new e-cig technology

Newest E-Cig Technology

Published On May 2, 2014 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

Newest E-Cig Technology

We all know that E-cigs have gotten better since they were first introduced. In the beginning, they were very simple electronic devices that were barely able to imitate the look, feel, and flavour of a real cigarette. They were a cool novelty, and maybe a device that, with some improvement, could be a workable idea… but they were nothing ground-breaking.

In fact, the very first E-cigarette can be traced all the way back to a man named Herbert A. Gilbert. Gilbert patented an electronic cigarette device back in 1963, though it never really caught on. It had all but disappeared by 1967, until 2003… when a Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik invented what is considered to have been the very first real ‘electronic cigarette’ matching the basic design that is still in use today.

This device was much closer to what we now call electronic cigarettes, though there have still been a lot of improvements and changes made over the years.


Newest E-cig Technology

So what does the E-cig of today look like? In addition to a battery and a cartomizer, today’s vaping devices also come with variable voltage settings, larger batteries that last longer, better e-liquid, better elements, and a more stylish look. Some of them are even starting to be fitted with microprocessors and memory chips!

These automatically adjust battery output to ensure that you are getting the very best puff of vapour every time. Today’s newest E-cig devices are also equipped with flashing LEDs to warn users when the device is running low on E-liquid or battery life.


Could Electronic Cigarettes Eventually Replace Tobacco Cigarettes Altogether?

Electronic cigarettes have made an impressive showing already, despite the fact that they are a relatively new phenomenon. Plus, with the industry growing as it has over the past few years, there is no indication that this is going to slow down. E-cigs are cheaper, cleaner, healthier, and safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes… but they are also extremely popular and profitable.

Could they ever, however, hope to compete or surpass traditional tobacco cigarettes? As it turns out, that idea may not be as outlandish as one might think.

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In fact, according to Bloomberg Industries, electronic cigarettes are expected to pass traditional cigarettes in sales by 2047.

Part of this, of course, is due to smart marketing… but a lot of it also undoubtedly has to do with what is really being offered by E-cig manufacturers. These new electronic cigarette products work better, are easier to use, deliver more consistent results, and are, in general, better products than were available ten, five, or even three years ago.

But have they come far enough? This is a difficult question, because the sky is really the limit when it comes to technology. Everyone knows that electronic cigarettes have gotten better, but you will probably not find a single person who believes that they will not continue to evolve and improve.

This is in stark contrast to tobacco-filled cigarettes, which have remained virtually unchanged throughout the years. There really aren’t any tobacco-filled cigarettes that can offer you more puffs or longer life unless they give you more tobacco, and that is likely going to mean higher prices and greater health risks.


In Conclusion

New E-cig technology is coming out all the time. At this point, it almost seems like every new line of E-cigs includes something that is cutting edge or on the ‘fringe’ of the technological circle. Some of these changes are small, and some of them are larger… but in the end, they all point towards progress. There is no doubt that electronic cigarettes are here to stay. The big question now has really become ‘how far will they go?’

The sky is really the limit where technology is concerned, and that is one of the best things about technology… that the limits are constantly being pushed and expanded to make room for new, better ideas that make the products even better than they were before.

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