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Recent E-cig News Headlines Spark New Debates

Published On December 9, 2015 | By Nicole | Press

Recent E-cig News Headlines Spark New Debates

It seems as though a lot has been going on in the world of vaping this month. As we approach the holiday season, it appears that electronic cigarettes are showing up more and more in the news-feed. Staying aware and informed, however, is vitally important – especially for vapers who are fond of their E-cigs and who wish to do what they can to stay ‘in the know’ on current issues.

Vaping is definitely a hot-button topic these days. A lot of people are discussing them, and a lot of governing bodies are still in the process of making decisions about them.

Here are some of the latest headlines to come from the media in regard to electronic cigarettes.

Are electronic cigarette sales losing steam?

According to an article published on the Wall Street Journal’s official website (source:, sales of E-cigs have been falling off sharply in recent months.

According to this article, there has been five years of sales growth, stacking up into the triple digits – but at least for now, it looks like that trend has subsided. Analysts say that inventory backlogs, new laws, and an increase in safety concerns are expected to deal a significant blow to the market – reducing its projected growth to down around 57%, which is quite a drop off when compared to 114%, which is what the market’s annual growth has been up to this point.

Analysts say that there are a number of things to blame for the drop-off in sales. Some are claiming that fears concerning the safety of E-cigs in-general are mostly to blame – which is probably true (at least in part). The unfortunate thing about this, however, is that there really aren’t any major safety concerns that are worth getting worried about when it comes to E-cigs.

Yes, breathing clean air is healthier, but many shoppers are truly afraid of having the devices explode or fail in some catastrophic way – which simply doesn’t happen anymore. Yes, in the older days, when people used to mod their devices and double-stack batteries, some bad things happened – but this simply isn’t an issue anymore for modern devices, which are filled with safety features to keep them from overheating.

Others are saying that E-cigs simply don’t mimic the feeling and taste of a real cigarette enough to appeal to a wide range of smokers. This is probably true to a point, as E-cigs aren’t cigarettes. They do a pretty good job of tasting good and delivering nicotine, but vaping definitely isn’t smoking. In a sense, that’s supposed to be the point of it all – but it’s also a factor that’s causing them to ‘lose steam’ with some of the analog tobacco crowd.

E-cigs are now banned from London Midland train stations

London Midland train stationAnother significant bit of news concerning E-cig regulations states that soon, customers utilizing the train or a number of train stations in Warwickshire will be barred from using E-cigs at all.

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This decision comes from London Midland, who were said to arrive at this decision after reviewing feedback from both their staff and their customers. They also claim that they will be ‘falling in line with a lot of other organizations’ by putting this ban into practice.

Here are the specific areas that will be affected by the ban.

  • 147 different stations across the country, including Nuneaton, Atherstone, Stratford, Bedworth, Stratford Parkway, and Kenilworth.
  • London Midland’s offices and depots
  • On-board any of their trains

Attention! The decision has taken affect December 1st, 2015.

This comes next in a long line of decisions made over the past two years that seem to place a heavy emphasis on putting E-cigs and analog cigarettes into the same category. Of course, E-cigs are definitely different from their analog counterparts – but more and more people seem to be saying that the two products should be regulated the same way when it comes to public exposure.

In line with the news story written above, this is an example of a regulation that will make E-cigs more difficult to use for vapers who are trying to quit smoking. Of course, there’s no reason why vapers cannot just choose to use their E-cig once they’ve left the station – but the fact remains that regulations like this take away more and more of the advantages that vaping has always held over traditional analog cigarette usage.

It used to be true that the ability to vape almost anywhere was a distinct advantage of the device – though it definitely seems that this ‘advantage’ is being downplayed and mitigated more and more as time goes on.

You can read more about this story here:

One business to offer a dedicated ‘E-cig counter’ on Black Friday 2015

According to an article posted by (you can find the original here:, Sparkford’s Hazlegrove services were offering customers an electronic cigarette counter to aid in holiday shopping.

E-cigs are definitely expected to be a hot gift item this year, and businesses like this one are taking advantage of it! They’re not only offering a variety of deals to their customers, but are also dedicating an entire counter to making sure that they get the care and service that they require.

Customer service is incredibly important to the E-cig market. Retailers who sell electronic cigarettes can have a very positive impact in their local communities (especially around the holiday season) by offering responsible, educated, and helpful advice to vapers of all experience levels. They can help to dispel myths, answer questions, and help customers to understand the products better.

Hopefully, more businesses will catch on to this and take their vaping sales just as seriously. The community definitely needs some positive reinforcement – and ideas like this are fantastic because they offer positive solutions to some of the perceived problems with E-cigs and vape pens.

Members of the Scottish Parliament support new restrictions on E-cig sales

Scottish Parliament

In more news related to E-cig legislation, MSPs have called for more guidance pertaining to the risks and benefits of E-cigs.

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They’ve also backed a bill that would restrict the sale and advertising of electronic cigarettes. The bill would, among other things, disallow the sale of E-cigs to those under the age of 18. It would also make it illegal to smoke within designated non-smoking areas around NHS hospital grounds.

But the discussion surrounding the bill was actually quite positive. Lawmakers seem to agree that E-cigs could potentially help smokers to quit smoking – but they also cite concerns over the fact that there is still a lot about them that’s unknown.

They’ve called for guidance from the government and the medical community to help figure out just how beneficial or risky electronic cigarettes might end up being in the long run. They also admit that most of the evidence seems to point toward the fact that they could be helpful as tools to help people quit smoking – though right now, more research needs to be done.

All in all, the new regulations seem pretty straightforward – though it’s unclear, at this point, how far the bill will make it or whether or not there will be any more changes made.

You can read more about this story here:

In Conclusion

There’s definitely a lot going on in the vaping world – but for those of us who support the use of E-cigs, there’s more of a reason than ever to get educated and learn about the issues. We could affect a lot of positive change by dispelling myths and talking openly and honestly about the facts. If even one person realizes that E-cigs aren’t as bad as the public seems to think they are, that’s a huge win for the vaping community.

Staying informed, educated, and open about electronic cigarettes is definitely the best way to help people understand them. So as you visit friends and family this holiday season, remember that you might get some questions about your E-cig habit. You might even get some strange looks from family members who don’t approve – and someone might try to tell you that ‘E-cigs can explode, so you shouldn’t use them’.

In any case, remember to handle these types of discussions with care and consideration. Remember that not everyone knows about electronic cigarettes – so use these opportunities to help dispel myths and spread some factual science on the matter. It’ll make the community better, and help you to establish yourself as a positive, responsible vaper.

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