Mouth hits and lung hits

Mouth hits and lung hits – the difference?

Published On January 30, 2017 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

If you’ve done much reading about vaping lately, then you are doubtlessly aware of the fact that there are, in fact, two different ways to vape.

There is the very well-known mouth hit – and the possibly-even-more-popular-lately lung hit.

But what is the difference between these two types of vaping styles? Are they really that different, or are they actually quite similar?

Here’s what you need to know.

Mouth Hits

A mouth hit is the type of hit you take on a regular cigarette. This type of hit is characterized by closing your mouth around the end of the cigarette (or device), and creating an ‘airtight seal.’ Then, you gently inhale and bring vapour or smoke into your mouth. Once you have the vapour in your mouth, you would then inhale it into the lungs.

This is the type of hit that people take on cigars and cigarettes because these are more difficult to take hits on than most E-cigs – and to be fair, a lot of new vapers start out hitting their vape pens like this.

A lot of people also hit their vape pens with the ‘mouth hit’ when they wish to taste as much of the flavour in the vapour as possible. So, people who tend to vape for the taste might be more likely to use this type of hit.

People who vape on smaller devices are also much more likely to use the mouth hit. A lot of smaller vape pens work better with this method because they don’t produce as much vapour with as much force. So hitting the vape pen with the mouth hit can maximize the taste and allow you to get a lot more out of the pen than you may otherwise get.

Lung Hits

Lung hits are hits that go right through the mouth and into the lungs. These types of hits are characterized by a full inhale on the vape pen or mod… where you don’t just suck air into your mouth, but draw the vapour directly and deeply into the lungs.

Lung hits are almost a requirement if you really want to hit a lot of the more powerful vaping devices effectively. Box mods, sub ohm mods, and more powerful vape pens tend to pump out quite a bit of vapour – and if you want to be able to hit them without wasting most of it, then direct-lung hits are for you.

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To lung-hit a vape pen, you simply inhale straight from the device, through your mouth, and into your lungs. You draw the air in deeply, as if you were taking a deep breath – then you hold it briefly before exhaling.

Why does it matter which method you use?

Since there are different types of vaping devices, it stands to reason that you would use different inhalation methods. In this case, you can pretty much separate E-cigs into two major categories – those that produce minimal amounts of vapour, and those that produce a lot of it. Figuring out which method is the best for you will simply depend on which type of device you are using.

If your device produces a minimal amount of vapour, then you will likely have a better experience with mouth hits.

If your device produces larger amounts of vapour, then it stands to reason that you will have a better experience if you learn to use the lung-hit method.

Obviously, if you used to smoke cigarettes, you might want to start out with the mouth hit method – as this will likely come more natural to you. But you will probably also start to work your way up to more powerful devices as you vape – which will open the door to you figuring out that vaping at more powerful levels is quite a different experience from smoking.

At any rate, vaping is a fun and satisfying habit that can help you to satiate your need for nicotine – while tasting awesome in the process!

Which do you prefer? Let us know how you vape by leaving a comment!

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