) looked pretty realistic, and the vaporizers looked sleek and modern.

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All in all, I was pretty impressed with how everything looked. The products offered on Matchless E-cig weren’t necessarily what I would consider ‘fancy’ by any means, but they seem to work well and do what they were designed to do quite well.

User Reviews

I was able to find quite a few online customer reviews for this company, thanks to (which Matchless apparently utilizes to collect them).

The vast majority of them (over 96%, to be exact) were thumbs-up reviews and very positive. Just over 3% of the reviews were ‘iffy’, and there were actually no thumbs-down reviews – which is impressive!

Here are just a few examples of the types of reviews that I found for this company on

“Brilliant service and products.”

“Excellent service as always.”

“Top class products and top class service.”

You can view more reviews for Matchless E-cigs on

Product choice

The product choice was pretty good on this website – but not necessarily ‘incredible’. They offer a somewhat limited range of products – but the products that they do offer seem well-made. They carry 6 rechargeable E-cig starter kits. These range from simple cig-a-like kits to vaporizers. They even carry a few variable voltage vaporizers – which seem really nice and highly reviewed.

They also carry all of the accessories that you could possibly need for use with their starter kits, and do a pretty good job of offering batteries at affordable prices.


Matchless E-liquidUnfortunately, Matchless doesn’t offer a ton of flavor options. They carry only 6 different types of E-liquid, and the only two specialty flavors that they offer are Vanilla and Cherry.

These flavor options are mirrored in their refill cartridges – which actually isn’t that surprising. Companies like this rarely carry a ton of cartridge flavors – though I’ll admit that I was a bit surprised that they don’t offer more in terms of E-liquid bottles.

Still, E-liquid is easy to find – and it shouldn’t be difficult to find whatever types of flavors you want by shopping on other websites. We just wished that Matchless carried a few more options.

Nicotine Levels

Matchless offers refill cartridges in 0mg, 16mg, and 24mg nicotine strengths. They also offer bottles of E-liquid in 12mg, 16mg, 18mg, and 24mg strengths.

About the Company

Matchless says this about themselves in the ‘about us’ section of the website.

“Matchless was formed in 2010 and since then has been devoted to bringing the best quality electronic cigarettes and liquids into the growing vaping market. We develop and produce our own unique brand of ecigs and e-liquids. Our products have been meticulously designed to bring the best possible quality vaping experience to our customers.”

This company was formed back in 2010, and create their own products and E-liquids.

Location: Matchless, PO BOX 16889 Bromsgrove B60 9JG

Phone Support: 01527 557825

Matchless maintains a phone number on their website that you can make use of if you have questions, comments, or need to place an order. They also maintain an E-contact form on their website that you can use if you’d rather get in touch with them via email.
This company actually offers free delivery on orders totaling £25 or more – which is great. I’m always impressed with companies that offer free shipping – because it makes ordering online much less of a hassle and helps to keep extra expenses to a minimum.
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Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

I was actually very impressed with the return policy offered by Matchless. Their return policy basically states that they’ll give you a refund for any reason – even if you’re not completely satisfied. They don’t even require you to return the products – which is a bit strange!

This company definitely deserves two thumbs up for their return policy. Not many E-cig companies offer this kind of a guarantee anymore – which makes it even more unique.

Value for the money

Matchless offer good value for the money – especially if you buy their vape pens and refill with E-liquid. The cartridges offer a lot of value as well, but you might end up getting more bang for your cash with the E-liquids, as cartridges usually don’t do quite as well in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Running costs

You can buy a pack of 5 refill cartridges for £7.49 on the official product website, or a 10ml bottle of E-liquid for as low as £2.79 – which is awesome. The prices for refills on this website are better than they are on most other websites – so kudos to Matchless for keeping prices low and for providing value to their customers.


I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised with Matchless E-cigs. They don’t offer a ton of different options for starter kits, but they do offer free shipping and a customer friendly return policy.

We really felt that their products provide enough of a selection that most vapers could find what they’re looking for. They even carry some variable voltage vaporizer models.

The website is also very well-done, and their customer reviews are certainly evidence of the fact that Matchless is doing something ‘right’ in terms of customer service.

If you’re looking for a new electronic cigarette and want a good deal on refills and/or basic E-liquid, then Matchless E-cigs is certainly a company that you should take a look at before placing your order. If however, you still want to do more research then our website have plenty of other e-cig company reviews.

4.5/5 (4)

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  1. Graeme Carpenter says:


    Thanks for review and to let you know we will be launching several more new flavours within our e liquid range very shortly – along with new packaging and branding for all our products which has already taken place.

    Kind Regards


  2. Nicole says:

    I’m pleased to hear that Graeme.

  3. Darthvaper123 says:

    Having been a user of an Aspire vape for some time now, I feel as though having read this I will be very likely to try a Matchless vape.

    Thanks for the review!

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