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Introduction – NeatCigs Review

Neatcigs is an electric cigarette brand whose products are made and retailed in Britain, though they also ship to Ireland and other countries outside of the UK. Though they are a relatively new company (founded in 2011), they have become a very popular option for people interested in cig-a-like products (realistic E-cigs).

Their website is well designed and attractive. It was easy to navigate and placing orders is very simple. It also didn’t take long to notice that Neatcigs offers some of the most affordable E-cig products on the market. Their starter kits were among the most inexpensive that we have ever reviewed, and the rest of their products followed suit. It is true that they don’t offer quite as much variety as some other E-cig retailers, though in our opinion they offer enough products to appeal to a fairly wide range of customers.

At first glance, we liked how Neatcigs looked and we liked the prices. Of course, E-cigs in general are well-known for being safer, healthier, and cleaner than tobacco-filled cigarettes. E-cigs contain no tobacco, give off no smoke, and do not smell. Instead of smoke, they emit a harmless, flavoured vapour that dissolves quickly. They are legal to smoke virtually everywhere, and are quickly rising in popularity as more and more people quit smoking to vape.  Continue reading our NeatCigs review to learn more about this brand.


Pros and Cons

Here are some initial pros and cons of Neatcigs products.


  • Their products are well made and light-weight
  • Batteries hold a good charge
  • Vapour production is pretty good
  • Prices are extremely low


  • They don’t offer a huge variety of different types of products
  • While the do offer some specialty flavours, they don’t offer very many


What products/accessories can be purchased?

Neatcigs offers two basic starter kits. One is called the ‘Premium Starter Kit’, which is basically a simple E-go style vaporizer with a clearomizer that can be refilled with e-liquid. This kit comes with one premium battery (which gives the user 10 to 12 hours of battery life, though it is much larger than the battery on a mini), one clearomizer, and one USB charger. E-liquid needs to be purchased separately to be used with this product. This kit sells for just £7.80, which is an incredible price!

The other starter kit that they offer is called the ‘Rechargeable Starter Kit’. This is an e-cig mini kit that comes with one battery, one flavoured cartomizer, and one USB charger. At the time that this review was written, it was selling for only £4.56… which is one of the best prices on a starter kit that we have ever seen.

They also offer cartomizer refills in various flavours, e-liquid, and some disposables.

Package and Design

Our first impression of the Neatcigs packaging was very positive. The starter kits come in nicely designed card cases with the brand logo on the front. They are clean and attractive, and look a lot like regular analog cigarette cases.

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NeatCigs Packaging

As far as design is concerned, the Neatcig minis look pretty realistic. The colors will remind vapers of the colors found on analog cigarettes, and are nice enough that you won’t have a problem taking them out for a night on the town.

Battery Performance

Battery performance on these products is actually pretty good. Users and reviewers alike pretty much agree that you can expect to get anywhere from 2 to 3 hours’ worth of vaping from a single charge on a mini battery… which is actually pretty good. Of course, the premium batteries on the larger E-go style E-cigs are even better. You can expect to get about 10 hours of use out of one of these larger E-cigs.

Battery responsiveness was also reported to be pretty good.

Vapour production

Users and reviewers agree that the vapour production on the Neatcigs E-cig minis is about average. They are not outstanding, though they are definitely not deficient. If you are looking for something that is going to create massive amounts of vapour, then you may be disappointed with this brand… but if you are looking for something that works and does so pretty well, then you will likely not have an issue.


Of course, Neatcigs offers classic tobacco and menthol flavours in their refillable cartomizers, though they also offer three specialty flavours… Cherry Sensation, Strawberry Crush, and Wild Watermelon. They carry fewer flavours in their refillable e-liquid line. In addition to the tobacco flavours, the only specialty flavour that they offer in e-liquid form is Cherry Sensation.

Nicotine Levels

Neatcigs e-liquids and disposable cartomizers come in three different nicotine strengths. There is light, which contains 0.6%; regular, which contains 1.8%; and then strong, which is only available in e-liquid form. Users and reviewers alike also agree that the throat hit on Neatcigs products is pretty good, though not outstanding.

About The Company

Neatcigs is a commercial arm of Electronic Cigarettes LTD, which was founded in February of 2011. Their goal, which is described on their website, is to provide top quality E-cig products. Their business is based in the city of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. Their facility occupies 10,000 square feet. This includes offices, warehousing, and a shop front.

Neatcigs was added to the Electronic Cigarettes LTD commercial line in December of 2012, and have since become a market leader in the E-cig industry. Their main office is in Peterborough, Cambridgeshiore in the UK.
Neatcigs make it fairly easy to contact them by offering both phone numbers and email addresses that customers can use to get in touch with them. They also maintain an active storefront at their company headquarters and an email form on their website that customers can use to reach them for questions or customer support.
Neatcigs does not offer any free shipping options on their website. Instead, they give some detailed information about shipping times and say that all prices will vary depending upon current postal rates. They do say that all orders are usually shipped within two working days, and that most packages are sent using the standard 1st class packet post option with the Royal Mail.
Neatcigs offers a 7 day cooling off period, as well as a 30 day money back guarantee… though this guarantee only covers starting kits, and only one starter kit may be returned per customers. They also offer a basic one year warranty that covers manufacturer defects, etc.


Value for the money

Neatcigs definitely offers value for the money. Their starter kits are among the most inexpensive kits available on the market today, and they also offer a pretty good product for those prices. Their kits are made from high quality components, they carry some specialty flavours (not a lot of different specialty options, but they do carry some), and users report that the batteries work very well.

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If you are looking for a realistic, inexpensive e-cig option that won’t drain your bank account, then Neatcigs may definitely be an option for you to consider.

Running costs

Neatcigs have a very low long-term running cost. As of the time that this review was written, they were selling a pack of cartomizer refills for £2.52… which is an insanely low price. These are in packs of three, and one pack is the equivalent of about 120 analog cigarettes. As you can see, long term costs associated with Neatcig products are very, very low.


Neatcigs might be a smaller company, and they may be new to the e-cig market, but it definitely appears that they are doing more than a few things right. Their products have a good reputation, they offer good vapour production and a decent throat hit, their batteries work well, and they even offer a few specialty flavours for users who are not as into the taste of tobacco. They don’t offer too many options, and their range of choices isn’t groundbreaking, but they do offer both a mini E-cig and a larger e-go style vaporizer, which is basically a larger model that features a larger battery and a clearomizer that gives you the ability to use many different kinds of e-liquids.

If you are looking for a no-hassle E-cig option that will work well, give you good vapour production and battery life, and that won’t drain your bank accounts or empty your wallet in the process, then Neatcigs is definitely a brand that you should consider checking out.

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