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My friend wanted to stop smoking – E-cigs helped

Published On February 22, 2016 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

My friend wanted to stop smoking – and E-cigs helped

Not too long ago, I was spending some time with a friend of mine. We had just grabbed something to drink at the store, and were getting back into the car when she told me that she had forgotten to grab a pack of cigarettes.

“I thought you were quitting?” I responded, sounding surprised.

“I want to – and I am – but it’s really hard to just stop,” she replied. “Sometimes it’s just really hard not to buy more cigarettes, especially when everyone around me smokes.”

She was admittedly dealing with a pretty common problem. All of her coworkers smoked. Her other half smoked. All of her siblings smoked. Her mom smoked.

Even her little sister’s boyfriend smoked!

Everyone around her was lighting up, and she had been trying to quit for months. Sometimes she managed to stop for a week or two – but she always ended up giving in and buying another pack.

Why is quitting so difficult?

As it turns out, my friend isn’t alone. An article published on dailymail.co.uk recently cited a study that found that only 6% of people who try to quit smoking end up succeeding. That’s not a very big number – but it’s a number that makes sense.

Quitting smoking is, to put it simply, a very, very difficult endeavor.

And as for the reason why…? Well, the addictive properties of tobacco can be pretty much completely blamed on nicotine.

This article, published on news-medical.net, does a pretty good job of explaining the basics behind nicotine addiction. It has to do with receptors in the brain that are affected when the substance enters the bloodstream

The article says this about nicotine addiction and how difficult it can be to overcome.

“Because of its highly addictive properties, smoking is considered by the American Heart Association to be one of the hardest addictions to break.”

As my friend and I were discussing her nicotine addiction, I ended up telling her that she should try E-cigs. She admitted that she hadn’t thought of that – and we proceeded to go to a different store and pick her up a disposable, fruit-flavored shisha pen.

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The results were pretty immediately apparent. She took a few puffs on it, and said that it really helped to satisfy her cravings.

She said that vaping on the pen wasn’t quite the same as smoking a cigarette – but she also admitted that she felt better about it because it was healthier.

In the end, she ended up cheating a few more times and buying a pack of cigarettes or two – but she kept the vape pen, and ended up smoking far less because of it. She even bought another more expensive refillable model after a while – which she ended up liking a lot.

She’s now making excellent progress on her goals to quit smoking entirely. I’ve helped her by providing moral support and encouragement, but I’ve been reminded of two things that I almost forgot before having this experience.

1… Quitting smoking is downright difficult – no matter how you decide to do it.

2… Sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned.

She had planned on quitting cold-turkey – but that kept backfiring. It ended up leaving her so frustrated that she would often cave in and light up a cigarette anyway.

But with E-cigs, she ended up finding a way to cope that helped to provide some relief from the stress caused by her nicotine cravings. E-cigs provide an alternative to tobacco products that’s both safer and cleaner. They’re also much less expensive – which definitely doesn’t hurt anything.

It’s impossible to say if she’ll be able to stick with her no-smoking goals for the long run – but there’s little doubt in my mind that E-cigs have at least done a lot of good of helping her along thus-far.

What’s your experience with switching? I would love to hear it!

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  1. Thomas says:

    Family support plays a vital role to the success of a person if he is trying to quit smoking. Everyone should encourage him to do some activities that doesn’t involve cigarettes because in that way, it’ll be easy to divert the attention of the quitter to something else. Unfortunately if you are the one striving hard to quit smoking and everyone around you smokes, it’ll be a great challenge and there’s a big chance that you won’t succeed on your goal. Good thing e-cigarettes are available now, they are from what I believe too less harmful. Just do your research and buy something appropriate for your needs and experience.


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