No.1 Ejuice Review

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No.1 Ejuice Review


No.1 Ejuice is an interesting company in the sense that they mostly deal with E-liquid – though they also sell a few electronic cigarettes as well.

In the ‘About Us’ section of their website, they have this to say about their business…

“NO.1 EJUICE – Your one-stop online vape shop in the UK.”

That pretty much sums them up in one sentence. They’re an electronic cigarette and E-liquid supplier that seems to do quite a bit of business in the UK. In fact, they claim to be ‘one of the largest distributors of electronic cigarettes’ in the country, and say that they have ‘established a close business relationship with the biggest names in the industry’, which has allowed them to offer some of the best and finest E-liquids on the market.

Of course, my first impression came from visiting their website – which was a pretty positive experience. The design was ‘playful and fun’, but also functional and simple. I felt like I was browsing a very professional storefront – which was nice. Professionalism means a lot to me when I look at online businesses, and I felt like I found it while looking at No.1 Ejuice.

Their products caught my attention next – so let’s talk about that.

Positives and Negatives


  • Their products seem well-made
  • They offer more E-liquid flavors than you could ever try
  • Their website is attractive and easy to use
  • Most of the customer reviews that I found about them were very positive
  • They offer free shipping options for both UK and non UK customers


  • They don’t carry a ton of electronic cigarettes – though to be fair, their main focus seems to be on E-liquids, which the do very well at
  • They don’t really offer a money back guarantee, unless the items are literally faulty

What products/accessories can be purchased?

First off, I would like to point out the fact that I really like some of the content on this website. On their E-cig starter kit page, there’s a small blurb about E-cig starter kits and that you’ll need one to start vaping – and I thought that it was very well done.

They offer a few different starter kits, ranging from simple vape pens to box mods. I was actually surprised at how inexpensive some of their kits were. One that stuck out to me in-particular was their Ego CE4 Starter Kit 1100mAh with 10ml Hangsen Ejuice Kit.

It was out of stock when I visited the site – but this didn’t surprise me when I saw that the price tag on it was only £12.00. This kit comes with one 1100mAh battery, one CE4 clearomizer (1.6ml), one USB charger, and one 10ml bottle of Ejuice.

Of course, No.1 Ejuice also stocks a huge selection of E-liquid flavors, as well as some accessories and other gear.

Product that stands out

Kanger SubVod KitI think that my favorite kit on this website was probably the Kanger SubVod Kit. Kanger is definitely a leading name in E-cig gear, and this kit looked like it was a good representation of the company’s name.

This kit, which sells for just £27.98 on the site, comes with the following…

  • 1 TOPTANK Nano
  • 1 SUBVOD battery
  • 1 SSOCC 0.5 SUB Ohm
  • 1 Spare Pyrex Glass tank
  • 1 Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 User Manual
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This kit looks so fancy that I’m seriously considering buying one for myself! The tank looks awesome, the battery looks super-impressive, and I’ve heard that it vapes like a charm – so everything seems to indicate that it’s a winner in every category.

Package and design

The packaging on these products seems adequate. I didn’t see anything to complain about. It seems functional and capable of protecting the contents en-route – which is pretty much the most important thing.

The designs that this company uses, however, are phenomenal. I realize that they’re a supplier who sells products from other manufacturers, so most of their E-cigs and E-liquid bottles were technically designed by other companies (for the most part). But still – their range of products and the online storefronts that present them look so professional that I can’t help but to give them high marks in this category.

Two thumbs up to No.1 Ejuice – for making their products and website in-general stand out with awesome graphics, designs, and photography.

User reviews

There were over 1300 reviews on the website as of the time that this was written – and the vast majority of them were positive (averaging 4.5 out of 5 stars across the board). I also found some more positive reviews about them on Youtube – which is another good indicator of a large, happy customer base.

In all of my research, I haven’t come across many negative reviews – which is another good sign for No.1 Ejuice. In fact, complaints were so few and so scarce that I didn’t even find anything that seemed significant enough to share.

So kudos to No.1 Ejuice. They seem to do a good job of keeping their customers happy and coming back for more!

Product choice

Product choice on this website was pretty good – though they don’t carry many different types of E-cigs or starter kits. But they seem to make up for this by stocking a truly incredible number of different types of E-liquid – so in my mind, it all balances out.


This company carries so many different brands of E-liquid that it would be impossible to list them all – much less all of the flavors they carry. In fact, this website might carry more flavor options than any other website I’ve ever reviewed – and that’s saying something!


You can even browse their E-liquids by the amount of VG in the formulation – which is awesome! They’ve got blends ranging from 30%VG to blends with no PG whatsoever, as well as everything in-between! They’ve also got just about every sized bottle you can imagine – including a 120ml bottle of Acrae Vapour Double Agent that sells for £45.00 and a 180ml bottle of One Hit Wonder – The Milk Man that sells for £49.99.

Nicotine levels

With so many E-liquids to choose from, you’re going to be able to find any traditional nicotine strength that you could possibly want on this site – without any trouble.

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About the company

No.1 Ejuice is an E-cig and E-liquid company that seems driven to provide you with as many E-liquids as you could ever possibly want! In fact, they give us this little bit of information in the ‘About Us’ section of their website…

“We bring you over 60 brands and more than 400 pure, uncut juice flavours with different nicotine strengths, plus Vaping devices and accessories that matches the taste and preference of every Vaper.”

According to the official website, No.1 Ejuice has ‘a long history’ with the E-liquid and E-cig industry.

Established: 2013

Location: 86 Bellegrove Road, Welling, Bexley–DA16 3QB

Phone Support: 020 8298 7659

You can contact customer support by: visiting their physical store location, calling them on the phone, or filling out the email contact form located on their official website.
This company offers free shipping on all UK orders valued at over £30, and on all non-UK orders valued at over £60 – which is awesome. I love it when companies offer a free shipping option, and No.1 Ejuice didn’t disappoint in this regard.
Unfortunately, this company doesn’t seem to maintain any kind of a money back guarantee on their items. They’ll take returns on unopened or faulty items within 30 days, but don’t seem to have much of a return policy other than that.

Value for the money

No.1 Ejuice offers a lot of value for the money – especially where E-liquids are concerned. Shopping for liquids is easy on this site, and I would definitely recommend them in this regard. They also carry some nice E-cig gear as well, so overall, I have to say that I was impressed.

Running Costs

You can buy 10ml bottles of Hangsen E-liquid on this website for £2.95. Of course, prices go up from there – but in all honesty, they’re really pretty affordable.


I really must say that I liked what I saw on this website. If you’re looking for new E-liquids and want to browse them in a way that makes the process easier, then I cannot recommend No.1 Ejuice enough. They seem to be the E-liquid gurus – and I highly recommend them in this regard.

I was also very pleased to see that they offer free shipping, which is always nice! I was a bit disappointed that they don’t offer a more customer-friendly money back guarantee, but this is a small tradeoff for a company that seems to be so popular with its customers.

Overall, I give them serious kudos and would definitely recommend them for anyone looking to buy new E-liquid or planning on getting into vaping in any capacity.

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