Nvee Vape Stick Vaporizer

Nvee Vape Stick Vaporizer Review

Published On January 11, 2016 | By Nicole | Product Reviews
Overall Score
70 %

One drawback to this product was the size of the battery. It seemed to be just a little bit too short to fit comfortably in-hand - though really, this wasn’t a deal breaker.

Vapour 65%
Throat Hit 75%
Price 85%
Battery Life 70%
Design 75%

Nvee Vape Review

Quick Intro

Nvee Vape Stick Vaporizer review. This Vape Stick Vaporizer is a rather basic vape pen kit that’s offered by an E-cig company called Nvee. Actually, this company is unique in the sense that they really only carry one vaporizer – and this is it. Most companies offer at least a few different options – but Nvee, being a bit new to the market, seems to have only one vaporizer option.

Having said that, we don’t see this as a downside to the product itself. Sure, it might be nice to see a few additional products to choose from – but that doesn’t affect the performance of this particular vape pen kit at all.

The company does, however, do a great job of stocking accessories for this vape pen – and you’ll find a wide range of high-quality, well-priced additions (like extra batteries, chargers, etc.) to make your vaping experience better.

So let’s take a look at the details.

Pros and Cons

Nvee Vaporizer

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered about the Nvee Vape Stick Vaporizer.


  • It’s well made
  • It’s affordable
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s a perfect choice for someone new to vaping
  • It comes with a bottle of E-liquid
  • Shipping is free within the UK


  • The battery is quite small – in terms of both power and size
  • It doesn’t produce a ton of vapor
  • More experienced vapers might grow tired of the fact that it doesn’t have any variable wattage or voltage settings, and may prefer to move up to a more advanced product once they get the hang of vaping in-general

What’s in the starter kit?

This is a pretty simple setup, to be honest. The kit comes with one clearomizer, one battery, one USB charger, one instruction guide, and a 10ml bottle of E-liquid.

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The charger that comes with this kit is a pretty standard USB charging lead. It has 510 threads at one end to accommodate the battery, and is equipped with a single LED. The LED turns red when you attach the battery – but flips to green as soon as the charging process is complete. Charging this particular battery with the included charger takes about 2 hours – which really isn’t too bad.

The vape pen comes pre-assembled – though taking it apart is as simple as unscrewing the battery from the clearomizer. The battery itself is pretty standard. It’s equipped with a metal base, rubber gripping, and 510 threading at the top.

Turning on the battery takes 5 clicks. A blue LED light will flash when it turns on. To fire it, you simply hold the button down. It’s actually pretty short, as far as size is concerned – and it’s also sort of a low-capacity model at 650mAh. The average vaper will get about one day’s worth of use out of it before it needs to be charged again… just to give you an idea.

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The clearomizer is a standard affair. It has some small air-vents along the bottom, contains a pretty standard-sized wick, and has a removable drip-tip that will allow you to fill it from the top. As far as capacity goes, it’ll hold 1.6ml of E-liquid – which is pretty good.

  • Comes with a choice of three different E-liquid flavor options
  • Product is well-made
  • Comes with free delivery when shipped within the UK
  • Comes with a 650mAh battery
  • Comes with a standard USB charger
  • Comes with a 10ml bottle of E-liquid
  • E-liquid is made in Germany and is Pharma Graded
This E-cig uses standard 510 threading – which means that it could be used with most eGo and other 510 products on the market.

What we think of this kit

Overall, this kit is super-simple – but in a good way. There are no settings, special adjustments, or hassles involved with using it. You simply fill up the clearomizer, screw it onto the battery, and vape away.

As far as the vape itself, the quality is very good. You probably won’t get billowing clouds from this device – but then again, it wasn’t really built for that.

In all honesty, we felt that this pen would be an awesome choice for new vapers – which is why we would probably tend to recommend it the most for people who are looking to quit smoking with a quality alternative. The flavor that you get out of this device when you use the Nvee E-liquids are very, very nice – especially when you vape the fruity specialty blends. This can make the transition to vaping from smoking a lot more enjoyable – so we would definitely recommend picking up a few Nvee fruity E-liquids with the kit if you plan on buying it.

The throat hit is pretty good too – though not overpowering.

All in all, we really liked it. It’s not fancy – but it works quite well and gets the job done.

Appearance and Feel

The packaging was simple – but nice. There was a quick-start guide printed on the back as well – which we found unusual, but cool. There was also a schematic, printed on the side panel, which showed you how to fill your tank with E-liquid. This was a nice use of space, in our opinion – so kudos to Nvee for utilizing so much of the packaging for something useful!

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Once you open the package, you’ll see that the contents are displayed quite nicely. The kit that we got from Nvee came with Tobacco Bold E-liquid – which we were pretty excited about.


This might not necessarily be a ‘flashy’ kit – but it’s simple and does the trick. It looks well-made and seems well put-together – and certainly seems to offer value for the cost. The build-quality is really quite good on this vape pen – especially when you consider that it’s more of a beginner device.

All in all, this vape pen is super-simple to use. It would be an awesome kit for beginners who are just learning how to vape.


One drawback to this product was the size of the battery. It seemed to be just a little bit too short to fit comfortably in-hand – though really, this wasn’t a deal breaker. It would just be nice if it were a little bit longer.

Company Address and Contact Details

You can contact this company by phone at 0800 731 1178, or by email at sales@nvee.co.uk.

The company’s actual physical address is as follows…

Unit 7 Apollo Park,

Lichfield Ind Est,



B79 7TA

Order this Vaporizer from the Official Merchant Site

Additional recommended products from this company

Nvee Vape Pen

Nvee offers some pretty amazing E-liquids on their website. Their Cherry flavor is said to be especially delicious – but they offer a lot of different options in a range of different nicotine strengths. If you’re in the market for some new E-liquid or are thinking about buying a new E-cig, then you should certainly look into buying a few different flavors from Nvee.

You might also want to look into an extra battery or two if you plan to use this kit away from home a lot. A mains charger could also be useful if you don’t always have a USB port available. Thankfully, both of these items can be obtained on the Nvee website at reasonable prices – so you won’t have to drop a ton of cash to get what you need.

4.5/5 (2)

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5 Responses to Nvee Vape Stick Vaporizer Review

  1. Peter Thorne says:

    I have been vaping on and off for over 10 years. I am afraid that there has always been something missing compered to an ecig. I purchased this about six weeks ago mainly because it was at a local shop and I can just pop down for other bits as needed. I did not want a “Monster size” so this seemed to be ideal to try again. I was very impressed with this both in quality and usage. My only complaint as with all other makes is when you draw on it you get the taste of plastic and you would think that by now the mouthpiece would be made of something else and that to me is the reason I give up using these because of that taste.

  2. Nicole says:

    Very good point Peter! I’m sure we’re not far off from seeing all merchants evolve and adopt to avoid the plastic .taste. It just has to go! Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated.

  3. Maria says:

    My vape pen worked amazingly for the first 3 weeks and now it doesn’t. I can charge it for over an hour and all I get is 4 tokes worth of vape before it’s flat again. Completely pointless now and it’s not even a month old.

    • Linda says:

      I totally agree with Maria. I was very impressed for the first 2 weeks and than it deceased. Probably will try another make. I thought I had found the perfect replacement ciggy at first. Disappointed to say the least.

      • Jacqueline Frampton says:

        Your lucky, I haven’t got to a week yet and this problem has occurred. Should I take it back to shop or email company. . The size, feel and taste in found perfect for me. Just the constant running out. I’ve cleaned the contacts to remove any soot . That surprised me . Any views ?? Jaq

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