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New E-cig Regulations To Take Effect in 2016

Published On June 22, 2014 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles, Press

New E-cig Regulations To Take Effect in 2016

Everyone knows that there has been an effort made to place some restrictions and regulations on E-cig products, though some would definitely agree that extra regulations are unnecessary.

Of course, in one camp you have those who call for tighter restrictions to control the quality of the devices, thus making them safer.On the other side, however, there is a plea to ‘leave them alone’. Some believe that more restrictions might interfere with their availability, and that this could serve as a hindrance for people who want to try E-cigs as a possible smoking cessation method.

Of course, E-cigs cannot be advertised as such, though that doesn’t keep them from being talked about in conversations about other smoking cessation methods, like the gum or the nicotine patch. The main difference, however, is that the gum and the patch are actually government-regulated, while E-cigs are not.

All of that might be getting ready to change, however, and it might be getting ready to happen in the UK as early as the year 2016.

According to the New York Times, the European Parliament approved some rules for electronic cigarettes as part of a larger overhaul on tobacco regulations in February of 2014. According to these rules, some significant changes are going to occur, though the changes are not nearly as drastic as some of the original proposals were that never made it into the vote.  (check out the New York Times article here: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/27/business/european-union-approves-tough-rules-on-electronic-cigarettes.html?_r=0)

According to these new rules, advertising for E-cigs would be banned in the 28 nations of the European Union, including the United Kingdom, just as it is for other ordinary tobacco products. The products would also need to be labeled with graphic health warnings and be childproof. There was also a limit placed on the amount of nicotine that the devices could contain. The new limit will be 20 milligrams per milliliter.

The new rules, however, do not require that E-cigs be regulated as medicines. They do not, however, prevent E-cig companies from claiming medical status for their devices. This would, in theory, allow them to be advertised as smoking cessation devices, though there would be a lot of legal hoops to jump through and the process may end up being too expensive for smaller E-cig companies to be able to afford.

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So what exactly will these regulations change?

Here is a brief list of the biggest changes that will occur as these regulations are set into motion in 2016.

1… Safety and quality requirements will be improved.

2… Packaging and labelling requirements will be put into place.This will include mandatory health warnings, instructions for use, information about the addictiveness and toxicity of E-cigs, and a list of all of the substances that the product contains. Promotional elements will also no longer be allowed on the packaging.

3… E-Cig manufacturers will be required to notify Member States before they place new products on the market. This will include information about the ingredients used in the product, the amount of nicotine it contains, and the production process used to create it.

4… E-Cig manufacturers will be required to declare that they take full responsibility for the quality and safety of their products under normal use.

5… E-Cig manufacturers will be required to report the sales volume of their products, as well as preferences and trends among their users.

Of course, this is a very brief synopsis of just a few of the major regulations contained within the Directive. You can find out more about what the effects of the Directive will be by visiting this website: http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_MEMO-14-134_en.htm.


When will it actually take effect?

Most of the new directive will apply in the first half of 2016. This will give sellers time to sell out older stock that does not comply with the new regulations. Then, it is up to the E-cig companies to either comply or close up shop in the United Kingdom.

Of course, individual states can draft additional rules and regulations, and many probably will. These regulations are actually much more limited than many people expected, giving states quite a bit of leeway in dealing with E-cigs as they see fit.


What effect will these regulations have?

At the moment, it is difficult to ascertain what kind of long-term effect these regulations will have on the E-cig market in the future. It is also difficult to determine whether or not these regulations will be added-to in the next few years.

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As of right now, the changes may be a good thing for consumers and for the E-cig industry in the long run, as it will make everything more transparent and will place a larger emphasis on safety. This might help to alleviate fears about E-cigs and finally provide some evidence for the fact that E-cigs can indeed function as a smoking cessation device and serve as a safer, healthier alternative to tobacco use.

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4 Responses to New E-cig Regulations To Take Effect in 2016

  1. harri owen says:

    in my opinion this is an outrage they are banning the product what saves peoples lives and makes them live longer they are onliy banning them beacuse they have tax on cigeretts and they dont on ecig lliquid so to make more money they ban them shouldn’t the public have a word in the disgrais of banning the healthy way of smoking we want people to not smoke and to use a ecig if this ban takes place more people will smoke and probily children will start smoking. The future will be the poulation of child smokers who are under 16 I know you won’t belive it but that is what the place will become.
    yours faithfuly
    Harri Owen

  2. paul rogers says:

    These restrictions are stupid. Firstly can only buy 10ml it’s cheaper to get a 30ml bottle. Also a limit on amount an ecig can hold ie before you refill so no more bigger tanks. I like the different flavours. I don’t like tobacco flavour I find it to harsh and hurts my throat. No variable voltage which helps when using different strengths and different flavours so can be adjusted to how u like it. There is some suggesting liquid refills will go. Due to all restrictions many companies will go bust. Lack of competition will see prices treble or more. After 2 years I can honestly say I feel I will end up back on real cigarettes as main reason I e cig is the cheaper cost. I’d price goes up might aswell just smoke fags

  3. Nicole says:

    Interesting opinion there Paul, can’t say I disagree so will see what happens and thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s always good to know what others think. 🙂

  4. Patsy Bage says:

    I totally agree with Paul.its ridiculous.people will definately turn back to the ol fags again if all these restrictions come into force.in my opinion it all boils down to it being a much much cheaper option and the powers that be want a finger in the pie.i had no choice to stop smoking.i couldnt do it without vaping.been vaping for allmost 3 years now.it definately works.i hope and pray things dont change.it all boils down to tax in my opinion.

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