Heat Not Burn IQOS device

Will ‘Heat Not Burn’ devices render vaping obsolete?

Published On March 3, 2017 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

If you’ve done much reading about the new Marlboro IQOS system, then you’ve likely realized that the new era of tobacco devices is here.

These devices, called HNB products (Heat Not Burn), are basically devices that blend dry herb vapourizer technology with vaping technology and real tobacco to deliver a product that has many of the strengths of all three – minus many (but not all!) of the downsides.

The basic premise behind these products is pretty simple. Rolled tobacco ‘mini cigarette inserts’ are heated up in an electronic chamber, and the smoke from them is then inhaled – much like the vapour from a dry herb vapourizer. In some cases, they are even mixed with a bit of vegetable glycerin to give them more of a vapour-like feel. The nicotine and the flavour from the tobacco is obtained as the rolled leaves are heated up, but they are never set on fire.

The principle behind this concept is that many of the really bad toxins and chemicals that come from tobacco smoke are diminished by the fact that the tobacco isn’t being burned with these devices… which makes them a ‘reduced harm’ sort of device.

Heat Not Burn device

In fact, Philip Morris has applied for a ‘Reduced Risk’ label from the FDA in the United States for the IQOS… which is a designation that, to date, no other device has been able to obtain.

It will be interesting to see if the Marlboro product gets the label… but they aren’t the only company that is planning on producing and selling such a product.

We all know that cigarettes are on the way out, and it seems rather obvious that this product will not only provide a safer smoking experience for tobacco users, but that it will also give cigarette companies the chance to continue to cash in on the ‘cash crop’ of tobacco for years to come.

But is it really going to mean the end of vaping? Is it possible that this product will surpass the now older-technology of electronic cigarettes, and take their place in the market?

Here’s what we think

First of all, it seems like a double standard

Let’s just take a moment and consider the double-standard that seems to exist with this type of product. Please don’t misunderstand – vaping for the sake of vaping is not the goal. What we all want are safer alternatives to cigarettes. That’s it. We want to end smoking so that fewer people will die of smoking-related cancer.

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That’s the goal.

And vaping has given us a way to do that – but it has been constantly under fire from every direction.

And now this device enters the marketplace, and seems to be hailed as the ‘next best thing’ by big tobacco… despite the fact that it is still using tobacco.

It’s really quite frustrating how electronic cigarettes have struggled to gain a spot in the fight against smoking, despite the fact that they are tobacco-free!

But, we must also all remember that there is a lot of money at stake here. Big tobacco is a powerful and formidable force – and it is very possible that they have a lot of sway in how rules and regulations have been forged in regards to vaping (in the US, especially).

But stepping aside from this, we must also make sure to recognize the good that this could all do for the average smoker. Yes, these devices are more expensive than E-cigs, and they use tobacco – but if this is going to become a more center-focus project for big tobacco, then that is a big step away from the dangers of traditional cigarettes.

Plus, this device could appeal to smokers who would never want to try E-cigs.

And that is to be applauded.

Will these devices really replace vaping?

In our opinion, vaping is here to stay. It really offers a different experience from smoking – and though it was originally based on it, it has really evolved into something all of its own.

It might lose some of its market-place in 4 – 7 years to these new devices – but there’s no doubt that vaping will continue to play a significant role in the struggle to get more people away from dangerous tobacco products and onto devices and nicotine delivery systems that are proven to be safer.

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