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New E-NJoint Sparks Cannabis-Fueled Controversy

Published On July 4, 2014 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

New E-NJoint Sparks Cannabis-Fueled Controversy

As probably everyone realizes, E-cigs seem to be here to stay. After all, what could be better than replacing analog cigarettes with electronic devices that emulate the real thing, albeit with far fewer negative side effects and dangers? From the looks of it, E-cig makers have stumbled upon one of the best ideas to come about in a long time.

But is theirs the most interesting and controversial version of the idea? I mean, an electronic cigarette is pretty controversial, especially when it contains (gasp) nicotine, right?

Actually, they might have lost that bragging point.

e-cig jointWhen it comes to controversy, E-cigs have made quite a racket, but a company called E-NJoint B.V., located in The Netherlands, appears to have come up with a product that blows E-cigs away where controversy is concerned by developing what is being hailed as the first ‘electronic joint.’

Let’s be honest… it was only a matter of time before someone thought of this. And the fact that this has come out of The Netherlands actually makes a lot of sense.

In fact, reading about this for the first time prompted a sort of ‘oh, I should have seen that coming’ feeling that seems to be mirrored by many over the globe.

The E-NJoint is, quite literally, an electronic joint. The company offers a disposable model as well as a rechargeable model, and is also developing what they are calling a ‘vaporizer’ which seems to be something completely different, though it has not been released yet. It looks like a joint, is shaped like a joint, and even features a little green LED cannabis leaf on the end in place of the usual blue or red glow that most E-cigs are equipped with.

According to the company’s website, the E-NJoint (which is a trademarked name) is a ‘100% legal electronic joint’. The product is said to allow people to enjoy a variety of flavours while relaxing and ‘expressing themselves in a unique way.’

One thing that we noticed right away is that the product, as advertised on the website, is actually THC free. We did read in an article posted by the Daily Mail (you can find it here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2665808/Now-theres-e-Spliff-Dutch-company-develops-worlds-electronic-joint.html) that the E-NJoint can be filled by users with their own ‘cannabis liquid content’, though right now it is unclear as to whether this liquid contains THC or not.

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One of the biggest questions that we asked upon first reading this is what is the point? It seems strange that people would consider using an electronic joint that contains no THC, especially when it seems that THC is the main ingredient in cannabis that most people are after, right? I mean, THC is to the joint what nicotine is to the cigarette, isn’t it?

It is also unclear to us exactly what this will taste like. It says on the website that it comes in six different flavours, including options like passion fruit and watermelon… but isn’t the point of it to taste like a joint? Would there really be a benefit to vaping a watermelon-flavoured joint with no THC, or is it really just for novelty’s sake?

Still, even we have to admit that this is a pretty good idea. If they are allowed to be sold in European countries, they will probably sell quite a few. We are not yet sure how ‘legal’ this will be in most places (probably illegal!), and it will be interesting to see how different states move to regulate the product. But it will be sure cause a stir… of that there can be no doubt.

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