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New Limits on Nicotine Levels for E-cigs

Published On June 8, 2016 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

Will the new limits on nicotine levels keep smokers from switching to E-cigs?

In a comment made by ASH in regard to the new E-cig regulations, they said that New EU rules on nicotine strength were ‘not a problem for most vapers.’ They also cited a study, in which was shown that only 9% of vapers actually report using E-liquid containing 19mg/ml or more of nicotine.

But ASH might also be failing to take a very important fact into account – which is the fact that many people switched from cigarettes to E-cigs because of the fact that you could get such high nicotine strengths. Without these higher nicotine strengths, there’s a very real risk that people may be less likely to switch to (or stick to) E-cigs in the long run, and here’s why.

Because the new rules render cigarettes more powerful

With higher levels of nicotine, E-cigs could more than compete with the nicotine delivered by analog tobacco cigarettes. But in light of the new regulations, which state that E-cigs can’t contain more than 20ml/mg, E-cigs have, perhaps, been dealt a mortal blow. This renders them much weaker than they used to have the potential for. And yes, many people start with higher levels of nicotine and work their way down – but without satisfying the nicotine cravings in the very beginning, the risk increases for people to go back to smoking.

Information! For smokers, getting their nicotine fix is very important. They need this to work in order for E-cigs to work – and the new regulations have put some pretty harsh restrictions on E-cigs in this sense.

Because people may be more likely to go back to cigarettes if E-cigs don’t deliver

E-cigs have been used by many people as a successful smoking cessation tool. But with that being said, people often rely on higher nicotine levels to keep them satisfied with their nicotine intake. And while many people eventually work their way down to weaker levels as time goes by, not being able to get stronger E-liquid in the beginning could increase the odds of people going back to cigarettes after they start vaping.

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Vaping does a great job of delivering nicotine at specific levels – but for some people, the levels simply need to be higher in order for it to work.

Nicotine in E-cigs also poses very little risk

A scientific officer of ECITA named Tom Pruen said in a statement on the ECITA website that Nicotine poses ‘very little risk’ in E-cigs. Here was his official statement…

“Nicotine in electronic cigarettes poses little risk, with the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency describing it as “a very safe drug”, and it is implausible to suggest that an overdose could be achieved through vaping.“

Some have described the new limitations on nicotine levels in E-liquid as ‘arbitrary’, though it’s easy to see how the government feels the need to regulate the manufacturing and sale of a product that contains nicotine. But at the same time, it would certainly seem like 20mg is a small number in comparison to how much nicotine people can get from cigarettes (especially when they smoke more than a pack a day). Would it really hurt anyone to allow 24mg nicotine E-liquid?

There has already been some talk about black-market E-liquid, and the risks that such products could pose to the public. It’s always sketchier to buy products that are illegal, but this is now an official fear that may materialize where electronic cigarettes are concerned.

Attention! It’s very possible that these imposed nicotine limitations, while seemingly harmless, could indeed do a tremendous amount of harm. Maybe, in the future, the regulations will change when those in power realize that the limits are simply too low for maximum effectiveness.

Of course, on a positive note, E-liquid with a strength of 20mg/ml or less is still legal, and vapers are free to vape and use those strengths as much as they want. All is certainly not bleak on the legal horizon of the vaping world. Everything is now just a little bit less effective, and cigarettes have regained a certain amount of functional ‘sway’ over E-cigs that they haven’t held in a long, long time.

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