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What You Need to Know About Nicotine Free Vape

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When most people make the move from smoking to vaping they tend to choose e-liquids that have a nicotine content to them. This is to facilitate the changeover. Smoking is an addictive habit and it is the nicotine that creates this addiction. So when it comes to choosing an e-liquid the nicotine allows for the cravings that are usually associated with smoking to be satisfied.

This helps to stop people going back to smoking and keeping themselves much healthier. Of course over time the nicotine content can be drawn back, and even get to the point where the cravings subside completely.

Of course, the dangers of nicotine when isolated from tobacco are minimal at worst. While nicotine is, in fact, poisonous in significantly higher doses, the content in even the highest dosage of e-liquid doesn’t even come close to being harmful. That’s beside the point though, that over time the nicotine cravings will subside and the need to take it in will drop off.

At this point is it time to give up vaping? The short answer is, no.

Why is that though? What does continuing to vape offer? Why do people move towards a nicotine free vape experience?


The first reason to continue vaping after your cravings have dropped is because vaping can become a habit. This may sound like a negative but it is far from it.

Habits are only negative when they have an adverse effect on your health and your social life. Vaping is not harmful to your health and there isn’t a number small enough to quantify the amount of damage that second hand vapour does. So the habit of vaping does not adversely affect your health or your social life. That still doesn’t explain why it’s good to keep the habit around though does it?

Habit of nicotine free vaping

Well when one habit is taken away from you, your body tends to try to replace it with another. It feels a void and will try to fill that void with something else. It could be food or in a definite worst case scenario it could be a move back towards smoking again.

While vaping without nicotine doesn’t satisfy any physical craving that you might feel, the act of vaping does satisfy any psychological habits that your body needs to do. Continuing to vape after you have removed nicotine from your e-liquids could save you from turning back to smoking.

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One of the most notable things about vaping over the last few years is the rise in the number of different flavors that are on offer. You don’t have to endure flavours that you’re not that keen on anymore just to get your nicotine fix. You certainly don’t have to worry about the taste of tobacco invading your tastebuds.

The wide variety of flavours that are on offer with e-liquids in the modern world means that when you vape it isn’t just to satisfy a need, it can be to experience a delicious sensation in your mouth. The lack of nicotine in the liquid doesn’t matter when you are tasting a raspberry sorbet or a strawberry cheesecake.

These new flavours, that are continuing to grow by the day, mean that the vaping experience isn’t just about satisfying a craving anymore. In fact many people who have never smoked indulge in a nicotine free vape purely because of the wide array of delicious flavours that are on offer.

Bigger Clouds

Nicotine free vaping usually means bigger clouds

Nicotine free vaping usually means bigger clouds. The e-liquids that contain nicotine aren’t conducive to creating large clouds. The density of the vapour is also much larger in nicotine free e-liquid. All of this goes towards those who are interested in competitive vaping as well as people who just enjoy creating a huge vapour cloud. It’s yet another reason that nicotine free vapes offer plenty to vapers.


There are however some negatives to using nicotine free vapes. The first negative is that if you stop using e-liquids with nicotine in too early you could begin to find vaping unsatisfying. This will end up pushing you back towards smoking, which as you well know is not good for your health at all.

If you find that your nicotine free vaping experience is not satisfying you and you feel like your cravings are coming back, then use an e-liquid with a low nicotine dosage to ease yourself back into taking in nicotine. This should help to relieve any cravings that you are feeling and help you to stick with vaping in the long term.

The second negative that nicotine free e-liquids can offer is they are easy to overuse. E-liquids with nicotine in tend to cause a small degree of sickness when they are used too much. This is known as nicotine sickness. Without the nicotine in the e-liquid you don’t get that sickness that tells you to stop vaping.

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It can lead to you vaping more and more and increasing the cost as well as burning out your coils. It can even lead to you damaging your teeth if the e-liquid you are using has a high sugar content and you vape too regularly with it.

The final negative that we will cover is the possibility of nicotine withdrawal symptoms. If you lower your nicotine intake too quickly or too drastically it can lead to nicotine withdrawal. This can make you feel mildly ill to start with but can escalate to nausea, headaches, anxiety and even depression. If you feel any of these begin to affect you then increasing your nicotine levels in your e-liquids is vital. It will help to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms.


Nicotine free vaping has many benefits, but you must make sure that it is right for you. If you find that you are getting any symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, then you might be moving too quickly. If you don’t feel these symptoms though and it satisfies your habit nicotine free vaping is a great way to spend your time, without harming your health.

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