New JAC Vapour Series B mod review

New JAC Vapour Series B DNA 75W Review

Published On January 4, 2018 | By Albert Just | Product Reviews
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Series B DNA 75W comes in a unique piece of packaging with a pull-out sleeve and can be connected to Escribe software which most certainly is a plus.

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JACVapour Series B DNA75

JACVapour Series B DNA75. JAC Vapour are known for their excellence in the vaping world. All of their products are made to the highest standards and they continue to prove themselves to be one of the leading vape manufacturers out there.

The JACVapour Series B DNA 75W is no different. I found this model to be one of the most advanced I’ve ever sampled. But yet again, JAC Vapour are showing that they know exactly what their customers are looking for.

The Series B DNA 75W is as advanced as they come. This isn’t your average entry level vape mod – this one is for the big players.


As with similar previous models, the Series B DNA 75W comes in a unique piece of packaging with a pull-out sleeve. Right from the off, everything about this vape model screams advanced. The fact the boxing is quite unique is a nice little touch, and alongside the bright orange tech-style lettering, it gives the kit an aura of innovation.

Inside the main box is a smaller pull-out box containing the user manual and USB charging cable. In total, the box contains:

  • 1 x JAC Vapour Series B DNA 75W mod
  • 1 x Micro USB charging cable
  • 1 x User manual

What's in JAC Vapour Series B DNA kit

Simple. No spares, no tanks – nothing else. Just the basics. However, the mod itself is far from basic.

JAC Vapour Series B DNA 75W Specifications

  • Dimensions: 88mm x 35mm x 22mm
  • Weight: 150g
  • Electroplated magnetic cover
  • Incorporates DNA75 chip and software
  • Output power: 1w min / 75w max
  • Output voltage: 0.2Vmin / 6.2v max
  • Output current (continuous) – 30A max
  • Output current (peak) 40A max
  • Atomiser resistance – 0.15-0.25 Ohm
  • Temperature limit (in degrees) – 200 min / 450 typical / 600 max
  • Input voltage: 3V min / 3.7V typical / 4.2V max
  • Input current: 0.5A min / 12A typical / 28A max
  • Input current (pulse) – 32A max
  • Screen size: 0.91” OLED

For this review, I attached a JAC Vapour S22 tank to the mod. However, the model is compatible with any 510 atomiser. I also tested it out with a Nautilus 2 tank but found it didn’t provide anywhere near as good an experience as the S22.

In order to get started, the Series B DNA 75W requires 1 x IMR 18650 battery which is sold separately. Be careful when attaching the battery to the model because it’s quite a tight fit. Don’t try and brute force it or you could damage some of the components.

Series B DNA 75W battery

Right away, it’s clear that the Series B DNA 75W is an incredibly advanced piece of kit. While the mod works reasonably well straight out of the box, it still requires a decent amount of fiddling in order to get going properly. Therefore, if you’re not comfortable tinkering with resistance output, wattage and temperature control, consider something less advanced (but still packs a punch) like the Icebox 80W TC Kit.

Pros and Cons of The JAC Vapour Series B DNA 75W

Maybe the biggest selling point of this kit is the fact it incorporates the famous DNA75 chip into its functionality. In very simple terms, the DNA75 is a piece of hardware which allows the mod to communicate with your computer. You can then run a software program named Escribe which allows you to customise your vape to your perfect specifications.

Once the software has been installed, you simply need to connect the Series B DNA 75 into your computer via the USB cable and it will automatically detect it. You will then be greeted with the current specifications of the device:

Escribe sowtfare

At first, I personally found all of this to be a little overwhelming. The amount of modification available from the Escribe software was simply staggering. Even though I consider myself something of an advanced vaper, I found a lot of the options to be simply unnecessary. While I can’t fault JAC Vapour for breaking new ground and delivering a cutting edge piece of kit, the DNA 75 aspect of the mod is only going to appeal to a small percentage of vapers.

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Escribe software screen

Luckily, the instruction manual is very in depth. It goes into great detail regarding how to modify temperatures, wattages, and outputs, as well as offering suggestions for suitable atomisers, settings and coils which would complement the device. Despite this, however, I found that all of the information I needed to digest in order to set up the mod for satisfactory usage was a little off-putting.

JAC Vapour Series B DNA75 UK

However, when I moved away from the EScribe software and began to focus on other aspects of the mod, it began to grow on me. There’s no denying that the Series B DNA 75 is a well-built device. As of the time of writing the mod only comes in black silver, both of which boast black fire and + and – buttons, along with a very clear OLD screen.

As with all JAC products, the design of the mod favours simplicity by way of neutral colours and large buttons as opposed to eye-catching surfaces or oversized designs. However, the stainless steel finish on the mod doesn’t lend itself well to wear and tear. It’s already collected fingerprints after a few days’ use and considering its sizable weight, it feels more like a security door deadbolt than a vape mod. (Keep in mind that the black version is likely less of a fingerprint magnet).

Despite the unnecessary functionality and rough texture, the actual performance of the Series B DNA 75 is second to none. Using the JAC Vapour S22 tank and vaping at 30w with DTL 1.0 sub-ohm coil, the flavour and vapour production was nothing short of incredible. When I took the mod to its maximum 75w output, I was puffing out clouds which were still lingering 2 hours later, although it definitely left a few burn marks on my lungs.

The OLED screen, while offering endless functionality, was a little confusing to use at first. Pressing the fire button five times will lock and unlock the screen, but in order to access the different menus, it required a combination of holding the fire button and + and – buttons for varying lengths of time. It took a while to get used to, however, for anyone who wants to tinker with such settings, it would be easier to load up the EScribe software and do it that way.

Regarding battery life, vaping at 30-40w for around a week has seen the device last around 12 hours before needing a recharge. I consider this decent given the wattage which the device has been pumping out. Recharge is available via the USB cable, and the device offers pass-through vaping should you wish to take a hit mid-charge.


  • More functionality than you could ever need
  • A powerful vape hit.
  • Perfectly suits the JAC Vapour Series S22 tank


  • A little too weighty
  • Cheap looking finish
  • Confusing screen menu
  • Requires in-depth vaping knowledge in order to get the most out of

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What Are The Jacvapour Series B DNA 75W’s Best Features?

Something which I’ve found to be unique about the Series B DNA 75W is its auto-detect capabilities. Regardless of what atomiser and what coil you screw into the top, the device will detect the coil resistance and apply the correct settings.

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Of course, this will only be good for you if you enjoy the basic standard vaping experience. If you want to adjust the settings, you’ll need to access the menu or go through the EScribe software. Alternatively, another useful feature of the kit is the pre-set profiles which can be loaded up at any time. Each profile offers different settings depending on your preferences, and save you having to go into the menu and change wattage and resistance outputs manually. Profiles can then be saved into the device to load up any time. This is particularly useful for when swapping out different tanks.

Series B DNA 75W device

Another particularly useful feature of the device is the temperature protection. Should you set the temperature or resistance output too high for your inserted coil, the device will stop you from being able to fire it. Therefore, this will save you ever accidentally burning out your coils or using up all your vape juice if you hit the fire button by mistake while the device is in your pocket.

I checked some other review pages to see exactly what other people thought of this mod, and it seems that the Series B DNA 75W is universally. Here are some of the user reviews from the official JAC Vapour website.

How Does It Compare To Its Peers?

If you’re looking for the most advanced vape currently on the market, the Series B DNA 75 might be perfect for you. However, if you want something which requires a little less in the way of modification, consider the Icebox 80W TC Kit.

While the DNA 75 comes at a hefty £79.99, the Icebox TC comes at a more reasonable £59.99. The Icebox is like a watered down version of the DNA 75, but it still retains what’s great about the DNA 75 whilst losing the features which overcomplicate the DNA 75. Here’s a comparison of the two:

DNA 75W: Maximum functionality
Icebox 80W: Enough functionality
DNA 75W: Incredible vape hits – up to 75w
Icebox 80W: Incredible vape hits – up to 80w
DNA 75W: Bland finish which collects stains, fingerprints and scratches
Icebox 80W: Eye-catching, colourful finish
DNA 75W: Requires an atomiser to be purchased separately
Icebox 80W: Comes as a box kit, not just a mod
DNA 75W: Menu is difficult to navigate
Icebox 80W: Very simple to use interface


While just using the JACVapour Series B DNA75 W at its default settings was satisfying enough, I couldn’t help as though I was missing out on its intended use. However, although I consider myself an advanced vaper, I felt as though the endless customisations were a little too much. I personally feel as though JAC Vapour have attempted to create a smartphone / vape kit hybrid when there’s no real need for such a device to exist.

Despite this, the flavour and vapour production produced by the device were as good as they come, although no more spectacular than other (and cheaper) products currently on the market. Overall, I would recommend this device to only the most hardcore vapers out there. If you’re looking for a cutting edge piece of kit, this would be ideal for you. If, however, you prefer thinks a little more stripped down, consider looking at slightly cheaper JAC Vapour products.

4.57/5 (7)

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