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Pal E cigarettes review

Published On May 30, 2015 | By Nicole | Brands

Introduction – Pal E-cigarettes review

Pal E Cigarettes seems to be a bit new to the UK E-cig market. Their Facebook profile is relatively new, and they don’t have a lot of ‘street cred’, as you might call it. In other words, they’re relatively unknown on the market at this point – but that didn’t keep me from becoming interested in them.

Sometimes, the newcomers can offer more value for the money than anyone else. I’ve also found that new companies sometimes offer the most innovative products – so I was curious to see exactly what Pal E Cigarettes had to offer.

I will say that I was pleasantly surprised – so let’s talk about why.

Positives and Negatives


  • They offer value for the money
  • They offer fantastic deals on starter kits
  • Most of their products come with a 3 month warranty
  • They carry several quality E-liquid flavours, including some specialty options


  • They don’t carry a huge range of products
  • They don’t carry any mods
  • Their product warranties could be a little bit better


What products/accessories can be purchased?

Pal E cigarettes carries a small, yet decent range of different types of E-cigs and starter kits – though starter kits are what we’re going to focus on more for this review.

The first starter kit that we’re going to talk about is The EVOD Starter Kit 900. This kit comes in several different color options, and is ideal for people looking to try an EVOD for the first time. The E-cig itself seems well-made and looks great, and it comes with enough in the way of accessories to make it more than worth the money. It comes with a 900 mAh battery, a CE5 clearomizer, a USB charger, and a user guide, as well as a 3 month warranty. It retails for less than £20.00, so you’re definitely getting a good deal with this kit where value is concerned.

The Evod Starter Kit 900

Another kit that Pal offers is the Pal Pro E cigarette Kit. This is another EVOD kit that comes with a larger battery (an 1100 instead of a 900) and also an included wall charger. It also comes with a mini Protank clearomizer, a USB charger, and a user guide. It sells for £25.99, which definitely isn’t a bad price for what you get. It also comes in several different color combinations.

The last kit we’re going to discuss is a cig-a-like kit called the Pal Rech Kit. This product sells for only £11.99 and offers incredible value for the money. One thing that I noticed right away about it is that it comes cotton free, which means that it’s extremely hygienic. This kit comes with one rechargeable 280 mAh battery, 2 white cartomizers that are prefilled with E-liquid, a USB charger, and a user’s guide.

Of course, Pal E Cigarettes also offers some other products. They sell E-liquids, accessories, and refills. We’re going to talk more about E-liquids in another section – so for now, let’s move on to package and design.

Package and design

The packaging on these products was very attractive – especially when it came to their cig-a-like kit. As for the designs of the products themselves, I would say that they were average to above average, depending upon what you’re comparing them to.

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The cig-a-likes offered by Pal might be a bit more impressive visually due to their modern look, while I would categorize the EVODs as ‘normal’. They’re also modern and trendy – though I didn’t really see anything relating to design that would cause them to ‘stand out’ in a crowd. They’re basic, functional, and stylish. I wouldn’t be afraid to take them out to the club with me – so that in itself is a positive.

User reviews

I found several user reviews for Pal Electronic Cigarettes, and they were all pretty positive. One of the most common good things I heard about them was that their kit containing the 1100 mAh battery offers exceptional value for the money—and I must say that I agree with this statement. It’s actually pretty rare to see such a powerful battery offered at such a low price – so I definitely see why people would be impressed with it.

One downside that I did see right from the beginning with this company was a lack of more advanced products. If someone was looking for a Mod, then they would probably be disappointed with Pal. But then again, this retailer seems to cater more to the beginner or the experienced vaper who wants something basic—and in this sense, they offered exactly what I would expect.

Product choice

Overall, the product choices offered by Pal seem good. I’ve reviewed companies that offer more in terms of selection, but Pal seems to focus more on the ‘beginner’ niche than most companies do – and offer products that would be more specifically suited to either new vapers or vapers who don’t want anything too complicated. In this regard, Pal carries everything that I would expect. They have a great line of E-liquids, and offer a starter kit for just about everyone.


Pal E cigarettes offers a liquid to suit basically any taste. They carry 14 different E-liquid choices, ranging from options like apple, cherry, and vanilla to more ‘traditional’ flavours like tobacco and menthol. They also sell a lot of their flavours in both 10 and 30ml bottles, so you can buy the size that’s right for you.

Pal E cigarettes e-liquid

I didn’t find anything negative worth reporting on the E-liquids. By all accounts, they seem to do a great job of supplying quality flavours to their customers.

Nicotine levels

Most of this company’s e-liquid flavours come in 3 different nicotine strengths—Extra Strong 24 mg, Strong 18 mg, and Light 11 mg.

About the company

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a ton of information about the company provided on their official website.

Pal E Cigarettes supplies a phone number that customers can use to contact them, as well as an email form and a physical business address.
According to their official website, Pal E Cigarettes uses Royal Mail for all of their deliveries. Fast Delivery Tracked 1st Class starts at £3.90, Standard Delivery Tracked 2nd Class at £2.90, and International Delivery Tracked 48 at £11.99.
Some of the E-cig kits available on Pal E cigarettes’ website have a 3 month warranty (this does not cover clearomizers or e-liquids, however). Aside from this, buyers have 7 days to decide if they would like to return any of the products.

There are definitely some E-cig companies out there that offer more customer-friendly return policies – though there are also many that are worse. At least with Pal you get a 3 month warranty with most products offered, which is definitely better than nothing.

Value for the money

Pal E Cigarettes definitely offers value for the money with their products. In fact, they offer some fantastic deals on E-cig kits – especially when you take into consideration the sizes of the batteries they sell with them. Their kits that come with the 1100 mAh batteries are an especially good deal.

Running Costs

You can buy a pack of 3 cartomizers from Pal E Cigarettes for £5.99, or a 10ml bottle of E-liquid for £4.49.


All things considered, I found Pal E cigarettes to be a great source for basic and entry-level E-cig products. They don’t carry a lot of really advanced E-cigs, like mods – but they do offer several EVOD kits and some great cig-a-likes. If you’re in the market for something trendy that’ll save you money, then this could definitely be the right retailer for you.

I notice that a lot of E-cig companies offer products that are alright, but not really anything that distinguishes them from the competition. I found this company to be different.

I would definitely say that Pal E Cigarettes offers something truly innovative in their EVOD kits, mostly because they’re so affordable and give you a lot for your money. There may be companies that are offering E-cig kits for less, but you may be hard-pressed to find as much for your money as you could get here.

All in all, I consider Pal E Cigarettes a must-visit website if you’re looking for new E-cig products – especially if you’re looking for a new EVOD pen.

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